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Why PC Gaming Is Better Than Console…

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PC Vs. Console Gaming (And Why PC Is Better)

its been about i year since i switched from console gaming to pc gaming and i have to say that pc gaming is better than console gaming and i have enjoyed my time on pc a lot more than i enjoyed playing on console


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intro – 0:00
“pc is too complicated” – 1:09
mouse and keyboard vs controller – 2:07
exclusives – 2:56
running old games – 3:33
frame rate – 5:07
outro – 5:46

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  1. For anyone wondering no I am not a “pc master race” dude that’s cringe as hell I am simple giving my opinion on pc gamingat 0:04 there is a different thumbnail (I changed it to better suite the video)

  2. We're both gaming, and that's what matters 🗿

  3. When you use both pc and console you win life

  4. Really? Just by the title i don't need to watch the video

  5. I became a full time pc gamer around the time of doom eternal’s release and I can never go back to a controller ever again (accept for fighting games)

  6. how many times are we going to talk about PC vs console lmao

  7. So the argument here is that PC is less cumbersome and it has higher frame rate. If you have enough money to actually buy a good PC and k&m. And if you don’t already own a gaming PC, you have to buy the games you already played again, unless there is exceptions which idk if there are. Yes I agree the graphics and FPS is better, no one is arguing that, it’s just more expensive.

  8. i haven’t finished the video yet but i can already see the people not even finishing yet and typing angry comments but pc is in most ways better. the only problem really is that some games aren’t on there and there’s so many different types of computers that dont run many games so you need to know a lot about it. also it can be expensive. the people who play on console usually have a preference for it but you can still play with a controller on pc it just costs more money along with what you need. don’t cry about it because they both have their advantages but if you’re playing on console and you don’t have motion controls, you’re probably gonna be bad at it and if you can’t play your favorite games on console, then you made the wrong choice with what you bought. pc is generally better. and i apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes. english isnt my first language.

  9. The only problem with PC gaming is that it’s WAYYYY more expensive, especially if you’re wanting to get a more powerful system. Apart from that it’s great. But I still have a soft spot for console gaming.

  10. I get my Pc nexst year so im happy to look forward this time

  11. sweet, I didnt know you played get to the orange door

  12. As a console PS4 / laptop player I agree completely

  13. You forgot to mention steam big picture mode

  14. It really doesn’t deserve a 6 minute video lol it’s common sense

  15. This argument has been made 80 million times we all know pc is better

  16. Why play at like 200 fps when ur eyes can only See at 24fps

  17. Has your doom slaying been getting a lot better lately? Been seeing some pretty sick clips from you lately

  18. i think console is for cheaper way to play every game on 4K 60 FPS, maybe not every game but its close. but on PC almost everything is better.

  19. It might be weird to hear this. But I also prefer keyboard for games like streets of rage.

  20. You can’t run every older game off steam on PC without issues and it’s even worse with better/newer systems. A lot of games you’ll have to mess around with config files. PC’s aren’t also incredibly simple, there are a lot of really minor things you can do that will completely fuck up your systems. That’s why people making a living off repairing and fixing PC’s people have messed up. Also most people’s PC’s aren’t better than current gen consoles. The PS5’s graphics card is equivalent to a 2060. And a PS5 is almost about as much as you’d find a 2060 for. A custom built anything is usually going to be better than standard product. Depending on who built it. Pre-builds built by a store usually aren’t great.
    There are a lot of factors.

  21. Console: plug and play; nice and convenient
    PC: Takes a bit more effort to set up, but offers tons of options and customizability

  22. I have back problems so I can’t sit at a desk for 8 hour play seshes. I can do this on the couch with console

  23. pc is expensive so it is better but a console is still good and usually much cheaper

  24. i hope the steam deck is good. only reason i want it is for overkill and maximum action.

  25. Pc or console, we are all gamers, much love for gamers.

  26. I prefer actually having money instead of a pc I don’t even know how to ducking make

  27. my biggest issues with consoles are the weird restrictions (like what controller you use) and the exploitative nature of the ecosystem (for example,70$ games and paid online,which to me mostly defeats the point of the cheapness meany people mention about consoles)

    there is also relitively minor stuff like gyro/mouse,and mods,the whole idea of linux gaming,flexibillity,etc.

    also metroid dread is actually legal to emulate if you jailbreak your switch,and honestly moral to me if you own the game and console

  28. I don't disagree with your points. I disagree with your idea of better gaming. I play on PlayStation because its what all my friends have. Some of those friends have really great PCs but they much prefer console because its where their friends are. One of the biggest reasons I hate arguments like yours (no disrespect, love you man) is because it sends a message to developers that graphics and speed is more important than gameplay and comradery. so yeah play what you enjoy and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. but also mobile gaming isn't real gaming lol.

  29. Apart from the controls preference PC is better because of modding.

  30. I just wanna play a video game for fun and not pay 1000s of dollars so I’m keep my PlayStation 4 hooked to my living room tv.

  31. I love pc as a platform, expensive as all hell but can be pretty fun 🙂

  32. I like playing on pc but only certain types of games. For the most part I always go back to console for the simplicity of jumping in and jumping out of gameplay. Great video though.

  33. 1:53. I disagree. It is not just updating drivers and launching games. Sometimes you have to mess with the properties settings just to get a game working. For example:
    -Some games were zoomed in or stuck at low res and you have to dig deep to disable the dpi settings.
    -Some games kept crashing on opening it at some point, and you have to validate the files from Steam to fix the issue.
    -Some games have graphical glitches and issues and you have to rollback drivers which you have to download previous versions from their website.
    -Sometimes you need to update your BIOS to get your PC working.

  34. I have an Xbox an I completely agree with this .

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