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What Your Favorite VIDEO GAME Says About You!

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Hey everyone, this is a new type of video I decided to make. What your favorite Video Game says about you! Did you see your favorite video game? If not maybe it will be in part 2!

Inspired by OtakuVS “What your favorite anime says about you”

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  1. As a Street Fighter player, I can confirm that I don't know

  2. HOI4 : you probably wanna move to germany

  3. Postal 2: You have psychological problems, but you're not the only one

  4. Him:Fortnite your a eight years old

  5. Geometry dash: You’re addicted to that game and are sick.

    shut up

  6. When you played fortnite when you were 11: I guess im 8 now.

  7. Sun and moon: you have a crush on Lilly
    Me: … hay how’d ya know?

  8. "You met your gf on there"
    Me: I don't remember online dating 🤨

  9. I'm a 12 years old girl play world of warcraft. I played since warth of the lich king..

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