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Wasting Boats in Rust!!!

Neebs Gaming
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Rust continues as the crew gets more comfortable in their new home!!!

We play on Survival Servers. Check them out to get your own Rust server!



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  1. Needs with green shirts and brown pants he’s the shaggy of the group

  2. Tom hanks gets a pass for everything. Even Covid lol

  3. Sausage fest where’s all the girls lol lol lol

  4. OMG i was so happy when you mention Croatia normaly Americans think we are still a part of Yugoslavia. Greeting from Croatia. Thick get better soon you human warrior you

  5. In sorry, I love all you guys but this series is boring. I’m gonna have to sit this one out.

  6. This series sucks play on a real server bums

  7. They need to know that the doorway is soft side out

  8. Everyone makes fun of 7 days for the running, jumping, and crouching, but look at this game lmao
    Edit: maybe the tumor was a good thing. It's so wierd to see thick as the voice of reason in the end there

  9. Dora on a rescue mission with a paddle – LMAO
    This looks like the yard of someone who lives in a trailer park – welcome to Rust.

  10. Take care Thick and best wishes mate. Love that intro music. What is it from?

  11. So I now watched Minecraft Cinematic 3 times, 7 Days is the second time now plus almost every other playlists and Youtube just like "No! It has been too much Neebs Gaming, here is a video of Dora's cat.

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