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Worst Games of 2021

The Completionist
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A lot of games were delayed last year and though we got less games overall, there were still some stinkers of games and things about gaming. Let’s take a look at the worst games of 2021, along with some of the frustrations about the gaming industry last year.

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  1. Fully expecting NFT's to ruin games this year and make into Jirard's 2022 video -_-

  2. Here's your virtue signal award. You claim you have no knowledge or want to talk about this stuff, yet here you are, talking about it. I hope the virtual pats on the back help, cause they're not doing anything to really help.

  3. I truly hope you're recovering well.
    I one hundred percent agree with the final entry on this list. It isn't political and anyone getting mad at you addressing this is adding to the problem.

  4. I hope your feeling better Jirard and these are ten horrible video games that came out last year in 2021

  5. "They deserve a lot better"
    It's GTA, it deserves to be in a dumpster

  6. i agree with your #1. i was going to get Diablo 2 Resurrected, but after all the news about RAPE and DEATH THREATS i just couldn't. It just disgusts me and i feel dirty for ever having bought their games. I know they're not the only studio with such a problem, but the severity of it all is just absolutely horrible.

  7. When #4 flashed and I saw Death's Door footage for a second, I was about to be indignant – but then it changed 😂 good bait

  8. Did you forget about the disaster of NASCAR 21 Ignition?

  9. I didn't realize Balan Wonderla-world was called Wonderworld until this video

  10. 12 minutes is good I don't think it's a " worst game "because it made you disgust. There are so many AAA titles that suck balls yet you chose 12 minutes.

  11. Happy you are alright hope you feel better and at least got to game for enjoyment over the holidays.

  12. Jirad thank you for all you do for the gaming community at large, hope you're feeling better.

  13. I don't get it. What's happening with Activision?

  14. Speaking from someone that's a blizzard fan I do agree with you and with you and speaking from someone that is awesome following what is going on with Activision blizzard or continuing to.

    Yeah I'll say it's There are things that I hear that I just kind of go really Like things where I question there's no way this is true this is too unbelievable.

    And yet it is It's hard to be a blizzard fan right now but I still say I still play blizzard games because I know not everybody is horrible.

    And it's those people that I want to continue to support I hope stuff changes I do but on the same end I can say I still love world of warcraft.

    And I do hope that the industry does change I truly do

  15. 6. Should also include the way crypto has ruined the GPU market

  16. I've been making games for 36 years and the abusive people that are in the biz and have rose in power is astounding. I'm still hoping things get better (they already are) and hoping you and your COVID get better, too.

  17. I'm a 3D artist and I've been job hunting to work for a video game company and these kind of comments are in my mind when considering where to apply. Shame on you companies that mask these issues! Without us artist, everything goes to 💩
    And yeah, you could say that thousands are behind me for X or Y positions, but how long will people would be willing to put their health aside just to work at "their dream company"?

  18. great list I'm glad you did only 6 and number 1 is super important I'm glad you brought it up and talked about it like you should have

  19. As a game dev, thank you Jiard for your number 1. its majorly appreciated.

  20. can we please stop with the 'cute' games on this lists like '"finding a ps5"

  21. Good for you for speaking up about what’s happening in the game dev industry. It’s easy to just do you and make content that doesn’t ruffle feathers much, it’s hard to take a stand for what’s right, knowing that it’s going to do the most feather ruffling you’ve encountered as a creator. Proud of you. Hope you’re well.

  22. Hope you stay safe. Try to relax and not overwork yourself.

  23. You mean this year of 2022?

    Oh wait…. I'm speaking from the future..

    In a paradox thing..

    Never mind too complicated.

  24. Lol sorry the words Sonic in 3D should never be combined..

    Not excluding BALAN WOUNERWORLD. ignore this and stick a pin..

    Shadow the hedgehog.
    Sonic the fighters.
    Sonic adventures.
    Sonic the hedgehog 06.

    Have we learned anything?

    To the creator of Sonic..

    Fool me once shame on you..

    Sonic rise of lyric..

    For me twice well that's on us..

    When was the combination of the words Sonic like in a 3D world.
    Ever turn out really bad?

  25. Why do we put Faith in a crater that says hey I made Sonic or I mean mega Man and not turn out to be really bad..

    Even with a crowdfunding..

    I mean there's a good few I mean literally a few exceptions as of today..

    But for the rest of the time.. it's definitely a train wreck that's going to happen..

    And we never learn anything from the f*** ups..

  26. Kudos to your last segment on Activision Blizzard!

  27. Okay, you made 12 minutes sound kind of awesome lol

  28. Corrects himself from saying “wonderland” and then immediately goes back to saying it again like 3 seconds later 😂

  29. for further informations about #1 I highly recommend the Youtube channels of CidAlpha or Jim Stephany Sterling

  30. Anyone who gets mad at Jirard (or anyone else) talking about harmful industry practices in general is getting mad at the wrong person.

  31. 12 minutes sounds like it shouldn't have forced the players to make intentionally bad decisions. Also yes you can make a timeloop game that doesn't involve making intentionally bad decisions. For instance, you've some movies which shows how psychopathic one can be while knowing everything will reset, but there're other movies which shows the protagonist actually try and improve their odds between loops rather than trying trial and error to search for an outcome that might never happen by sheer chance.

  32. 12:21 "You shouldn't be sexually harassing your coworkers AT work."
    So you're fine with people sexually harassing in other situations? lol

  33. I agree with problem number one.

    F*CK Activision and riot games for how they treated their staff, and every other developer who feels like they can kick dirt in the eye of another human being. We love games, because gaming as a community is better than that.

  34. Very grateful for you speaking up on the abuse in the video game industry. Not enough of are, and all of us should be angry about this

  35. love the take on your #1 spot of the list !

  36. I feel like the Blizzard situation and PS5 shortage definitely deserve some coverage and attention, so kudos for that, however maybe not in a video called "worst games" where we expect to hear about…. yknow, games

  37. I was really hoping you’d complete Balan Wonderworld. For all its jank and clunkiness, and poor decisions I somehow found an endearing title that I somehow enjoyed? It felt like a modern N64 platformer.

    Hopefully you get around to it! Should be an entertaining episode. Glad you’re feeling better Jirard!

  38. you're one of my favorite content creators. your honesty and openness always refreshing and inviting in such a comforting way.

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