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When you almost make a play in rust.

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There was a forth?!

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  1. As long as we don't see it, you might still be alive. Let us believe

  2. Like 10 minutes ego i wiped two of 3 men group twice but the last one turned into God twice when i downed and killed his teammates

  3. That one guy made a big brain play. He had 9000 IQ to counter your big brain play.

  4. 12:25 i have the same problem, i disable mousewheel everytime in settings and keeps binding it back on for now reason, FACEPUNCH pls fix

  5. And your teammate goes and dies to the last one when his job was just to kill this last guy 🙁

  6. Chad Rule Number 1 : There's always one more guy.

  7. how is this "almost a play" you're a rad suit with mp5 and meds versus prims with revo's and a thomy. gtfo shitter

  8. First mistake I saw: always running around with your light on…

    Second mistake I saw: always expect another person

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