YOUR BUCKET LIST GAMES? - Happy Console Gamer -

YOUR BUCKET LIST GAMES? – Happy Console Gamer

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What are some video games you want to finish before you die?
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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video games and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Hope all is well with your family John and Kim,and hope all is going well with your little en and her operations

  2. I am slightly embarrassed by my bucket list. How I can call myself a true gamer without finishing these.
    Earth Bound on SNES
    Dragon Quest 5 on DS
    Xenogears on PS1
    Final Fantasy Tactics on PS1
    Chrono Cross on PS1

  3. I'm so glad I finally got a chance to finish Breath of the wild and Persona 5! Catching up with the Kingdom Hearts series, only kh3 left!

  4. As much as I love the Rob man, I think Kim is your best sidekick John. I enjoy watching you two, so wholesome

  5. Bucket list for me: Bioshock, Lunar, Majora's Mask, Bravely Default, and about 800 other games.

  6. The amount of grinding and lack of main story contents make me hesitate to start working on Xenoblade X. But the environment and gameplay seem really attractive. Tough decision. Preowned price has gone up too recently.

  7. Woah, I have tons of games on my bucket list as well. Just so happens that literally every game you listed are ones that I went deep on and beat when they came out. Good luck and get to work! 😉

  8. ffx-2 getting 100% is the bane of my existence, I've tried 3 times and messed up like half way. But you get the happy ending with 100% percent.

  9. Xenoblade Chronicles X might be the best in the Xeno line of games.

  10. I finished link between world's couple months back, just finished Gameboy remake Zelda dx switch, awesome background twilight princess music, that game needs to be on the switch.

  11. Chronicles X had a glitch for me that stopped me from being able to progress the quest very late in game. I was done with it after that, won't go back either.

  12. Dude, a link between worlds is an easy one to knock out! I completed it in under 10 hours and it's such a satisfying little adventure.

  13. Ultima 4 on the sega master system and xenoblade on the Wii. I got soo far but left it for an other day but… Never finished those and now I have regrets

  14. Intro knows I haven’t finished FF7 remake

  15. Mother 3! Go johnny!! GO GO GO!! Kim should do it too!

  16. Nintendo shy away from magic mushroom? The whole Mario franchise was built on psychedelia mushroom that gives you magic power after ingesting it…

  17. FF XII and Xenoblade X (hope a portage on the Switch)

  18. XCX is an absolute must. I still have hope for a Switch port.

  19. I have faith that we will eventually get Mother 3 😬

  20. Valkrie profile if I can get my hands on it

  21. I have so many games i want to finish. It would be pretty hard to list them all. I am very picky when it comes to games i stick to a few genres and that is it. I rarely play other genres outside of the ones i play but i would like to venture out and play other genres some day.

  22. Hearing that Xenoblade Chronicles X music lights a spark in my brain.

  23. My 8 year old girl is in love with Zelda BOTW. She never played a game like it ever, Nintendo Wii games Kirby, Mario, Yoshi was the only games she had played til now. She mastered using the Nintendo pro controller to play it and has been loving it for over 2 months now.

  24. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe one of my favorite NES games Star Tropics has the yoyo weapon

  25. omg I have the very same NESS shirt.. subscribed!!!

  26. Bahamut lagoon
    Chrono cross

    Diffrent console and genre hahaha

  27. @4:37 it's like a record being spun back – DJ hit it again, REWIIIIIIND!

  28. You two are so cute together. Couples that game together stay together! I just made that up 😂

  29. Earthbound is so good! I am playing it right now on the New 2ds xl virtual console release. It's a great way to play it.

  30. My list is looooong but the largest games on it are:

    Persona 5
    Persona 4
    Dragon Quest XI S
    The Witcher 3
    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I also missed out on some Legend of Zelda titles:
    Wind Waker
    Twilight Princess
    Anything on DS
    Minish Cap

    The Megaman X series


    Edit: Let's add Mother 3 to the list! I want one of those sweet reproduction sets.

  31. I think re-doing this video with a no RPG of any type (and yes that includes Zelda) or RTS stipulation would be interesting as those genres automatically fill these lists.
    Magician Lord is pretty high up there for me. I have never gotten even close to good enough to go deep.

  32. Nintendo makes good games but sometimes do weird decisions

  33. 4:47 you never finished xenoblade chronicles X johnny O_o Man i remember playing it right at it's release for weeks and i completed it's main game.Still it's a shame,game ends on a cliffhanger and since it sold poorly it may never get a sequel.For a rpg i like to finish still is grandia II i finish the PS1 version years ago on PS3 and recently switch,but not part two still.

  34. Xenoblade chronicles x is amazing. Taken me 3 session, months apart but I've finally got my mech and there's still loads to do. Incredible game

  35. Persona 5
    Symphony of the Night
    Mass Effect
    Resident Evil 2 (ps1)
    Dark Souls

    In no particular order I guess, this would be my top 5. Witcher 3, Baldur's Gate, Skyrim, and honestly a shitload of other games are all really high up there on the backlog too, but man, it's hard to really narrow it down to the ones you really want to experience. The difficult thing is finding the time when so many of these games are massive time sinkers…

  36. So many on my list I fear I'll never have time for… ALL the Xenoblade games (XG and XS were my favorite series, but so what I've played of XB hasn't struct me the same way) Trouble Shooter, Legend of Heroes series, Legend of Dragoon, Magna Carta, Sakura Wars, Blue Reflection, Exist Archive, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim… to name a few.

  37. When Xenoblade Chronicles X came out I set a goal to Beat It within the month Beat it before the New Years Eve of that month I even bought the Japanese version I've loved it ever since

  38. Breath of the wild is on my list,done 30 hours so far and feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.

  39. Mother 3 is truly a wonderful game, Johnny. You should really give it a spin, I feel like you of all people would understand and appreciate the game more than most!

  40. I'll go one further, I've owned Link Between Worlds since the end of 2013 and to this day it is still sealed

  41. I'd like to finish Tetris, Animal Crossing, The Sims, EVE Online, WoW, and Minecraft…

  42. My bucket list is getting crazy long. I think I ve started to turn to collecting just because I rarely have time to play anything so collecting is the only thing I have to scratch that itch.

  43. Can you please tell Kim to play Tales of Symphonia? It's my favourite JRPG and I think she would love it.

  44. Divinity Original Sin 2. I've done so many playthroughs of that game but always quit at the start of act 3 or some point in act 2 to make a new character/party. It's easily one of my favorite games, I've just never finished it. I might update the list after I think of some more.

  45. I really hope they port Xenoblade Chronicles X to the Switch. I really don't want to buy a Wii U just to play that one game.

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