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As video games have changed through the years, the conversation concerning which console generation has grown more and more. So, which generation DID have the best games? Which time period or era had the best games? Opinions will vary, but in this video I go over some of the more popular choices as well as why people like them.

Which Game Console Generation Was the Best? – Retro Bird / Which Video Game Generation Had the Best Games?

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  1. 1:55 "… nowadays instead of asking people 'Do you find life to be meaningful?', I just ask 'Do you play video games?'"

    Best Retro Bird line EVER.

  2. I’m not going to say that one generation of consoles is the best (especially considering my love for Atari) but rather I’ll say that I feel video gaming peaked somewhere in the 16-bit era.

  3. I'm pretty sure we are the same age, the way you talk about SM64 is similar to my experience. Late 1996 being 8 years old and going to stores and playing super mario 64 on the kiosks and just having your mind blown at the open world 3d and endless paintings to jump in and explore. The graphics seemed amazing at the time, it's easy to compare it to games now but you'd need amnesia goggles to understand. Like today you can't be blown away by a photo realistic game, you'd just be like wow that looks great, law of diminishing returns.

  4. What’s your favorite console generation Retro Bird???

  5. If you include Windows 95/98 as part of the 5th generation, then 5th generation hands down because of the sheer variety of interesting and groundbreaking games. Saturn, PS1, N64, and PC all had vastly different libraries and developers were more experimental with game design. We got games like Panzer Dragoon, Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, Starcraft, Diablo, Age of the Empires etc. Without PC, then I'd say 4th generation was the best, but barely. The game design during that generation was not as interesting quite frankly, since most games were either platformers or beat 'em ups. Genres were limited and repetitive. But the design was perfected, and the games still play great today.

    6th gen was really boring to me. Dreamcast offered a lot of new and interesting games, but alas, it was not long for this world. I was really turned off with the dark brown aesthetic of the era and the shift away from arcade and Japanese game design to Western cinematic games. Meh. I pretty much skipped the 6th gen after the death of the Dreamcast and didn't come back to gaming until the 7th gen. Returning to the 6th gen, I do enjoy titles here and there on the Xbox and Gamecube. But my library for the 6th gen stays fairly limited, there's just not much from that gen that interests me since I see it as the generation when gaming went mainstream and became boring until indie games became a thing. The Dreamcast was the last true gaming console for hardcore gamers IMO.

  6. Easy answer for me is 16-bit era as it has the most amount of games I return to, year after year. I do feel that there are generally great games each generation & retrospectively the 7th generation will be looked back on fondly as well. This is primarily due to games still being games back then (for the most part). As these were the days before, but also introduced day one patches & dlc. I also feel like each generation has something unique to it as well, which is why I enjoy playing all of them!

  7. The 4th generation war was my favorite. Gloves off, no holds barred, man. I still have PTSD. Blast Processing vs. Playing It Loud.

    Oh man, that was a time to be alive!

  8. I agree with the assessment that it'll come down to 4th or 6th generation as being considered the objective "best" generation, even though it would be impossible to quantify such a view. But I'm curious about what people would consider the year that video games peaked?

    To me, it would probably be 2007. The 7th generation was off to the races, the PS2 was still kicking from the 6th, and it was probably the last year where gaming was both a big industry and still run mostly by people who had a passion for the medium. You also had some major heavy hitters both critically and financially come out that year: Halo 3, Bioshock, Call of Duty 4, Super Mario Galaxy, Guitar Hero III, The Orange Box, God of War II, Mass Effect, Persona 3 FES, and more all came out this year, and each of them left a strong impact on the medium and industry in their own ways. Portable gaming was in a new golden age, as well, with the PSP still doing relatively well with a moderately strong library of games and the DS Lite blowing up the handheld sales charts. Plus, we had all of the games that had come before still available to play, with many games of the past 2-3 years still fresh in our minds, such as Kingdom Hearts II, GTA San Andreas, Mother 3 (in Japan), Oblivion, Killzone, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Mario Kart DS, Gears of War, New Super Mario Bros., Resident Evil 4, and countless other games still revered today.

    It was an age before the creeping of heavy monetization, less risk-taking/aversion to new IP's, the glut of HD ports and remasters, trend-chasing a la Kinect and PS Move, and heavy online integration into not only the games and hardware but also everyday life. Sure, the internet was there and used frequently, but nowhere near as much as it is now. And while there is certainly an argument for 2008-2010 still being a quality time for the industry, I feel like there wasn't nearly as much that came out in that period that has stuck around within the culture.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

  9. My answer before watching was clearly 6th gen, but as your videos tend to do, alot of thought has been provoked and I now have no clear answer. I was born in early 90's, I experienced 3rd gen with the NES first, skipped to 5th gen with a PS1, and was around 9 years old when 6th gen hit, so I definitely spent a good chunk of time with gen 6 which I believed swayed my answer. I do believe Gen 6 was the ultimate time of experimentation , you had a video game for almost any idea you could think of, and alot of them were executed really well. What I think 6th gen also had going for it, was that it was the last huge jump in graphics, and was for the most part pre online besides Halo, Socom, ect. You got the complete game on launch day, no updates like future generations introduced. I feel like it was the last great hoorah for video gaming although I totally love plenty of games for gen 7 and even onward. I didn't get to experience gen 4 until my early to mid 20's (just turned 29), and I think what you said rings true, it really improved on gen 3 while still retaining that great 2d feel. To me, I think there are too many great games in both the 2d and 3d eras to pit them against each other. So ultimately, my answer is similar to IndohNintendo's. I think Gen 3-Gen 6 was the golden age of gaming. Each generation has something great and unique, and I dont think I can fairly pit them against each other, rather I'd like to just enjoy all the great games each has to offer.

  10. 16 Bit is definitely Lit 🔥

    I was raised on 8 Bit and it was a hit but not as legit.

  11. I gotta say that even though my name is Derik "64", my favorite generation is probably the 6th generation. It was so experimental and I feel like there were a lot of niche games that were fun and unique because the driving force behind making a game was a fun idea and some passion. Not so money driven as it ended up getting later on. Devs and publishers weren't so afraid to take risks back then. But in the years since, it hasn't felt much like that was a focus. Maybe only as of recently with the prevalence of Indie games and small independent Dev Teams and Publishing Studios like Motion Twin for example, which apparently only has 7 employees is google is to be believed although i believe during the development of Dead Cells they had 12 people working on the game. I thought the Xbox was and excellent system, personally more so than the 360 and I was truly disappointed with the launch of the 360 so soon after the Og Xbox. I think the OG Xbox was only out for 4 years before the launch of the 360. I feel like the Og Xbox had a lot more to offer but got neutered early on. Gamecube was great and the PS2…well that speaks for itself. And the Dreamcast was the first Sega Console i remember people actively talking about leading up to it's release. No one ever mentioned the Saturn back in the day from what I can remember. Yeah, I do have quite a soft spot for the 6th generation. Truly is my favorite I guess.

  12. Modern retro games on Switch Lite (handheld) like Celeste, Hollow Knight, The Messenger, Eastward etc are the best!

  13. Technically my favorite generation would be the 5th generation, but really it's just that the N64 is my favorite console. And it's my favorite pretty much only because of all the fantastic Rare games, plus a few other titles like F-Zero X and Doom 64. Scoot over Mario Kart, I've got a date with Diddy Kong Racing! Super Mario 64? Never heard of it, have you, Banjo-Kazooie? And so on.

  14. 4th, 5th and 6th generations were the best

  15. I definitely think the 16 bit generation to be the best. It was what I started with, and still has some of my favorite games of all time, including Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Mega Man X, Turtles in Time, etc. As much nostalgia as I have for the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube generation, that wasn't without it's problems, especially with Sony damn near having a monopoly with the PS2. I remember everyone having either a PS2 or GameCube, but almost nobody in my area had an OG Xbox. Same issue with the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 generation, but worse. Nintendo absolutely dominated with the Wii, but the Xbox 360 had rampant hardware issues with the RROD, stuck disc drives, ring scratches on discs, etc. It took a whole ass console revision in the form the of the Xbox 360 S to fix the RROD, which also added built-in Wi-Fi, upwards of 5 USB ports, all things the console should've had at launch. For as many as great games as that generation had, it was the start of developers basically abusing the ability to update games as a way both release a broken and buggy game, as well as monetize the games to hell and back.

  16. Retro Bird is the most consistent Bird of all time

  17. Im subscribed to alot of gaming channels but i recently stumbled upon yours, watched a few vids and then hit that subscribe button as quick as i can.

    First up, i gotta say that i like your funny witty personality and you great ideas for video content.

    You remind me of the serverely underrated Dom from the youtube channel known as " its all fun and games "

    Seriously you both look different but have the same quirky personality and unique ideas, topics, and funny humor when it comes to your video content. Id seriously check out his channel. Unfortunately dom left youtube and i was sad to see him go.

    If you want to see what i mean… check out the video he did titled… "why i stopped 'collecting' video games".

  18. 16bit and PS2/GameCube/Xbox are tied in my book

  19. The Xbox 360 in the oven was a nice touch. 😉

    I'm personally quite fond of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. Although I give the nod to the 16-bit era. Why? Because it represented the intersection of many things, such as improved graphics and sound, better game play, bigger stories, and better controllers. We really started to believe the arcade experience was possible at home. I also think the graphics have aged incredibly well. Oh, and you don't really have to worry about the draw backs of the consoles that would follow .. such as load times, scratched discs, or laser / CD assemblies going bad.

    I'm also willing to admit that there's some serious "that's what I played as a kid" nostalgia going on here. Which is the most powerful form of video game nostalgia and subsequent gaming bias. As an aside, I do enjoy reading comments on gaming videos and seeing people that are clearly mid teens or early twenties, and they're gushing over some average Wii or Gamecube game like it was God's gift to humanity. And not because I'm secretly judging them and thinking, "Look at these bums and their cruddy games. Don't they know about Rocket Knight Adventures?" I actually think it's cool how each subsequent generation of kids has their own hidden gems and games that hold a special place in their heart. And it actually makes me more interested in discovering more about those games.

    I certainly enjoy the newer generations, too. Although what was the deal with muddy graphics during the PS3 / Xbox 360 era? Man, that was rough.

  20. 16-bit generation is by far the best generation of gaming; So much creativity, no micro transactions, no Updates/Patches, fierce competition between companies like Sega, Nintendo, NEC, top quality game releases, physical retail games came with manual, posters, inserts, physical copy of games, etc., game releases were complete and major bug free, TV commercials based on video games were pretty cool, video games magazines like Electronic Gaming Magazine, Next Generation Magazine, GamePro, GameFan, etc., & video game strategy guides from Nintendo, Bradley, Prima Games, GamePro, etc.

    All of these points and more have made 16-bit generation one of the best generations in gaming!

  21. Couldn't say, I grew up with the Wii. However, I started my collection with F-Zero on the SNES and a CRT this week. We may not be the majority but I know lots of people my age that are passionate about retro games. I think there's still a good future ahead for the hobby. Your channel is one of my favorites by the way, keep it up!

  22. The 8-bit gen is the best for these 3 reasons. It spanned the longest time frame in gaming at over 10 years from the early Atari and intellivision consoles of the late 70's through the 80's and even into the 90's. At over a decade, more ground breaking games and innovation happened within this generation. It gave rise to the first affordable home computers in the commodore 64 and Atari 8-bit line. And no other generation did more to expand and popularize gaming as a percentage of the population. Hands down, can not be beat or even legitimately argued against.

  23. PS2 was the best for me. But SNES share most of the same pros for his own era of games;
    – Large choice in many genres.
    – Play most of the PS1 games on it too!
    – Very good controller.
    – Memory cards (that thing was not there for that long in hindsight). Means you can play at someone's else place or share your savefiles.
    – Boxes and manuals.
    – Colors! Right before the rise of "the grey age".
    – In the same vein, characters! Not another guy with a gun for 90% of the games.
    – Perfect blend of new and old; games like Jak & Daxter are following the steps of Crash Bandicoot and Donkey Kong Country. Devil May Cry for Castlevania etc
    – No internet required, updates/day-one patch bullshit; completed games on the disc from the start!
    – The minimalist shape of the console means it blend well in any Homedecor.

  24. Generation 3: Nintendo NES no doubt about that.

    Generation 4: I love them all equally. SNES, Genesis, Neo Geo and PC-Engine ^^

    Generation 5: PS1, Saturn and, to some extent, N64.

    Generation 6: PS2 and Dreamcast.

  25. I need to get a shirt that says "I survived the console war of 1990". There was never a time that the consoles were so different than the 4th gen. It was very exciting to debate on the playground on which console was better. The commercials, and the jabs that the companies would give eachother was very entertaining. If you were one of the fortunate ones that had both consoles, you then had to make another decision. Granted these are "first world problems" type of decisions, but decisions nevertheless. Now you had to decide which version of the same game you want to buy? Because games like Jurassic Park, and Mortal Kombat 1 were very different on each console. Top down view with no clear way to progress, or side view action playformer? Better graphics and music but with sweat, or blood code and fatalities? The 3rd generation is where I made my bones, but the 4th generation because of the rivalry, and the different games of the same name is the clear generation winner for me. Turbografx/pc engine is also finally getting much deserved love all of these years later. 6th generation is my second favorite. But a bunch of games on those systems were very similar to eachother. Not enough sets them apart besides the controllers. Overall great topic.

  26. Some people might say I'm biased because I had SNES as a kid, but I think the 4th generation of consoles was the best. The graphics were a big leap above the 3rd gen. I think SNES, Genesis, Neo Geo, and Turbografx16 are all good systems. The only 4th gen console I don't like is the Philips CD-I. I couldn't find many good games for it.

  27. 4th and 5th were my favorite. 6th was decent. 7th and on meh.

  28. As a huge SNES fan, I also have an interest in Genesis as well because many of the games are similar on both systems. But some games look different. Batman Returns is different on both consoles. The SNES version is a beat 'em up, and the Genesis version is a platformer. One obscure game I like is Super Chase HQ. This is a fun game where you play as a cop and chase down outlaws on a highway. You have to ram into their cars to disable them. Both ports are different, because the SNES version has a first person perspective, and the Genesis version is 3rd person. Some people might say "why not put the same version on both systems"? But I think it's cool that I can play 2 different versions of a game.

  29. The SNES, Genesis, TG-16, and Neo Geo is such a legendary lineup.

  30. Thank you Retrobird for finally giving the Master System the recognition it deserves! I'm from the Netherlands myself and grew up with the Master System. Sega sold more Master Systems and Megadrives then Nintendo sold their consoles in Europe. But because of the main infuences from American blog/vloggers a lot of people over here are thinking that Nintendo sold more. Which is sad because what Sega did accomplish in Europe is a real Goliath story. Megadrive is still my favorite console ans I still kiss my Rocket Knight Adventures asleep every night.

  31. 6th gen good variety graphics were ironed out and 99% of the time we got a finished product

  32. Short answer – Gen 4.
    Long answer – Gennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 4.

  33. between 4th and 5th generation everyone was inovating to the point that opening magazines talking about the upcoming releases was a thrill by itself. I think those were the most exciting times, even though it might not have the "best" games(wich i disagree, but whatevah).

  34. Even though there are valid points for the 6th generation, I never enjoyed it that much. Games of the PS2 and GCN era always felt like a step back for me in terms of creativity and weren't as striking as games from the 5th generation. My favorites are either 4th or 5th. Though, I really like the current gen, too.

  35. 4th 5th and 6th generation definitely hold a place in my heart! 5th generation is definitely covered in a fog of nostalgia N64 PS1 3D games definitely don't hold up today except the rare titles for N64 donkey Kong 64 still plays great minus the frame rate same goes for banjo but there's definitely better ways to play 5th generation games nowadays emulation and all that mumble jumbo eh

  36. Using the classic "If I was only allowed to play a single console generation for the rest of life life.." question that scholars have been debating for centuries, it would have to be the 6th generation. In general, the graphics are solid, game design had had some time to be developed with lessons learned, scope was quite wide in some games, and let's not forget that we saw online gaming with games like Phantasy Star Online and EQOA.
    That being said, the 4th – 6th generations, as mentioned in the video, are the golden era imo in which graphics, design, and creativity meshed beautifully together to create the games we enjoy to this day. Also, I'm curious where people feel the Sega CD and 32x fit into this..🤔

  37. 6th gen for personal nostalgia, probably 4th generation otherwise.

  38. The 5th for me,virtua cop 2,sega rally,virtua fighter 2,last bronx,panzer dragoon saga,shining force 3,alien trilogy on the Saturn,which was my choice console back then and had become my frav of all time!,that console blew me away unlike any other since,laters

  39. 9:34 well that wasn't an image I was expecting to see in my head on this fine Saturday morning lol.

  40. Best experience at the time goes to Gen 4 for me. Best overall library looking back is Gen 6 though.

  41. A lot of good points, and yes of course any ranking like this will be subjective to each gamer's tastes and gaming history. I've been able to experience all of the first 8 generations when they were out (starting with Pong games in the 70s, and my brothers and I had an Odyssey 4000 at home in '77, before switching over to Atari), and I can feel the strengths and weaknesses of each. Haven't bought into 9th gen yet, but I'm monitoring game releases and trends closely, and even though I'm generally underwhelmed I'll certainly get a PS5 in a couple of years to play a handful of cool JRPGs & action games. I consider Switch to be 8th gen and Dreamcast to be 5th gen (both of which I know are up for debate), and here are my rankings:
    – 1. 5th gen – Nothing ever felt so special as the creative, new kinds of games during this era, especially out of Japan but also western 3D platformers. Those of us who imported Saturn games know how many 2D shmups/fighters were missed out in the west. Also, late 90s one of my favorite eras for PC gaming (next to early-mid 80s).
    – 2. 4th gen – The best of 2D. PC Engine shmups, classic SNES JRPGs, and the Genesis' sense of fun & 90s excitement lift this above 6th gen for me.
    – 3. 6th gen – Diverse games, great gameplay, the last era with a pervasive sense of fun.
    – 4. 8th gen – A resurgence of varied games especially out of Japan … but also the worldwide indie game scene just taking off, especially on Switch which has an amazing library. I may eventually rank this above 6th gen because of that variety, but right now nostalgia, RPGs, and 3D platformers keep 6th gen above it.
    – 5. 3rd gen – Classic games which bring a lot of joy.
    – 6. 7th gen – Plenty of great games to play here, but also plenty of soulless dreck.
    – 7. 2nd gen – Loved the Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision at the time … but let's be honest, in the early 80s all the best games were in the arcades. In the mid-80s, my home gaming was mostly playing RPGs and adventure games on Apple IIe rather than console games.
    – 8. 1st gen – Very fond memories of this time playing games with my brothers, but games were very limited in their scope.

    I'll be interested to read others' opinions and friendly disagreements. Cheers!

  42. I would say 4th and 7th gen.
    4th perfected 2d
    7th perfected 3d
    I think the switch iswill be Nintendo's greatest console tho. Mainly cos I expect it to have pretty much every meaningful Nintendo game on it by the times its replaced.

  43. SNES vs Genesis. The best generation and biggest, most acrimonious console war.

  44. 16Bit Times for me. Many Games stand the test of time and i play them till today. +Dreamcast was and is awsome:-)

  45. Really saddens me to hear people might not consider Dreamcast 6th gen…. The Dreamcast laid the groundwork for everything else in the 6th gen and was certainly graphically able to compete with the other consoles of the time. Just look at Shenmue II. Leagues ahead of the N64

  46. While we all may like a different generation in gaming , I think we all have to agree the ending theme lyrics to your videos are untouchable and infectious. I laugh at it more than I care to admit.

    Glad I found your channel.

  47. Hot take: the most important generation is the current one. It is ultimately what will influence the future of the medium

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