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Why I Switched From Console To PC Gaming! 😲

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PC Gaming is brilliant, and there’s loads of great reasons to switch! If you’re a beginner with PC gaming or just want to play Fortnite on a computer, here’s a simple guide to console vs PC!
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  1. Reason u did it is because u sponsor their stuff and they pay u lol

  2. Pay for console –> £250 and get £50 games
    Pay for pc —> £750 and get free unlimited games(over 20 you can have at once) pirated of corse go learn!!

  3. no i’m getting it because so i don’t have to pay ps plus $60 a year F microsoft they started and i’m already paying for the console and they games and also the internet bill that’s not cheap GTA online here i come

  4. Here’s my dilema, I want to change to pc, but my friends are probably buying the next gen consoles, and I don’t want to waste the money just to not use the pc cause I can’t play with my friends

  5. With a pc you can basicly fly to the moon everything is possible with a pc

  6. 1300 for a pc just to play esports games 😂

  7. To be honest I just need a pc to edit videos, discord,and streaming but of course i’m gonna use it for gaming but mainly for streaming and I’m just going to use my Xbox for the games

  8. pc mods are a major factor
    for me about why i want to get one

  9. So is it ok to get a $500 PC, slowy upgrade it as you go, or do you absolutely have to get $1000 – $1500 PC to play games at all? If the latter is more true than not, wouldn't it be better to get an Xbox series X of something?

  10. Free multiplayer. You actually get to play the ENTIRE game that YOU spent YOUR money on, not get forced to pay even more fucking money to access servers that Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft don't even fucking own.

  11. Can you try this gaming pc DASEEN GAMING PC CPU i5,i7/GTX1650,GTX1660,RTX2060,RTX2070S,RTX2080S/256G,512G SSD+1TB HDD/RAM 8G,16G,32G,64G.NEW MODEL COMPUTER DESKTOP (CPU i5 10400/GTX1660S 6G/256GB SSD+1TB HDD, RAM 16GB)

    by DASEIN I wanna see if it worth my money

  12. It's the high price of pc s for me. And gaming is just associated with a controller in my mind.

  13. I really want a gaming pc for Christmas. I currently play on PS4. Can somebody please tell me honestly if a gaming pc is better than console and why

  14. I am now switching from console to PC because of all the political pandering from both Sony and Microsoft this year. I have bought consoles from both of them, and I am now fed up with both of them.

  15. Just buy a PC then get a PS4 to play those PS5 exclusives.

  16. My Xbox won’t turn on now I’m debating on switching to pc

  17. I'm a PC gamer. Though I'm not the kind of gamer that "switches" platforms. I ADD to my collection meaning I have a collection of consoles I've kept over the decades while also using my gaming PC as my primary source of gaming. If you're only a one-platform-gamer, you're losing out.

  18. Ugh, it IS an elitist mentality to say 30fps is unacceptable to game at. I'm a PC gamer and I'm always annoyed when people say "I only play at 60fps because 30fps is unacceptable". By THAT logic, I can ask you why aren't you playing at 120fps instead of 60fps? Why not just lower your settings to the lowest and play at 120fps in every game all the time? If you really care about fps, you would do that. The truth is that it's just an elitist mindset to say one is more acceptable than the other. 30fps has always been fine especially if you prefer high graphics.


    Man who the fuck cares dude, this guy got a shit ton of views for telling ppl “ i switch console to pc “

  20. You will regreat that decision in a few years.
    PCs aren't built for games and all that poor hardware they sell us with slow chipsets is a white elephant.
    It doesn't matter how much you can do with it because when a game starts to give you problems your gaming experience is over.
    Games have extremely heavy engines that will overuse your CPU and GPU,optimization is not a problem in consoles.
    For some reason consoles are still in the market,it's not possible to crack console games like PC and then you have no shitty activation systems to test your patience.
    Good luck there

  21. I’m kinda thinking of switching to PC gaming. Not sure. 🤔

  22. I'm in the process of switching over to PC. Learning more about the parts and how to build my own. The recent debacle with Series X and PS5 made me do it. I discovered that the Series X uses SSDs and it would be $500 for the new console, plus another $350 for 2 SSD drives. We're talking $900 or more by time you pay for everything for the new Xbox Series X. I think that was the moment when I decided to switch over. If you're coming up on $1,000 you may as well throw in some extra and get a good PC.

  23. Console gaming is good, especially at the price. But, I was looking for more. So I made the jump from Xbox One to PC and haven’t looked back. PC gaming just offers more, whether it’s visuals, performance, mods, more games, better variety in games, better communities, etc

  24. If I can get console level detail on video games I’ll switch to pc, which I may do in a few yesrs

  25. Plus there is so much more you can use a pc for. Watch and record TV. Edit videos. Record guitar music with a internal sound card. Play multiplayer games without subscription. And games are so much cheaper and better looking on pc compared to console. Another fantastic video Marcus. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

  26. Is £1000 enough to get a decent pc? I mostly play warzone but am looking to branch out to many other games. I’m currently on PS4. Is £1k too little to get a nice 120fps?

  27. I had my pc for 4 years and just upgraden now 🙂

  28. Pc and ps4 or ps5 because sony has great exclusive games.

  29. I would love to build a Pc but I’m now 53 and haven’t got the confidence despite watching many of your videos.

  30. That Joker and Harley background/wallpaper is amazing!!

  31. "I will be using a mid range PC" shows 1349£=1880$ PC
    Lol, a mid range PC is for 720£=1000$
    1880$ PC is high range

  32. the problem I have on pc is that I can't have the same amount of games like I do with console cause on console I don't have to permanently delete a game to make room for another one.

  33. OOPS…

    CONSOLES >>>>>>>> PC.

    1) Have access to every 3rd party game that is optimized unlike PC. 

    2) Looks virtually indistinguishable to even the best PCs.

    3) Runs amazing with out any problems or having to adjust any settings.

    4) Have access to top rated games that are some of the highest score, highest selling GOTY winners not on PC.

    5) Have access to games that look better than anything on PC that have won awards for technical achievement and visuals first party and exclusives.

    6) Have access to amazing games in every genre outside of MMORPGS RTS and Sims which mobile smartphones can do.

    7) Have online with a moderated community free of cheating, mods, and aimbots. Free games every month as part of PSN, ability to appear offline, easily share game clips, parental controls.. Well worth $4 a month.

    8) With the Switch be able to play anywhere, put the game in the cradle, take it with me traveling etc, even the PS4 is small enough to transport on business trips of play in hotels… Good luck transporting your gaming rig 🤣

    9) No need to upgrade any hardware for 7-8 years and still get the best looking games.

    10) Local multiplayer and social gaming.  I'm not forced to sit alone hunched over a desk.  Consoles have always been a social experience with friends playing sports games, fighting games, party games, co-op games. Up to 4 players on 1 system.

    11) When a console comes out it's the best tech on the market until PCs play catch-up and even then they don't have developers making games for new PC tech.

    12) Far better development as console developers have the best in the business or buy studios, timed exclusives, content.

    13) You know who made the PS4 and Switch… Billion dollar companies with access to the best technology and engineers in the business… You know who made your gaming rig?  You… A dipshit with access to eBay and cheap old parts.  It's no wonder that after 7 years Sony developers can make TLOU2 better than anything on PC. Or Nintendo can put out amazing looking games on a system a fraction of the size of your keyboard that's portable. 🤣

    14) Physical copy's of games or access to a huge online gaming library.  I can actually have and sell the game rather than just have it on a steam account.

    15) Trophies/achievements for every game.

    16) Innovation.  From creating genres, to analog sticks, VR, to motion controls, to rumble, touch pads, wireless controllers, consoles are constantly evolving while PC has been the same exact point and click shit forever.

    17) You can invite friends to your game with share play on PS4 even if they don't have the game.

    18) You can buy all 3 consoles (Though you don't really need an Xbone as it's exclusive library is straight up shit this generation) and a Raspberry Pi, for a better and multiplayer emulation experience, any probably a tablet/laptop for cheaper than a gaming PC. 🤣

    19) Timed exclusives, getting 3rd party games months if not years before they're ported to PC.

    20) Exclusive content.  Some companies give exclusive content and bonuses to buy the console version.

    21) Great franchises.

    22)  Notable icons, mascots/characters.

    23) PC has little to no Japanese support.

    24) Perception.  PC is seen as nerdy fucking trash.  Consoles aren't.

    25) Consoles don't get viruses hackers, etc.

    26) Consoles are more mainstream and focused on including the focus of every major gaming expo.

    27) PS4 HAS BETTER VR.


    29) Have actual customer support and warranties.

    30) Being able to win arguments on forums and YouTube because you're a console gamer arguing against PC slobs who all seem to be poor, foreigners, little kids, mentality ill, and or have absolute shit taste in games.  Being able to link to gamerankings, metacritic, dozens of awards from around the gaming industry rather than spouting off specs or the word "subjective" with 0 evidence.

    PC 😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Heres a quick break down of the video

    Why I switched from console to pc: It's better

  35. Just wanted to say my experience from going from Xbox to PC. I got my PC a few weeks ago. It has a i5-8600K, GTX 1080 and the monitor is XG2402 if you’re curious.

    It feels like there is more “options.” I also like how the text chat exists. Overwatch is a blast and the text chat makes it more fun (or more toxic, but you can report people to Blizzard, not Sony or Microsoft). The keyboard is a bit hard to get used to when you never have PC gamed before. The mouse though is one of the best experiences in gaming.

    Mouse is more smooth and you can choose between wrist and arm aiming.

    Choosing what graphic settings you want is very helpful for those willing to sacrifice FPS or visual. Personally I sacrifice FPS. I get 150FPS on average with Overwatch Ultra. Fortnite is 135 constant with all settings epic.

    If any console players that want to transition read this, ask me anything. I play Overwatch primarily. DPI 800, 4.8, 35 scoped.

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