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What to Expect from Xbox in 2022

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Xbox had a fantastic end to 2021 with the releases of both Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite. Microsoft will be keen to keep that momentum going into 2022, and with a lot of great looking games to come there’s no reason why it can’t.

From Starfield and Redfall, to Hellblade 2 and Stalker 2. Here’s what to expect from Microsoft , Bethesda and a host of Xbox Game Studios over the next 12 months.


  1. did he just say bethesda is a small indie company?

  2. Hopefully, Forza Motorsport 8 drops in 2022, Horizon is not for me, but Microsoft seem to push that more than Motorsport these days which is a shame.

  3. They had me wanting Starfield already with the coverage they'd shown before…
    But mentioning it's "Skyrim in space "was LITERALLY all you had to say to get me to buy

  4. Me a playstation fan watching this: "oh nice I'm glad both our console futures are bright"

  5. Rumors of Microsoft to buy rockstar games and one other huge company guessing gta 6 will be xbox exclusive 😃

  6. Halo looks like any generic shooter from 10 years ago

  7. Halo is NOT better than ever 😂🤣😂🤣

  8. Don't forget Replaced. That game looks amazing too!

  9. as a PC gamer with a PS5 there is literally no reason for me to ever purchase an xbox and I'm so happy about that

  10. Xbox is going step on sony, sheesh 😳

  11. Halo is finally back, it's absolutely beautiful.

  12. Halo being "better than ever" with HALF it's features missing lol

  13. If you haven’t owned and played on a Xbox in the last 20yrs, you failed as a gamer.
    There really is no comparison and the fact we get to play with our PC friends and share games with them is AMAZING !!!

    Xbox and PC gang LETS GOOOO ❎💪🏻

  14. Halo infinite reminded me that video games should be fun. What a game. I’m not even a fan of the series.

  15. Dying light 2 on GamePass would literally make me faint. Lmao!

  16. Loving Xbox this gen so far, Game-Pass is a lot of fun!

  17. PLATSTATION is BETTER!!!! You hear me??? B E T T E R !!!! Delete this video RIGHT NOOOOOOOW!!

  18. So excited for Stalker 2!! Got my hands on a Series X the perfect time

  19. Halo… It could be better. Kinda got bored of it after finishing the campaign.

  20. there’s so much ign didn’t cover in this video, there are at least over 10 AAA and AA games coming out this year and next year that we’re shown in this video, xbox already had more exclusives than other platforms and much more big ones are coming

  21. Awww bless your heart if you thought was truly exclusive. Xbox pass will do it’s thing, ps will do it’s thing. Titles will eventually be on pc, thus eventually some where else

  22. Looking at what's in the pipe for PS5, except from Starfield, there is not much looking forward to for 2022, unfortunately.

  23. 40,000 more views for the same video about the PS5. And with one less day.

  24. If they give away NFTs great but having ppl buy them is impossible for regular folk

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