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VIDEO GAME STRATEGY GUIDE Collection! – Happy Console Gamer

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I take a look at the Video Game Strategy guides I have collected over the years….

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Haha I don't really understand why people bash Final Fantasy X-2 so much. I mean, yeah it was different, but still it was a good game. I enjoyed playing it. Music was amazing too, especially in the very last areas, my god, so epic. 😀

  2. Thank you for showing me your guides HCG ! I love dragon quest, I am anticipating playing Dragon Quest 7 on the 3ds soon when it goes for sale in America. I'm not preordering as I'm anticipating a special edition or free DLC.

  3. Huge Xenosaga fan here,why did you not like 2? Not a bad thing of course,just curious

  4. your shelv is bent where the guides used to be lol

  5. I remember that Musashi game i always wanted to play it.

  6. Sigh…I've still yet to play Lost Odyssey. Of all games to get an "HD Update" why cant we have that one?

  7. Rouge galaxy is my favorite RPG of all time i didnt know you played it,

  8. The reason you couldn't enjoy White knight chronicles is because it's a crappy game, I remember having more fun through the story leaving my character naked or just wearing boots, no gear on top and looking completely fuckin' ridiculous on the cutscenes, specially because he doesn't talk or have any personality whatsoever, than combat or anything else in the silly ass game, lmao.

  9. What?! You didn't like Phantasy Star 0? I'm surprised. I thought it was a decent game and a good return to the series on a handheld device.

  10. hey johnny i also went to film school but this was in Toronto damn son we have too much in common

  11. I find stratgey guides ftom PS3 and 360 forward are kinda pointless since there's patches and dlc that can make the books very quickly irrelevent.

  12. Argh, I've been doing my first LARP when I was 6 years old in the school wooden modules with the nintendo power Final Fantasy 1 guide. It doesn't ended well for the book.

  13. I still keep some of these guides for nostalgia

  14. I just went To a used video game store in Baltimore county Maryland And they had piles of strategy guides easily 5000 strategy guides at this place, I picked up 6 gems while I was there. I got a marvel vs. Capcon 2 guide for $17.

  15. Where's the Skyrim guide? That thing is like a dictionary.

  16. I've only just bought my first strategy guide!!! It's the breath of the wild extended edition!!!

  17. If you get ni no kuni 2, are you going to get the strategy guide book? I'm thinking about it but it's $40 for it (I'm assuming it's hard copy and a few hundred pages long)

  18. Ah yes, before us gamers had YouTube, we had strategy guides for a certain game because that was the only way how we would beat it and get a 100% completion. Not only would we had to get a certain game, but we would also need to get a strategy guide for certain one, otherwise we would overall just stress ourselves out, trying to figure out how to beat it because you're stuck on a level, boss fight, puzzle, finding secrets, etc.

  19. I was wondering how much should I pay for a strategy guide? Because I went to my local retro video game store and they were basically giving them away (they were 3 for 5$ so 1.66$ each) and I ended bying a shit ton of them figuring out that at such a low price I can't really go wrong. I called to another retro video game store and they were selling them between 20$ and 30$ each. I know I might pay alot more if I stumble upon a strategy guide of Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, Call Of Cthulhu Dark Corners Of The Earth or The Morrowind Prophecies Gmae of the Year Edition but I just want to know what's the average price.

  20. I love the dragon quest 9 strategy guide!!!

  21. Does final fantasy tactics guide at least show you how to unlock cloud?

  22. Anyone ever say u kinda look like Michael Rapaport?

  23. Calling blue dragon “okay” just hurt me in ways I didn’t know I could be hurt.

  24. I loved White Knight chronicles I played that back in high school. So it was like 2010 wow almost 10 years ago. I remember you have to play like 10 plus hours for it to actually get really good. However, for me the intro song hooked me in. Plus my parents wouldn't buy me many games so I had to make do with what i had.

  25. I regret not buy the rouge galaxy strategy guide, I saw it for 5 bucks prob in 2016 maybe 15 but It was one of my favorite ps2 games.

  26. I love Final Fantasy X-2. I loved yuna and Rikku and Payne. I played it way before I got to actually play X. I think it was actually my first Final Fantasy game.

  27. I CAN NEVER FIND THEM FOR ANY GAME THAT I BUY. I'm currently looking for a dragon quest 11 guide. I dont think it exists sadly.

  28. Dragon quest 4 on the nes is such a good game I really want a copy if it, the ds version i haven't played but I'm sure its good

  29. Drsgon quest 9 was the first dragon quest game i ever played it made me fall in love with the series

  30. Do you have the Lufia II strategy guide for Super Nintendo?. I know there was one made but I can't find it.

  31. 3 of my most rare and expensive SNES games are Dragon Quest V, Dragon Quest VI and Final Fantasy V put out by a small retro gaming company called Timewalk Games. Did this company have any connection to Nintendo? When did these games come out? The 3 games I mentioned were released in Japan for the Super Famicom but not in the U.S. In the 1990's as far as I know. These games were originally English translated ROMs playable on an SNES emulator on a computer. This Timewalk game company put out these English translations on SNES reproduction carts with reproduction SNES labels in boxes that look like original SNES boxes. Do you have any of these Timewalk games or any others this company produced? I have a LOT of my gaming friends searching for these Timewalk games but can't find them for sale on eBay or any retro gaming store. I wonder how many games this company released and if they were only English translated RPGs that never came out originally for the system. .

  32. I used to love buying guides largely for the art. I only purchased them in the era when there were no hardbacks, so some of them such as the Mario RPG guide fell apart. I think I just borrowed my friend's Secret of Mana guide, and thought most of it being black and white was a disservice to such a great game. Nintendo Power had some cool guides for Chrono Trigger and FF6, though.

  33. all Strategy Guide in one place,i never see something like this before,i see more gaming magazines,but this is something special

  34. I used to get super wet over these when I was a kid

  35. I am definitely collecting AND using strategy guides the older that I get, especially for a lot of the older classic JRPG’s. With limited time and an ever growing backlog, I’m finding them near essential to have to consult with along my play through. DQ IV’s for the DS has been SUPER helpful so far.

  36. Totally right, they made way too many guides and you would always see them on sale at target

  37. I started picking these up when I couldn't find games, so now I have a good number of them. Glad to see others enthused about the guides too. Mostly I like the artwork and "world building", but I must say I used World of Warcraft and the sequel Burning Crusade a LOT! Now that the internet is full of easier to access info, I'm looking online, but those got the most wear from me.

  38. I love strategy guides almost as much as the games they're for! I have a nice collection of them. I'm sad they don't make them any longer. Sometimes they do, but they're rare. Another great video!

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