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Which Video Game Console Do You REGRET Buying?

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Have you ever had buyer’s remorse on day one? #ChattyFaces.

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  1. I regretted none of the console I bought.

  2. I got one of those £40 steering wheel consoles that you see in the toy section of an Argos catalogue. Well, it was a present I got but regret being interested in it. Think it had 80+ games in it and came with a gun for the shooting games. It didn't hold my interest very long.

  3. Nintendo ds my god i hated the limitations of that gameboy

  4. The ps4 i got it super late same with the ps3

  5. Wii U (at first)
    but then homebrew gave it a new life with gamecube support!

  6. Unpopular opinion, but I regret buying a switch. It's a nice console, but I just use my ps4 for nearly all of my gaming, and there hasn't been anything on the switch that I'm crazy excited about. I play mainly single-player RPGs, and minus Breath of the Wild and a handful of games, there isn't anything that makes me gravitate towards my switch. As of right now, there is just nothing that's making me want to play my switch, and it's a shame because I was definitely super excited when I first got it, but it quickly became the console I touched the least.

  7. For me there are 3 consoles that stand out to me, the PS Vita (if that counts) not because it was bad, but because it didn't get much support and the library was limited so it was a waste of money, Wii U……. the less we talk about that console the better, and then the OG Xbox One, I will admit that I am a Sony fan boy, but I have owned all 3 iterations of the Xbox One, I still think the PlayStation is the better platform however, there were a few games that caught my attention for the xbox one…….but the OG version of it was abysmal! It was so damn slow! I just sold it as soon as possible. But I will admit the S and X were VAST improvements……..though I did end up selling them too 🤣

  8. I still have a wii unopened and still wrapped in that plastic idk I even got it

  9. Don't have any regret. With the prices of these things here in Brazil, you really have do KNOW what you're gonna buy in terms of gaming.

  10. The ps vita is the one I regretted buying had no games or no personality to it

  11. Xbox Series X. I assumed it had games, but it does not…

  12. I dont have 4k eyes, this higher res stuff is totally wasted on me.

  13. FF7 on PS1 Classic isn't the worst way to play FF7. The worst way is to play the original PC version. I can state this with some confidence because the horribleness of the PC version of FF7 is the main reason I bought my original PS1. (Almost every console I've ever bought was bought, essentially, for one "killer" app – most commonly a system-exclusive JRPG.)
    The PC FF7 used the numeric keypad to replace the PS1 controller, and that was just the first of its many sins. (Keeping in mind that one of the game genres I had played most until that time was roguelike games, which often used the numeric keypad for movement.)

  14. xbox (og/1)

    played it 15-20 minutes… took it back to walmart.

    otherwise, no, not really… cant say i regret any of the consoles i've owned.

    I regretted getting the power glove…

    Took it back after… im not even sure i owned it an entire weekend… got the money back and spent that money on two NES games.

  15. Nintendo switch absolutely the worse console I've ever owned.

  16. Uhh yeah that doesn't make any sense but nice try though. PS2 came out over a year before the Xbox. So that was not a choice that Christmas. Would have been a choice the following Christmas but you wouldn't have had to choose between PS2 and XBOX at launch. Good try though Kirsten.

  17. Xbox 360, it was a gift it was ok I was enjoying my ps3 much more.

  18. I regret buying a PS5. Why one wonder? Because the FedEx driver stole it or took it to the wrong address and gave it away. FedEx is no help and Sony is saying the console was delivered. For now I am out $545 bucks. Thanks FedEx driver

  19. The ps3. I bought it for persona 5 and hated it

  20. I will not hear anyone speak against the Playstation Classic, and I'll explain why:
    The NES and SNES classics were ok, but aside from one unreleased game (Starfox 2 on the SNES Classic), the only real benefit is the fact that you don't have to pay for all the cartridges. Except between the Retron (which you can get a version that plays NES, SNES and Megadrive for like £70) and reproduction cartridges, and the fact Starfox 2 is available on Switch, makes these classics kinda redundant.
    The Playstation Classic, on the other hand, has an advantage: someone was able to bypass the security on it. There are 5 USB drives, which you can buy on amazon, that include around 550 PS1 games. So, at the current prices on Amazon, you can have about 575 PS1 games for under £175, which works out at about 30p per game. Unlike the SNES and NES, there's no real reproducation market for disc-based games.
    So when you consider the SNES and NES classics will set you back as much from CEX as the PS Classic will set you back new on Amazon, and the fact you have the option to expand the PS Classics library by 550 games for £99.99, the Playstation Classic is much better value for money.
    You can also get a similar USB expansion for the Megadrive Classic, but I haven't gotten around to buying that, so I can't comment on it.

  21. Oh, so WhatCulture Gaming kidnapped Clery. That's disappointing lol

  22. My biggest regret system… I'd say Sega 32X. It wasn't supported for very long and then the Sega Saturn came out. Virtual Boy (from Toys R Us at only 50$) would be next. It fell apart and it's a pain in the ass to fix the ribbon.

  23. DREAMCAST….what a freaking joke. Amazing machine. Trash controllers and not that many fun games

  24. I bought a 2nd hand Sega Saturn – didn't play it much.
    I bought a 2nd hand N64 – didn't play it much.
    I bought a cheap Atari Jaguar – didn't play it much.
    I bought a cheap Gamecube… Are you seeing a trend here?

  25. I wasted mine on the Wii U aka most useless console in the world

  26. Personally love my ps4 pro but to be fair never had gotten the original ps4 so get the regret on upgrade value. That said Xbox 360 was biggest regret, without competition. Red ring of death 3 times in under a year. (Glad I had warranty for the trades). Never went to Xbox again over this

  27. Never owned a Wii but I'm happy that I had the pleasure of an opportunity to try games out on it.

  28. My regret is the sega saturn when it came out $700 and collects dust now to

  29. Honestly the only one for me is the Xbox 1s. I bought it after pretty much already fully committing to PlayStation for that generation, and mostly because it played 4K movies and PS4 didn’t. Bought a few games for it, never logged more than about 5 hours on any of them. So it basically became an expensive 4K Blu-ray player.

  30. Supposedly people can't even see in 4k from some documentary i saw.

  31. So we’re just gonna skip the Sega Saturn completely?!

  32. Never truly regret buying a console but the digital download only xbox one x is garbage but like I said never regret it

  33. Don’t hate me for this but, The Xbox One. With its lack of any good exclusive games, I haven’t used it in years.

  34. Upgrading my xbox one to an xbox one s

  35. The PS4 pro was literally a last minute effort to compete with the Xbox One X. Hell PS4 pro doesn't even run native 4k it's upscaled

  36. I first regretted getting a PS3 Slim as there was really only a single game worth getting at the time (2009) – "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots". I stuck with it, though, and I ended up getting titles like "Heavy Rain" and "The House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut" (I already had the original version on the Wii)… and, of course, "House of the Dead 4", which is a PS3 exclusive and will likely be lost forever when the PS Store closes its doors to PS3 and PS Vita content in the summer.

  37. No regrets on buying ANY console. The closest would be the Sony PSP that my brother got and then traded months later.

  38. I regret buying the ps4 oh and the wiiu when I already had a 3ds. And a Wii. I regret buying a vita lol

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