World's largest collection of videogames! - Guinness World Records -

World’s largest collection of videogames! – Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records
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Many gamers build up extensive collections allowing them to play almost anything they want.

But one Texas man CAN play whatever he wants as he has the world’s largest collection of videogames. Read more:


At Guinness World Records we want to show that everyone in the world is the best at something, and we’re here to measure it! Whether you’ve got the stretchiest skin, know the world’s smallest dog or want to create the largest human dominoes chain we want to hear about it.

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  1. Hope hes got insurance? I wonder how much insurance he has got to cover his collection? I would say around $25,000?

  2. Are you looking for a dishwasher?

  3. Imagine the person who had to count all of these games to validate his submission.

  4. All these games need to be preserved and dumped so that history doesn’t get lost.

  5. I live in south east asia and dont have the luxury to own all consoles let alone the cartridges or discs. But I do have 12 total tera bytes of hdd with my favorite roms and isos sfarting from famicom to ps4.

  6. I played the Super Nintendo military training game in basic training back in 2004. Wasnt very accurate lol

  7. Tantos juegos y te muestra un FIFA

  8. Does he have minecraft and fortnite with mario first game

  9. This is such a cool thing to look at, but I could imagine it being inconvenient if you ever wanted to play one specific game

  10. What if fire broke out in his house i am pretty sure he has got insurance but even thou the games lost to the fire is irreparable

  11. If he gets divorced, does his ex wife get half of the full north american collections or half of every full north american collection? o.O

  12. If you tried to rob this man's house, I would ultimately consider you world's worst douchebag.

  13. Do you have a full list of the games for original Xbox and Xbox 360? Currently slowly working on my own collection. Used to own nearly 700 Xbox 360 games till I had to sell them to pay some bills several years ago.

  14. Must be a nightmare to dust, great collection tho.

  15. Imagine the backlog of unfinished titles or games that are region locked.

  16. He literally could run a store in his house 😂

  17. Scott the woz needs just 5000 more games to beat the record

  18. I just love people like this, keeping those memories alive. But he sometimes makes the difference saying "complete north American collection" and just "complete collection". So when he says complete collection, does he really mean a complete collection with imports?

  19. Probably just in the USA, or some obscure category. Check out youtube channel The Last Gamer. That guy has over 40k games and also boasts this same record

  20. “Welcome to Buffalo Wild Wings, what would you like to order?”

    “The complete North American collection.”

  21. What would I give to see Conan O'Brien's face when he's showing all of his collection.

  22. Dude imagine if his house burns down or a flood happens

  23. Hey man les play cod sure let me find it 7 hours later did you find it no just give me 2 more hours

  24. North american exclusives
    FIFA 15
    Héroes del ring AAA
    El Chval Kart

  25. the last gamer's collection is way bigger than this so not sure how you got the world record?????

  26. 2 questions :
    How many hours he play videogames and how many money

  27. Must be awarded by Sony and Microsoft.
    Guinness , did you count all this !

  28. But I don't think he played all the games..

  29. If he is my uncle he would be my favorite

  30. The best part is he still buying games as soon is it release

  31. Rick Harrison : For the collection, best I can do is 20 bucks.

  32. Thinking he will probably need a server room for installing all games

  33. it be guys like this who don’t even enjoy gaming 😭

  34. Many gamers build up extensive collections allowing them to play almost anything they want.

    But one Texas man CAN play whatever he wants as he has the world’s largest collection of videogames. Read more:

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