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what karma looks like in rust

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  1. Is it really racist if he uses the word on anybody?

  2. What if he was black? Now your the racist one for telling a black man what he can and can’t say! (I’m joking btw)

  3. Just replaced where all his brain cells would be with nails.

  4. Honestly idk if I would say he's racist

  5. i think its time the see a full wipe from us omns and its one day us on a server the next day raided as usual hahaha

  6. please tell me there's a door camping montage coming up with this guy as the victim????

  7. Why do white people think saying Nigga with a “a” is racist 😂 People from the east coast say that whether Ur black white hispanic Muslim … it’s a term of endearment it’s literally used like “dude” or “bro” even used towards females

  8. Justice department said this is there job

  9. When I look up karma in the dictionary, there's a face pic of Omni

  10. can you do a vid on all your settings for the game

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