Video Game Rap Battles ft. Rustage - Layton vs Wright Reaction! -

Video Game Rap Battles ft. Rustage – Layton vs Wright Reaction!

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Video Game Rap Battles and Rustage are back at it, bringing the heat with some BARS. Both these guys have such good writing so their Rap Battles are always a pleasure to watch, even when I don’t know the characters of Professor Layton or Phoenix Wright too well haha.

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  1. I thought Rustage would be Phoenix Wright as well

  2. I’ve never played these games, but I think * Layton * has won this one

  3. i also think Layton won but i haven't played either game

  4. This is the first time I've heard Rustage go second on a rap battle

  5. Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright is a little funny since they have a cross-over game together, lol. Being a big fan of both series, I would say Layton won, but they both had some bars. Though its wild to hear them both go for those low blows, I can't picture either character saying that shit out loud (though I can certainly imagine Nick thinking them)

  6. Phoenix really got some disresprctful verses bars and was so cool minded about it while layton goes for his background story his professionality of being a lawyaer and disrespecting his co workere also family. I really thought phoenix won but what a suprise rustage win

  7. It might be cause I played he Wright games… but Layton won. Cause his bars were stronger.

  8. I think we need VideoGameRapBattles in a lyrical miracle

  9. Bruh that flip the bird line is so dope it’s got a couple of different meanings and I love it


  11. Did the video have a red tint for anyone else or was it just me.

  12. It took me a second listen to get the Rise from the Ashes bar! I saw the characters that flashed in the background and realized that it was alluding to one of the cases in the games!

  13. Ace Attorney is my favorite videogame, but damn Layton won.

  14. I'm a big fan of Phoenix Wright and Ace Attorney in general, having played the first 3 games, and seem bit and piece of the other 3, so I understood all the disses and references that Layton made in his verses. And I can firmly say that Layton DESTROYED Phoenix Wright, and 100% won.

  15. Layton won because of "that is why you still a virgin at 36

  16. I watched this rap battle and I had never even ever heard of Professor Layton and I still think he won

  17. I like this reaction because he has so much positive energy.

  18. "I bet she wrote your lyrics too."

  19. That last bar from Layton just oof it hurts me

  20. It might be my bias but Phoenix won and Layton went hard too

  21. Honestly, Professor Layton is op since he can fence, he is also an archeologist, puzzle solver, gentleman, oh don’t forget craftsmanship.

    Phoenix on the other hand is unstoppable, his name was a joke, as you can see Phoenix is a legendary bird who just cant die, its true since Phoenix survived a car crash, falling from a burning bridge, eating a bottle of poison, getting whipped 20 times, etc.

    Whatever you guys say, i love these boys equally.

  22. I know Phoenix better and I love him more (since I played Ace Attorney first)
    but you gotta admit that Layton burned him

  23. I have played both series and while Phoenix was really hard in the beginning, the rebuttals that Layton gave were just too much to handle. The Mia references and Maya being kidnapped and ESPECIALLY the virgin line. Im sorry Phoenix, you may be my favorite lawyer, but Layton got the upper hand this round.

  24. Well it's a fact that Professor Layton was hugely inspired by Brain Training games

  25. @OP wich parts of the lore didn't you understand? I don't know about Phoenix Wright but I'd probably be able to explain the Layton parts

  26. Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy says:

    1:30 pause flipped who i expected 2:10 ah yes…. one of my fave game out of the series (though apparently it was the least liked of the trilogy ive heard? idk im just a sucker for time travel shit) 3:07 shouldve seen it but still 3:42 style switchup 7:00 fucking brain age

  27. Please react to cartoon cat v siren head

  28. Wright’s initial verse was killer, whereas Layton killed the whole way through. I have to give it to Layton.

  29. 2:16 The hardest diss was how he reminded Layton of the death of Claire😡

  30. I've listened to the original rap battle so much times that I know it word for word

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