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Which Console Is For You? – 2021 Game Console Buying Guide

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With the recent new gaming consoles launching, 2021 is a great time to jump aboard the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S – or maybe buy a Nintendo Switch if that suits you better. And the PS4 and Xbox One are still around- let’s go over what console works for you!

PS5 Review –
PS4 Review –
Nintendo Switch Review –
Nintendo Switch Lite Review –
Nintendo 2DS XL Review –
Xbox One X Review –

0:00 – Introduction
0:44 – PS5 & Xbox Series X
3:34 – PS5 Digital & Series S
4:55 – Nintendo Switch
6:22 – PS4 & Xbox One
7:40 – PS4 Slim & Pro
9:52 – Xbox One S & X
11:38 – What should you buy?
13:25 – Conclusion

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  1. Hope playstation come up with an gamepass alternative soon otherwise xbox is going to take the cake since they going to have good exclusives moving forward

  2. Hello I am from Morocco and I really enjoyed your video , could you please make another video on PC games that are emulated, like rcpx for the ps3, what are the specs of those pc

  3. as a xbox guy the ps5 is super cool and my goal is to get one

  4. Guys please i need help i have a gaming pc but i want a console on my setup and im not sure which one should i buy the xbox one s, the switch lite or the ps4 slim

  5. I love the Switch because I can play my fave games anytime, anywhere. 🙂 I’ll wait for the Switch Pro.

  6. Personally I’d just wait in till the current gen consoles comes down later on. There will be more games available as well.

  7. You are 1000% right about saving up and getting the PS5 or XBOX Series X. Here in India we dont really know when the stock's gonna be again for sale for both of these consoles. Suggest me what can be done in that case. Have ordered the PS4 slim though.

  8. I just got used xbox one x for good price and its my first xbox , gonna wait for ps5 price drop

  9. none of them! mobile gaming is the best :p

  10. i just ordered xbox 360 slim and nintendo wii today

  11. I got a Ps5 but legit got bored of it haha 😂

  12. I own the ps5, got rid of all my retro stuff , just kept the ps3 and ps5, pretty sad about it honestly because of all the memories but oh well it is what it is now time to make more memories on this new gen console lol 😂

  13. I just checked ps5 stock in Australia and it was $750 au and $500 au so I think it’s available in Australia a lot because it’s so expensive (also the prices were from a normal retailer)

  14. I own a ps4 slim and switch(gen 2), definitely getting a ps5

  15. #FoundIt
    Xbox series S – 309€
    Xbox one S – 320€
    Xbox one X – 530€
    Xbox series X – 509€, series s and series X or the better values

  16. i had the series x but returned it for the exact reason u mentioned. not much content just a ramped up Xbox one as of rn

  17. Inbox and get your brand new console from aimcrypt on Insta with a perfect delivery at your doorstep…

  18. I got a Switch Lite for 200€ with 3D All Stars in consumer rights day.

    Now I have to upgrade my Xbox One fat. I'll probably go for a Series S cause I only have a 32" 1080p F&U TV from 2010 with no money or space for a bigger 4K TV.

  19. Look, Im just a noob with a laptop that can barely run offline low rez minecraft. Have tried some shooters but it just cant handle them outside private practise mode. My friends have ps4's and I really like the games they have and long story short mental health be crippling, can barely work have been offered to just quit and stay on wellfair life no fun gaming seems fun wanna get into it but practically have no console rn. Bulding a PC would be my pick game wise but lol as If I can do that.

    Just tell me is it worth it for me with limited income and knowledge as a newbie to invest in ps4 or 5?

  20. console i had
    ps 2
    and 3
    my wish for next console
    maybe ps5
    pc or laptop

  21. Well the problem is that I couldnt find a PS5 anywhere so that's out of the question. So I purchased a switch lite as my permanent handheld and an Xbox One X as my permanent console.

  22. Question: who is the best: PS4 or Nintendo switch??
    I'm confused

  23. What if video games first came out on Apr. 26, 1980? With Nintendo and Sega as the first and only console developers. And with the 1st Gen being the 8-Bit era. With the NES and Master System as the first ever consoles. With Mario and Sonic releasing at the same time in 1980. And Nintendo and Sega being successful competitors for 20 years. Each releasing consoles every 5 years. Like SNES and Genesis in 1985, N64 and Saturn in 1990, and Gamecube and Dreamcast in 1995?

    And in the year 2000, what if Nintendo and Sega retired and entered third party? While passing the torch to Sony and Microsoft as new console developers? And they competed each other for another 20 years from PS1 & Xbox(2000-2005) to PS4 & Xbox Series X(2015-2020). And if Sony & Microsoft retired in 2020 and passed the torch to Samsung and Apple for another 20 years from 2020 to 2040. And the cycle repeats.

    How would life of video games have been. And how would you all have liked and reacted to all that? Imagine living in that timeline.

  24. watching this after nswitch pro was announced lol

  25. stop trying to tell me what you think is best for me and stick with giving the information so that i can make my own opinion. its just really annoying.

  26. Last console generation time stamp
    4:55 : Nintendo Switch
    6:22 PS4 and Xbox One
    Latest console generation
    0:44 PS5-Xbox SX
    Ur welcome

  27. I have a switch, one s, and now a ps4. I have no idea when i acquired all these game systems. But I did.

  28. before y’all argue that the ps5 is better than the xbox series x/s here’s some proof that both is good

    ps5: many good ps5 exclusive games
    xbox: better hardware

  29. I want a console for playing football games. I m new to Gaming and doesnt care about any exclusives. Ps4 slim at 400$ and xbox one s at 300$… Which one to go for

  30. i bought an xbox one s for $100 in perfect condition only the joystick is a little off but i bought a new joystick for $5 and now its perfect

  31. Here's the thing. I want to be a console and game collector, EVEN WHEN IT COMES TO BUYING OOOLLLD consols, like the nes and sega genesis.
    and i have been wanting a ps4 and an xbox one but since those consols are dying out i feel like i dont have much time.
    because the only new consols i got over two years were the switch lite and the regular switch. and my cousin game me her ps3 witch is an old console and cant bye games anymore because the store is closed. and heres the sad thing, i just started getting into old and cool gaming and it's already dying out :(.

  32. The thing about switch is you can’t play dvds cds or blu ray

  33. MY favorite is the switch. I have series x and PS5. The switch at launch was just amazing. Zelda: Botw 78 hours, ARMS: 50 hours, Splatoon 2: 700 hours. I got my moneys worth in its first year. The PS5, Final Fantasy 7 remake, Spiderman: Morales, Genshin Impact, and next game will be death loop. Xbox has Gamepass so lots of games just to try which is meh cuz I pretty much know what I like…. doom eternal and gears 5 Hivebusters was good, disappointing overall so far, Halo Infinite will definitely get my moneys worth once it releases.

    Gamepass is surprisingly not a good value imo especially if you have already established what you enjoy. Just looking at a game and I can tell if I'll enjoy it. I have been gaming for over 18 years though…

  34. I have an Xbox but I’m thinking of switching because of Sony’s “payroll games” like street fighter v, kof, persona, and a bit more. Also some of my friends want me to switch to PlayStation even though I would literally have to buy everything again if I do. I really love Xbox but I don’t know what to do rn😔

  35. 3:50 the series s is actually 4k capable it's just not capable of 4k at 120 fps

  36. Microsoft bought zeni max which owns Bethesda, so if you enjoy open world games then buying the ps5 is shooting yourself in the foot.

  37. I’ve waited so long for the ps5 I couldn’t wait anymore, my vacation is almost over and I wanted to play in my last weeks. So I kinda bought impulsively a switch. I’m very happy with it. Because after buying it I saw fifa can be played on the switch and that’s the game I play the most on my Xbox one so yeah. Might buy the ps5 when it finally gets more accessible but since I have my switch I don’t desperately need it.

  38. Your comparing the consoles the wrong way. Look at exclusive games that should tell you what console to get.

  39. catered to indecisive kids with a unlimited budget.

  40. I bought my first 8th gen console in Apr/May 2021. XB1S used. I was still using a PS3 and a switch up to that point. IMO was totally worth it. Paid 35% of what an XBSX would of cost me and it came with accessories and was available. At the time I waited 6 months for XBSX availability and gave up. Now it September and I still have not seen one. I will only buy systems that offer physical media as I collect physical games and movies. The used XB1S route will give me time to get a 4K tv first before I get a next gen Xbox. Maybe at that point a new redesign will be out.

  41. For me it's New Nintendo 3DS XL, PS3 Super Slim, PS Vita Slim & Xbox Series S.

  42. @91Tech can you suggest video games for basically like a beginner player, please. Nothing with action, fighting, etc at least not a TON of action. I know about Animal Crossing, so I'll purchase that but I want another suggestion. I haven't played videos games in years because school and I really only played with my friends when I was a teen. But now that I have graduated and am working and have a little more time I want to buy my own.

    Still deciding between the Switch and Switch Lite tho. I have heard people say the Switch is super expensive and not worth it?

    I just want a good reasonable console (Switch or Switch Lite. Where I'm from they cost $3500. and $2500. respectively so the other consoles are out of the question) to play videos games. I'm looking for quality on a budget? and something that will sort of last. I might play on my TV, but now most of the time. I need to decide on one of the two and hoping someone will make the choice for me lol.

  43. All of them are best for me, but my wallet doesn't agree very much 😂

  44. What game console do you own right now, and if it's older, what would you like to get in 2021?

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