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Why Apple Hasn’t Made a Gaming Console

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Apple is the world’s biggest tech company and they compete with the likes of Sony and Microsoft in a number of product categories including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and wireless headphones. But one market that Apple hasn’t formally entered is gaming. Sony sells the Playstation, Microsoft sells the Xbox, but Apple has never created a modern gaming console. And this has left many people wondering why. After all, gaming consoles are essentially just computers, and Apple is in the computer business, so what’s stopping them from releasing their own game system? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to find out.

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  1. Introducing the iconsole. Battery, display, cable, adapter, controller all sold separately for just $599! Assembly requires iscrews and iscrewdriver which both also cost $599.

  2. They haven't because the console wouldn't power on from time to time,it would overheat and die in less than a year. Then,just like the Mac Book Pros,it would have to turn on to be able to use the warranty,which means you would be stiffed.

  3. Wait hasn’t Apple alwrady made a console

  4. i wish Switch ran on IOS and A14 chip with a 2k display. just imagine how much better the graphics will be

  5. My friend: Why doesn't apple make a gaming console

    Me: They already did and it failed

  6. Apple and gaming are completely opposite entities. It's an utter insult associating Apple with gaming… Apple can't steal money from gamers, because you know, they have a brain

  7. You know I think Apple has already made a game console. The Apple TV is actually kind of a game console. You can download games on it.

  8. Apple wont make another cosole because they wont make as much money off of software or hardware as they would with the technology they make. Same goes to any other smart phone tablet and computer brands

  9. You see the day Apple Makes a new handheld console, people will buy it and it will become the best handheld gaming console in history.

  10. Apple don't seem to be really interested in making gaming consoles.

  11. I mean, they aren't making one cause they already did. it flopped

  12. Types of gaming console I need sir and which is the best to play

  13. ‘Also, Nintendo felt that they needed to compete with Apple by offering games that felt similar to what was offered on iOS’
    Nintendo, research the capabilities of iOS, features, complexities and disadvantages of iOS and then you could have developed the games after that.

  14. Come on man, you don't make your money from the console hardware sales, you make it from games and services.

  15. Nintendo should partner exclusively with Apple. That would be epic and good idea. Have them create a game console together.

  16. Apple TV 4K is a legit successor to the Apple Pippin. Mistwalker, Square Enix, and Cornfox & Bros. make exclusives for them.

  17. Apple can NOT even do actual AAA gaming on Macs like Windows PCs…let alone a console focused on AAA games.

    mobile and F2P games do not count
    streaming subscription services do not count
    showing one odd AAA game at a presentation is not even representative of the poor state of AAA gaming on Macs, let alone an iPad or Apple TV so as well do not count.

  18. The hardware is important, but the actual GAMES are far more important. It doesn't matter if Apple makes a console or has iPads and Apple Tv's with "the power of an Xbox One S"

    There is a very, very old saying in the games industry since the time of Nintendo and Sega – "The name of the game is the game" Which Apple will never understand.

  19. Because you cant beat PC master race 🙂 Apple = Only joke in the gaming and generally computer world. it's funny even thinking about this. i remember their old tv ads, but look at right now, General computer use, business and gaming PC dominates all. Thats why they more focused bussiness use, because their chance in gaming and general computer use only zero. They need stick to overpriced locked phones.

  20. Now they have Apple Arcade and soon Apple will have a system the size of the Apple TV.

  21. They actually have, but I won’t get it because I stick wi PlayStation and Nintendo. Ps5 is better

  22. Nintendo switch is a failure ps4 is good

  23. 3:10 Nah, a lot of us use Apple Prouducts when it comes to phones. You want the best experience for that particular gadget. No, need to assume.

  24. bc pc gamers say that consoles suck for gaming.

  25. Looks like you are sick Greg….. Here's a cookie 🍪,!

  26. Tbh it would be interesting to see apple try to make another console and it would be a succes because the isheep exist

  27. The Apple TV has playable games, but that doesn't mean it's a game console.

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    90s Apple Console


  29. Apple probably will not make a gaming console because it doesn't need to, the latest Mac Pro is strong enough to run high end games already, the only thing that needs a revamp is Apple's gaming catalog. Apple seems like the company to make its own versatile gaming engine and hire developers to start making great exclusive $60 original games. If they do that, people will flock to the next Apple product strong enough to play them like the latest Mac Pro. Once Apple developers see the success of making games on the Mac Pro, developers will make more Apple games for it. One Apple gaming controller later… and boom! You've got yourself an Apple gaming console. They might even make an Apple TV Pro that will be able to run those exclusive triple A games, that way you can play triple A games on your TV as well as your Mac Pro.

  30. I think apple could do a good job with a console. They focus a lot on user experience and that is what video game consoles are all about, and enjoyable entertainment experience.

  31. no matter how smoothly you transition into an ad, I'll always skip past it. Put it at the end…

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