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Qualitative Jump of Games Video

Games video is a virtual reality that you enter using an electronic device. For example, a PC or a game console. The most popular platforms are PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

One of the very first on-screen toys was created in 1971 for arcade machines. Called Pong, it is a 2D tennis simulator. The gameplay is dirt simple. Move your paddle up and down to return the ball to your opponent.

But it was almost 50 years ago. What’s changed since then? Everything. The industry moved from archaic arcade machines to home consoles. New genres. New technologies. Better quality of visuals and sounds. Lots of content.

Have a look at this short list of modern adventures:

Batman: Arkham Knight

2015 Action-adventure for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One.

Take on the role of the legendary superhero. Save Gotham from Scarecrow and his dangerous fear gas. Enjoy side quests and chase criminals through dark neon-lit streets. An open-world reality, revolutionary fighting style, powerful moves and enemies. The adventure hooks from the first moments.

Doom, the Most Addictive of all Games Video

2016 First-person shooter for Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Nintendo Switch.

Welcome to old-school run-and-gun mayhem. The iconic Doom Slayer is on a mission to destroy all demons in a research facility on Mars. Explore corridors and outdoor areas. Engage in generic shooting with powerful weapons like the super shotgun. The constant massacre is punctuated by over-the-top animations and fun boss battles.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

2017 Action-adventure for Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

Fight bosses and find new locations in the vast fantasy kingdom of Hyrule. The objective is to reclaim the main character’s memories. Which he lost after an apocalyptic event that left Hyrule in ruins. Enjoy a nonlinear questing structure. Hundreds of NPC-driven side missions and puzzles won’t let you get bored.

Need for Speed: Heat

2019 Racing video for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One.

An updated adventure from the past. Speed up in Palm City and the neon-drenched streets. Tune and retune your racer to get an edge. Participate in sanctioned street racing during the day and illegal night ones. Dodge traffic and aggressive cops. In short, get primed for constant adrenaline bursts.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

2020 Platform-adventure for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.

A 2D journey through diverse locations of a fairytale world. Jump, climb, swim and deal with intricate riddles. The beautifully drawn world is filled with a menagerie of creatures to fight. And quests to undertake. A must for any games video fan.