Yellowed Xbox 360 Controller Restoration - Gaming Console Repair -

Yellowed Xbox 360 Controller Restoration – Gaming Console Repair

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Restoring & repairing Xbox 360 controller that won’t turn on and that is yellowed. I bought this controller as junk from Ebay.

I started the restoration with disassembly. The shell is closed with safety torx screws, which means normal torx bit won’t fir them. To remove the trigger buttons I need to bend the plastic so I can’t recommend that unless it is necessary, even though the plastic is very well bending. I also removed the sticker with isopropyl alcohol so I can reapply it once I’m finished.

After disassembly I cleaned the parts and put the yellowed plastic in the retrobrighting box I made on my other channel. Link to the video: I used hydrogen peroxide UV-light and heat to remove the yellowing from the plastic.

To open the battery pack I used some plastic tools, lots of force and patience. The pack is not meant to be opened but it can be done carefully without breaking anything. Once pack was opened I cleaned the battery contacts with isopropyl alcohol. Lastly the two halves were glued back together.

Thank you for watching my video!

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Screw driver set with safety torx:
Plastic tool kit:
Hydrogen peroxide:
UV LED strip:
99.9% isopropyl alcohol (IPA):

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  1. I like the choice for Green Spleen Submarine.

  2. Just like old times from the late 2000's sine I was Born from the past 19 years ago.

  3. Hmmm… Well,the Xbox 360 is good,but just so that IT DOES NOT DESTROY ITSELF… Buy a Xbox one,bc of the Rrod in x360 (1 line is hardware failure. 2 lines is overheating. 3 lines,I dunno. 4 lines is AV cable failure)

  4. So I ain’t the only one who stills plays Xbox 360?

  5. ese patito siempre esta mas limpio que yo 🙁

  6. Xbox 360 is just that how look is white it shows it Just can't handle it

  7. I tried out an Xbox 360 controller at my local Wal-Mart back when I was just a high school teenager and the 360 controller was really comfy in my hands.

  8. I don't know if like more the restoration or the asmr trigger that produces to me

  9. i want to start repairing consoles and such that are labeld as broken/damaged just dont know where to find any

  10. É inspirador ver conteúdos de quem torna as coisas melhores. A internet precisa de mais canais como o seu! Parabéns vindo do Brasil!

  11. guess this explains why all modern consoles are black now

  12. Onde quer que vc esteja, sempre vai ter um BR comentando

  13. when you brushed the plastic, would it not leave scratches? Better to use cloth or sponge.

  14. I got a couple of IPAs to clean my boards but ended up creating a bigger mess.

  15. I have a controller that has joy drift but I wasn't able to pop it open bc I needed a specific tool and it been 3 years since I had the controller so yesterday I ordered a tool and battery's it will be coming today also I subscribed 👍😁

  16. Good Restoration of Controller XBox 360 Dear Odd Tinkering!!! It's very White and Shiny!!! 😎😁😀💁🏻‍♂️✌👍

  17. I tired this with hydrogen peroxide and UV lights but the controller didn’t get as white as it original was. It got whiter but not completely white. Is the temperature the key? Or a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide?

  18. Wish you could do a restoration of my original Xbox Elite controller. An absolute workhorse that needs some tlc.

  19. Did not expect to see the bug lol. Loved the star wars reference 👍😂

  20. its one of those white special edition slim controller

  21. I've got a white one that has analog sticks that don't stay straight and its missing it's bottom part

  22. I am looking for that fortnite kid who says "playstation is better than xbox" when in reality they both good
    I own a PS2 and a Nintendo Wii

  23. Him: Fixes a 16 year old controller.
    Me: Buys a new Xbox.
    This man is a legend.

  24. Anyone else as a kid load the 360 battery cartridge like a shotgun all the time?

  25. Why are you claiming that you're in the United States? Your channel description says you're in Finland…
    The United States is literally the worst country as of right now…

  26. my mamaw has a 360 and it hasnt red ringed, some 360 systems can last very very long. i seen a guy open a original xbox and play it. it is now 2022 and im very happy.

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