Qualitative Jump of Games Video

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Games video is a virtual reality that you enter using an electronic device. For example, a PC or a game console. The most popular platforms are PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

One of the very first on-screen toys was created in 1971 for arcade machines. Called Pong, it is a 2D tennis simulator. The gameplay is dirt simple. Move your paddle up and down to return the ball to your opponent.

But it was almost 50 years ago. What’s changed since then? Everything. The industry moved from archaic arcade machines to home consoles. New genres. New technologies. Better quality of visuals and sounds. Lots of content.

Have a look at this short list of modern adventures:

League of Legends

League of Legends is an extremely competitive game that requires a lot of expertise and smart planning to win. Take the role of the winner and become one of the top players in the game.

Get gold by eliminating opposing champions and minions in order to spend it on stronger equipment. Additionally, break past the defenses of your adversaries and eliminate their networks.


Counter-Strike is a remarkable strategy game in which players work together to destroy the enemy squad. The player is drawn in by this game and has the chance to practice a variety of strategies to defeat the opposite team on their gaming computers.

Strengthen your Counter-Strike abilities and rise in the team hierarchy. Improve your shooting accuracy with time. Even your decision-making reaction time will be sped up. With a lot of practice, your headshot and kill-to-death ratios will also increase.

Use the winning strategies that the CS gurus employ to succeed. Instead of being confronted, you will start to confront others. 


Doom is a renowned video game that follows the first-person shooter genre. It combines 3D visuals with online multiplayer gaming to create a really engaging game.

On your journey to victory in Doom, you will come across a variety of enemies. Based on the scale of complexity you have selected, they will assault you in great numbers. When searching for the next level’s key, you may need to kill at least a hundred enemies. There are ten different shapes that the creatures can assume.

The game’s story revolves around a space opera or thriller theme. The backstory appears in the game manual, and as the game goes on, the remaining portions of the plot are shown with brief notes interspersed. The game’s central protagonist advances from one level to the next while receiving some visual hints as well. Discovering the door via which you may advance or proceed to another level is the game’s major objective.