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Wasting Boats in Rust!!!

Neebs Gaming
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Rust continues as the crew gets more comfortable in their new home!!!

We play on Survival Servers. Check them out to get your own Rust server!



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  1. there actually was a guy who got locked in an airport for 3 days and didn't speak english. he got so frustrated that no one would help him that he started throwing stuff and eventually got tased by security, and died because of it. pretty effed up.

  2. You have to kill the scientist who is guarding the area or he will fix and remove fuses

  3. For the love of god, please let Thick be ok, after the surgery, and also, can Anthony, please explain to them, a little bit about progression, let them craft a working bench, give Thick a gun, poor guy is a warrior, bringing a sword to a gunfight 90% of the time…

  4. Your a legend Thick, you've got this mate.

  5. What if the boys of neebs gaming were to play SCUM… I think it would be interesting.

  6. you guys need to invite Stimpee to the server! lol

  7. Did Thick just get Neebsed? I didn’t realize that was a possibility.

  8. Hope neebs crew reads this but I guess it doesn’t matter but the stone wall on your base is the wrong way around and update the rest of your base to stone

  9. So I just came across a video on hank and Jed that you guys did back on Oct 17 2012 . You guys did a mtv cribs parody in mincraft where you showcased Doralious castle as the characters from D&O. I know you quit mincraft. But with the popularity of D&O and the mincraft series in the community. I think everyone would love some mincraft episodes or a short series in mincraft with you guys in character. New D&O stories and what not. What do you guys think ?

  10. The phone number at top is the number for the booth you are currently using. Make a note so you can call someone at that location, later.

  11. Have you guys seen the new update to sea of thieves and if so could you please do a series of it cause I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to se the return of captain apstro and his somewhat competent crew

  12. So I now watched Minecraft Cinematic 3 times, 7 Days is the second time now plus almost every other playlists and Youtube just like "No! It has been too much Neebs Gaming, here is a video of Dora's cat.

  13. Take care Thick and best wishes mate. Love that intro music. What is it from?

  14. Dora on a rescue mission with a paddle – LMAO
    This looks like the yard of someone who lives in a trailer park – welcome to Rust.

  15. Everyone makes fun of 7 days for the running, jumping, and crouching, but look at this game lmao
    Edit: maybe the tumor was a good thing. It's so wierd to see thick as the voice of reason in the end there

  16. They need to know that the doorway is soft side out

  17. This series sucks play on a real server bums

  18. In sorry, I love all you guys but this series is boring. I’m gonna have to sit this one out.

  19. OMG i was so happy when you mention Croatia normaly Americans think we are still a part of Yugoslavia. Greeting from Croatia. Thick get better soon you human warrior you

  20. Sausage fest where’s all the girls lol lol lol

  21. Tom hanks gets a pass for everything. Even Covid lol

  22. Needs with green shirts and brown pants he’s the shaggy of the group

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