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Where is Nintendo’s Real Next-Gen Console? – Next-Gen Console Watch

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Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch, our show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Series S. I’m Daemon Hatfield, and this week I’m joined by Ryan McCaffrey, host of IGN’s Xbox podcast, Podcast Unlocked, and Jonathon Dornbush, host of IGN’s PlayStation podcast, Podcast Beyond.

This week we discuss the Nintendo Switch OLED, and Nintendo’s strategy moving forward. Where is the REAL Switch Pro? Does Nintendo really need to compete with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X? We’ve also got poll results!

0:00 – Intro
0:51-Is the Nintendo Switch OLED Even Worth it?
3:30 – Is Nintendo Working on Switch Pro Despite Denials?
6:59 – Will Nintendo Ever Catch Up Graphically?
10:10 – How Can Nintendo Avoid Another Wii-U?
13:22 – Poll Results & Outro

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  1. Were only 4 years into the Switchs life cycle, why would Nintendo release a next gen system and abandon their install base for a 4k next gen console that may or may not exist? The PS4, and Xbox One had a 6-7 year life cycle. If anything the Switch "Pro" will just be a refresh

  2. We should be asking for games 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  3. If you primarily play docked the OLEAD Switch is pretty pointless.

  4. Stop rushing them you impateint critics. Kutabare

  5. looks awesome! Cant wait to play it, and cant wait to see what nintendo gonna do with the next prime!

  6. You guys can’t make up rumors and the get mad when you find out you’re 2 blocks down from the truth.

  7. Damon is looking well for someone who no longer sleeps

  8. They'll probably wait right before the holidays for the announcement lol

  9. Switch should have launched with OLED, 2012 PS Vita launched with an OLED, it's annoying Nintendo keeps getting a pass with these anti-consumer practices.

    The major differences between the Wii U and Switch aren't the guts, yet all Wii U owners got the shaft and have the 'privilege' of buying a portable version of essentially the same console and can even purchase the same games again – sorry though, your previous versions will not work, and there will be no upgrade options.
    We all buy in to it, and Nintendo takes advantage of us for loving their games.

  10. The more powerful steam deck has no Oled, which is a shame.

  11. Nintendo – July 15, 1983 (7 years)

    Super Nintendo – November 21, 1990 (6 years)

    Nintendo 64 – June 23, 1996 (5 years)

    Gamecube – November 5, 2001 ( 5 years)

    Wii – November 19, 2006 (6 years)

    Wii U – November 18 , 2012 ( 5 years)

    Switch – March 3, 2017 (5 years ?)

  12. Nintendo doesn’t need a next gen console. It’s fans are dumb enough to buy the same 10 year old technology for 20 years

  13. Perhaps they are not working on a "switch" but rather a traditional home console that plays switch games at 4K. Essentially the opposite of the Switch Lite.

  14. They have to just call it Super Nintendo Switch. Like, that title markets itself lol. (as well as hitting nostalgia)

  15. Are people forgetting the fact that Nintendo said that we’re in the middle of the Switch lifespan and the Switch is currently 4 years old so that next gen console would come out when it’s 7-8 years old.

  16. Virtual reality….they tried it once and I’ll bet their next console offers some kind of virtual reality capabilities

  17. What's with that title? rolls-eyes Switch is 9th gen meaning it's next gen.
    Rumours of a Pro for well over a year? lol Those type of "rumours" started before the Switch even released.

  18. No worries guys we all created a "manifested justification" in our heads 😉. Picking mine up Wednesday!!!

  19. The next gen console for Nintendo is 2026.
    2023 is the OLED lites.

  20. lol Darksiders 3 does not run well on the Switch. Yes, but Darksiders 3 didn't run well on anything else either so….

  21. Stop rushing nintendo, and arent they leaving the game industry ? Who could blame them its going down the drain

  22. Jonathan has just gotten worse and worse over the years.

  23. Idk know what to say other than grow up catch up. Doesn't Nintendo just play baby shark games. Oh yeah that 1 guy mario

  24. What the bleep are u talking about Halo has been on PC since Part 1 Halo:Combat Evolved, only with being a limited time xbox exclusive, same goes for Halo 2

  25. Most later games in the series are now on steam or some other PC store as well

  26. Looking thru the comments and I’m SHOCKED so many gamers are actually saying NO we don’t want a new console we are happy with what we have thank you. WOW! Nintendo you Truly have something special here with the switch. It’s not often you’ll see pple saying we don’t want something shiny and new

  27. Nintendo is mot a part of this “Generation” Pissing contest.

  28. The Wii U gamepad is comfortable to me it’s my favorite controller. After you get used to it, it makes you feel like your hands are too close together on all other controllers

  29. Nah. Don't want a new console. Most people can't afford to keep buying consoles.

  30. There won't be one. Maybe wait until 2023 for them to release a new Nintendo switch with 2 screens. Lol

  31. They come out every 5 years chill. The Switch is only 4 years old. They will announce it next year.

  32. They ask this for every console of nineteen so since wii and done fine 😭
    Then switch 😭 they’ve shown they’re interested in a different aspect which kept there success in different area than Xbox and PlayStation

  33. My day one switch makes a very loud noise from the fans lmao it’s been like that for at least a year

  34. It would be cool if the made a next generation console that could enhance the Switch games and play old NES cartridges.

  35. Pokemon should look like Genshin impact or better.

  36. Nintendo dont need next gen console…what they have now is fine..they just need more games

  37. There’s no rush for a new Nintendo console just keep making the Switch Better

  38. I'm just gonna scoop up all the discounted accessories and joycons when the price drops

  39. lol Damien, almost all multiplats that are on Switch play like garbage. The only great games on Switch are first party titles. Switch gamers are kidding themselves if they think they're getting a great experience considering past and current gen console play better than Switch

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