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VIDEO GAMING REGRETS – Happy Console Gamer

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Johnny talks sabout some of his video game regrets over the years!
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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. It’s funny I’m in the exact same boat with Xenoblade, it’s literally been sitting dormant in my Wii U for 5 years, I’m so happy I’ll be able to play it again some day when I have a few hundred hours to spare

  2. OMG!!! I've always wondered why you never talked about Mortal Kombat!! Mystery solved…

  3. They took the future part out of odyssey and vallhalla and made it more rpg. Origins was the beginning of adding in rpg elements. But not sure of they took out the future part. I had the same issue with assassins creed like you did. But I bought odyssey ultimate edition during a psn sale and man I'm loving it

  4. Man, just off the top of my head Persona 5. I put 70 plus hours into the game and made it to the last dungeon and stopped playing because I ended up getting a game over after like 2 or 3 hours of playtime without saving. I was so mad that it just made me stop playing it and I was like "I'll get to it later" and later never came. They need to port Royale to the switch so I can get redemption haha.

  5. My regret is passing up on the Dreamcast back in the day

  6. I regret selling my Sega Genesis/Mega Drive with about 60 games for it, along with a Master System converter and an adaptor to play Japanese imports (I rather selfishly kept the adaptor and MS converter but sold the rest). It was hard to pick and choose which games to sell and which games to hold onto (I had about 75 games for it – the ones I kept, despite no longer being able to play, were birthday and Christmas presents – the rest could go to Hell). I needed the money in order to pay the rent for my house.

  7. mortal kombat is a bad game. Japanese FTGs are much better. you're definitely not alone in disliking the Mortal Kombat's approach to… combat. altho, I'd also add that personally, I hate the aesthetic of the game as well.

    I always wanted to love the Assassins Creed games, but they've always fell flat for me. The newer Hitman titles are what I expected of AC1, but unfortunately, I prefer the mechanics in AC to Hitman. The perfect game would be a combination of the two. The sci-fi element of AC wasn't as controversial for me, but I would've preferred it to stay in the past.

  8. I definitely can not get into the Zelda series. It is not my thing, not rpg enough, I guess? Feels very very repetitive. The only one I like is Link to the Past, as it was the first game I ever played, but that's not the only reason I prefer it to all the other ones. I have not played the Link's Awakening remake or BotW, but I am very interested in those two and will try them for sure.

  9. I regret buying alot of Steam games a decade ago that I have no interest in. ( especially now since I have become a massive weeb )

  10. You have such a cool channel! let's be friends;)

  11. Assassins creed made me motion sick, I couldn’t even get through the first game. It’s such a shame because I know that the games are good. My sister played through all the earlier ones and she loved them. 😩

  12. I love Xenosaga, the first and second one are my favorites. 😁

  13. He hated assassin's creed. 😲 And the bouncer 😢 how? WHY!? Wait, I haven't played those games either.

  14. Assassin's Creed Valhalla is just an amazing 3rd person action adventure game. I'd actually prefer it was it's own game, like God of War, and not have the weird AC elements to it.

  15. My biggest regret… Is… A beloved one by most… Breath of the Wild… I got it, I tried it… but I didn't get into it… There was no moment where I was like "Yeah, I like it"… I really hoped, it would have been a game I don't regret buying… But that's just how it is.

  16. You’re a good story teller, I enjoy your videos of you talking about stuff you went through whether it’s gaming with friends or falling off a skateboard rather than heat you review a random video game.

  17. My thing with Xenoblade X isn't that the combat is too complex, it's that it's just not really fun. The first game's gameplay systems all felt very gratifying and everything connected to something else in some way, whereas in X I just didn't really enjoy combat due the changes they made. The world was a blast to explore and I loved flying around in the Skell, but the game really needed a really fun gameplay system to tie it all together and it just didn't have that. Also, Jesus Christ, 150 hours in and he said he "hasn't even scratched the surface"? Maybe for 100%, sure, but just beating the story takes over 100 less hours than that, and that's even if you do a good amount of side content.

  18. My biggest regret was trading in all of my N64 games when I was around 4 years old to buy a VHS copy of Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase… the only one I kept was DK64 because my child self thought that the yellow cartridge was really cool.

  19. Could not for the LIFE OF ME get into Yakuza like a dragon. The turn based RPG mechanics I just didn't like, the combat, the long cutscenes. But it got rave reviews!!! Which is why I picked it up. Those mechanics just any game like that I cant enjoy.

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