Xbox Series X Console Unboxing - A Next Gen Gaming System -

Xbox Series X Console Unboxing – A Next Gen Gaming System

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Unboxing new Microsoft Xbox Series X next gen gaming console. Up to 120 fps or 8K resolution gameplay. Ultra High Speed HDMI 2.1 cable. New controller. Xbox Series S and X are releasing November 10, PS5 releases Nov 12 / Nov 19. Thanks to Microsoft for providing this free review unit!
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the prices are $500 in United States, £450 in United Kingdom and 509€ in Finland. Prices may vary in other european countries.

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  1. I don't know what's worse, the fact that xbox controllers still require batteries or that the ps5 only has 825GB of space

  2. For some reason I wanna see his collection of knives

  3. I'm So Excited for Xbox Series X Console @TheRelaxingEnd

  4. Wow i bet the series x feels great just to unbox it nice and slow

  5. Xbox series x: the best gaming refrigerator. Ps5: hottest router

  6. If I had a cat and this controller it would definitely scratch the controller

  7. Me : thinking what to buy PS5 or XBOX SX
    Him : I am buying both

  8. ngl the way he opened that shit kinda got me bricked up

  9. Call me weird but I lost my shit when he did the infinity sign with his finger 😵‍💫

  10. I was watching this then a bunch of indian guys starting screaming in my ears.

    Thanks ad.

  11. I Buy Xbox Series X on January 19, 2021

  12. Hopefully I get this for Christmas with Minecraft

  13. TheRelaxingEnd: *comparing the Xbox with ps2*
    Me: wait the minute…

  14. This man has a xbox series x before its release while im here saving up for a xbox 360

  15. 3000IronBird Angry Birds Classic Seasons Star Wars says:

    Better than ps5

  16. My parents going to buy me the xbox series x more 1 month becuse i am going to be 12 years old!

  17. I'm from Xbox 360 and this month im gonna buy the Xbox Series X it's truly gonna be another experience for me :'D but im having problems finding one in stock, i just see resellers selling it for over $800 Dollars, and im trying to buy it for $500

  18. I have one and I just like watching opening vids 😄

  19. God damn I feel like I need a cigarette after this..

  20. I love the sound of his gloves sliding across the cardboard. 😻

  21. براك السامرائي العراقي says:

    سوي ابوكسنك على اكسبوكس وان اكس I love you

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