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Why Apple Hasn’t Made a Gaming Console

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Apple is the world’s biggest tech company and they compete with the likes of Sony and Microsoft in a number of product categories including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and wireless headphones. But one market that Apple hasn’t formally entered is gaming. Sony sells the Playstation, Microsoft sells the Xbox, but Apple has never created a modern gaming console. And this has left many people wondering why. After all, gaming consoles are essentially just computers, and Apple is in the computer business, so what’s stopping them from releasing their own game system? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to find out.

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  1. Buying just about ANY app for my iOS devices has become a PITA. Just sell me the full, complete app without then also extorting me to pay more so I won’t see ads , require me to buy add-ons, or shudder tell me I must f’ing SUBSCRIBE just to keep the damn app functional. Even the legit release of Tetris has been corrupted by this nonsense. I’m glad I’ve still got my old iPod touch running iOS 6 and containing about 40 games because I can PLAY them all because I was able to simply PAY ONE STRAIGHTFORWARD PRICE and be done. FFS…

  2. no matter how smoothly you transition into an ad, I'll always skip past it. Put it at the end…

  3. I think apple could do a good job with a console. They focus a lot on user experience and that is what video game consoles are all about, and enjoyable entertainment experience.

  4. Apple probably will not make a gaming console because it doesn't need to, the latest Mac Pro is strong enough to run high end games already, the only thing that needs a revamp is Apple's gaming catalog. Apple seems like the company to make its own versatile gaming engine and hire developers to start making great exclusive $60 original games. If they do that, people will flock to the next Apple product strong enough to play them like the latest Mac Pro. Once Apple developers see the success of making games on the Mac Pro, developers will make more Apple games for it. One Apple gaming controller later… and boom! You've got yourself an Apple gaming console. They might even make an Apple TV Pro that will be able to run those exclusive triple A games, that way you can play triple A games on your TV as well as your Mac Pro.

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    90s Apple Console


  6. The Apple TV has playable games, but that doesn't mean it's a game console.

  7. Tbh it would be interesting to see apple try to make another console and it would be a succes because the isheep exist

  8. Looks like you are sick Greg….. Here's a cookie 🍪,!

  9. bc pc gamers say that consoles suck for gaming.

  10. 3:10 Nah, a lot of us use Apple Prouducts when it comes to phones. You want the best experience for that particular gadget. No, need to assume.

  11. Nintendo switch is a failure ps4 is good

  12. They actually have, but I won’t get it because I stick wi PlayStation and Nintendo. Ps5 is better

  13. Now they have Apple Arcade and soon Apple will have a system the size of the Apple TV.

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