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Looking back at some video game memories from 1990



  2. Somethings are better left remembered… other things are better left imagined, like Budokan!

  3. lol before you showed it was final fantasy i thought, its probably that by going on the shirt you were wearing :p

  4. Great story about the trip! Did you spend any time in the arcade at Pier 39 in San Francisco?!?! It was totally awesome back in the day, they even had bumper cars in there. The location is now used as a Hard Rock cafe, and the arcade isn't what it was by a mile =(

    I got my Final Fantasy almost by accident. I really had my heart set on Super Dodge Ball for my birthday one year, but Toys R' Us didn't have it, so I went with Final Fantasy! I still have my original cart and manual!!

  5. HAHA I LOVE IT HOW YOU SAID AS A KID YOU REALLY TRY TO GET THE MOST OUT OF A VIDEO GAME! Dude that is sooo true I remember when I would play a crappy game I would just try to force myself to like it!

  6. Lol! Thats a great story.. I could hear the FF music in the background before you mentioned it so I though "Oh thank goodness!" ^_^ Its funny you mention Budokan – I always wanted to play it, to this very day I occasionally see a review for it in one of my old magazines (Mean Machines I think it was) & they gave it a decent score – an 85% kind of mark! I always looked at the pictures of the different styles &, like yourself imagined how good it would be. In fact I still do & I'm 30! XD

  7. @MatSpeedle I'd always be looking out for arcades wherever I went with the folks on holiday.. Still do to be honest ^_^ Of course its a little bit tougher nowadays – even here on the Southern coastline (in the UK), its nothing but UFO's/grabbers, Stackers and Fruit Machines.. I want my 90's arcades back!! XD Mind you, I think Southend-on-Sea still has a great deal of old machines..

  8. Alright, there are 2 reasons I subbed to you.
    1. Your video game themed videos are interesting and fun to watch
    2. It's nice to see a retro game reviewer that ISN'T from East United States.
    (eg. Jame Rolfe, Chris Bores, Alan Reddig, etc.)

  9. I still have 2 games that seem to get a lot of bad press but I really like them they are "Kileak the blood" for the Ps1 and "Pacnam" for the Atari 2600..

  10. oh god, I asked for a Barcode Battler for christmas once year and spent hours trying to get some sort of joy from that crock of shit.

  11. well because i was born in 94 i dont remember these games getting released haha , my earliest memory was playing the original starfox on the snes … wow i was blown away !

  12. i hated FF13 it was a disappointment with a capital DISAPPOINTMENT.

  13. my first game memory is plaing Kirby with NES and second one i clearly remember was wathing how my brother played Settlers 2 on PC 🙂

  14. lol budokan. i remember that was one of my first games. Got the game and was pretty excited too but turned out to be boring as hell. Still played it sometimes, hoping that maybe this time it would be better… but no, the controls were just awful and slow. Only managed to beat it with the kendo thingy. Ahh good times

  15. i remember playing sonic on a megadrive man i wish i still had that

  16. I still remember the day i went to toys r us to buy the GENESIS, i got home plugged my new GENESIS into my brand new NEC 20 inch monitor, and PUT IN ALTERED BEAST, and once i saw the graphics and heard the sound that was it, that was the day i became a die hard gamer, that was 1989, and im still a gamer today with an xbox 360,

  17. I love these video game memory episodes! I have done the same thing many times, buying games and being all excited just to be let down. I have actually made myself believe that a game was good, even though it was extremely bad.

  18. the only thing that made double dungeons tolerable was graph paper. we had lots of fun mapping out the levels

  19. Just noticed Irresponsible Captain Tylor in the background. Nice to see there are some more fans of that show. ^^

  20. double dungeon looks like dragon quest……

  21. Love your vids, and the fact that you're a big Phantasy Star fan is amazing. That series really doesn't get the recognition it deserves. I was born in 1990, but my dad passed on the legacy of his Genesis and Master System, along with PS 1-4, which I fell in love with, and were the reason I'm a gamer.

    Anyway, great job with your videos, hope to see more. 🙂

  22. I've had soo many great memories playing video games when I was a kid, The very 1st video game I ever played was Sonic the hedgehog for the Sega Master II, when I was 5 Me & cousins used to play a lot of PS1 games like Crash,Spyro,MGS & Tomb Raider, when I was 8 I used to play a lot of Fighters like Tekken,MK & Street Fighter, When I was 11 my cousin introduced me to a little game called FINAL FANTASY! it's my favourite series of all time & my fav game is a tie between FF VII & X

  23. one memory i have from my childhood was playing Super Mario World.i played it through and through,unlocked everything in the game and it was a BLAST to play!it's still my favorite Mario game to this day.

  24. @samhain81 gotta love your mom when that kinda stuff happens eh

  25. My earlies gaming memory was playing games like street fighter 2 turbo and mk2,3 at my grandmas house. My first memory of getting my own console was when my father picked me up from my grandmothers. When I got in the car (I was probably 6 or 7) he said to look in the back seat. In the back seat was a cardboard box and in it was a ps1 and a good 25-40 games. I damn near shit my pants.

  26. Same here. I first rented Chrono Trigger over the Christmas holiday when I was 12. I can remember staying up all night on Christmas Eve eating ramen noodles and playing Chrono Trigger. The game was so amazing at that time that I didn't even care to open my presents. I just wanted to keeping playing that freaking game.

  27. The first game I beat was metroid I spent DAYS just running around looking for shit I nearly crapped my pants when I found the screwattack then I died when I found out that metroid lol that's what me and my friends called her was a FREAKIN, GIRL my mind exploded and it was awesome

  28. Final Fantasy was one of the 1st games I ever owned and it's still one of my favorite of all time

  29. It's really sad about Final Fantasy being named for it being the last game they would have made before going completely bankrupted. It really gives you a different respect for the game. At the same time it's so heartwarming that it was successful. Too bad the newer ones kind of suck from what I've heard.

  30. Well what do you think is good about it that you like or what people dislike about it?

  31. Even though that doesn't help; thanks for the quick reply ^^

  32. I played the original Final Fantasy in 1991 with my dad and loved it. I've been a Final Fantasy fanatic every since.

  33. You should tell this story to all young gamers. Graphics and new systems aren't always the best

  34. Lol man that disappointment of buying a game back in the day that ended up sucking was horrible. I remember being sick to my stomach over some games due to the money I spent or got my parents to spend and the game was an utter disappointment!! Lol it's cool you can research games a lot better now a days to find out if they suck or not before buying.

  35. EA Games. Terrible since 1990. Without DLC included xD

  36. I'm only 12, so i dont have many memories xD. But i still remember the first game i played. It was Shark Tale:The Video Game for the ps2. Back when I played that game, I had to turn the volume all the way down as i was playing, the sounds scared the crap outta me. I had 3 games for the ps2, and they were all nostalgic. And crappy xD.

  37. Great video!
    Too bad you didn't have a Gameboy with you. That always helped me on the long car rides.

  38. when johnny says 1990 was a "pretty nostalgic year for myself" idk why but i find it hilarious, i think its because theres so much goddamn energy in this video, but overall great video!

  39. You inspire people to collect Johhny.. fucking hell.. the retro scene owes you some hard cold cash 🙂

  40. Man you would have loved to go to Japantown in SF back in 1990 if your parents would have taken you. They had a couple of stores that were dedicated to Japanese Anime and Import Video games. I used to go there all the time.

  41. You know it is a bad sign for a game when the game's own logo takes up 25% of the screen.

  42. So awesome that you have your exact copy of Final Fantasy. Wish so badly I hadn’t been such a wheeer and dealer always selling everything after I beat it!

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