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We GOT the Chinese Game Console!! – Subor Z+ Early Review

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Welcome to the next level, China – This console is on the cutting edge of technology, and even doubles as a PC! Is it any good?

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  1. immagine if all games had nvida plugin DLSS

  2. when your build is the benchmark and linus calls it low end 🙁

  3. This concept is actually really cool. Want a console but then need a pc? Use the console!

  4. Let me guess covid and trump's tariffs made this console stall

  5. And yet where could one buy one of these today?

  6. Let's get a disassembly how can we improve it and 2 years later review 🤓

  7. Subor is the origin of oppo, vivo, and oneplus. It ain't small.

  8. I'm happily proud of being the most exciting man today because a man came to rescue my life on Instagram called #cyberlord02___

  9. Wait tahts ilegal us stuf are block in china and windows is from the us.

  10. you violating them with that background music. lmao

  11. You could just install the Playstation software

  12. Can you do an update video on this console use in 2021…

  13. Linus: reviews Chinese gaming console.
    Also linus: never tries a game on it

  14. I wanted to watch him play a game on it this was kinda boring for someone who doesn't know much about pcs

  15. Well the console are. Made in China any way

  16. So did ya guys try playing with the games exclusively made for that Subor console at the end ?

    I really wanted to see how it works as a console, how much it costs and how Chinese AAA games look like ?

  17. I thought it would have rtx and amd's latest processer, lol

  18. In the future I predict we will have game stores in the States that sell 3rd party sponsored etc consoles and games.

    I pray someone commits to opening a store such as that. Imagine getting Chinese made consoles such as this with easy purchase access relatively speaking (unlike today’s issue with sc*lpers.) We have retro game stores that sell from eras after the Atari came out to the wii and they are sufficient to me

  19. Reading the title I thought it will be a bootleg console.

  20. Ryzen in a Chinese console-wannabe. That Ryzen is so embarrassed it doesn't even wanna tell us its model number.

  21. Muhammad Abdurrahman Wahid Nur Ashiddiq says:

    Still waiting 🙂

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