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Looking back at some video game memories from 1990


  1. seeing the arcade cabinet in shot, making you look tiny … i find that hilarious!

  2. So awesome that you have your exact copy of Final Fantasy. Wish so badly I hadn’t been such a wheeer and dealer always selling everything after I beat it!

  3. You know it is a bad sign for a game when the game's own logo takes up 25% of the screen.

  4. Man you would have loved to go to Japantown in SF back in 1990 if your parents would have taken you. They had a couple of stores that were dedicated to Japanese Anime and Import Video games. I used to go there all the time.

  5. You inspire people to collect Johhny.. fucking hell.. the retro scene owes you some hard cold cash 🙂

  6. when johnny says 1990 was a "pretty nostalgic year for myself" idk why but i find it hilarious, i think its because theres so much goddamn energy in this video, but overall great video!

  7. Great video!
    Too bad you didn't have a Gameboy with you. That always helped me on the long car rides.

  8. I'm only 12, so i dont have many memories xD. But i still remember the first game i played. It was Shark Tale:The Video Game for the ps2. Back when I played that game, I had to turn the volume all the way down as i was playing, the sounds scared the crap outta me. I had 3 games for the ps2, and they were all nostalgic. And crappy xD.

  9. EA Games. Terrible since 1990. Without DLC included xD

  10. Lol man that disappointment of buying a game back in the day that ended up sucking was horrible. I remember being sick to my stomach over some games due to the money I spent or got my parents to spend and the game was an utter disappointment!! Lol it's cool you can research games a lot better now a days to find out if they suck or not before buying.

  11. You should tell this story to all young gamers. Graphics and new systems aren't always the best

  12. I played the original Final Fantasy in 1991 with my dad and loved it. I've been a Final Fantasy fanatic every since.

  13. Even though that doesn't help; thanks for the quick reply ^^

  14. Well what do you think is good about it that you like or what people dislike about it?

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