Video Game Easter Eggs #44 (Dead By Daylight, Viscera Cleanup Detail, Hitman 3 & More) -

Video Game Easter Eggs #44 (Dead By Daylight, Viscera Cleanup Detail, Hitman 3 & More)

Captain Eggcellent
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In todays episode of video game Easter eggs, we’re given the cold shoulder in Dead By Daylight, we discover a familiar face in Hitman 3 and we find a killer robot in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

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  1. 7:16 is a reference to one of the South Park episodes which has a Amazon worker getting trapped into a box

  2. Hitman: exists
    Captain Eggcellent: "Excellent"

  3. Don’t know if anyone’s pointed this out yet , but the one with the book has “ mike enslin written in it , which is a reference to 1408

  4. Dead by Daylight Saw "Easter Eggs": Can you really call them easter eggs if the whole map is literally dedicated to Saw? That just seemed the whole point of that map.

  5. The saw map one was kinda lazy its like saying
    "this spiderman game has aunt May in it"

  6. With the terminator and the cleanup game I was thinking more of fnaf than terminator

  7. the Saw DBD Eastereggs are first implanted after the Gideon Meat Fabric was reworkt. for a Saw fan like me it was so much so see. i lose the Round but it was worth it,

  8. Another reference in Stardew Valley is a photo of Jack/Player character from the Harvest Moon series that can be found in one of the bachelor’s room

  9. Sea shells.
    Someone being laughed at for not knowing how to use them…. I forgot the future was gonna be vague as fuck but at the same time some people today do not know how to keep their head down when they are breaking the law.
    Also it seems the viper SMG is a popular gun in hitman.

  10. In The Medium, hotel is real but i don't remember his location.

  11. Delatrune and undertale Easter egg: in the showers in the true lab of undertale, there’s a thing that bobs from side to side. If you look in the start of the darkner world of deltarune, then you can find something quite similar

  12. I'm not the only one who did knowtice the sh*t heart on the craper

  13. tra la la might be banana splits movie or the og show bc they sing a song dat seys tra la la just google tra la la banana splits

  14. In sea of thieves if you blow up a shark you will get a achievement called smile you son of a … from the movie jaws.

  15. In the hotel register in Medium it says Where is Mike Enslin? He is from the movie 1408.

  16. John Spartan reminds me of halo lmao

  17. Tra-la-la also theme song of a horror movie called banana splits

  18. In the viscera clean up detail section they missed a perfect opportunity to make a Dr who reference or 2 with the killer robots

  19. No the tra la la is the scary movie about the banna splits

  20. funny easter egg. if you hit that subscibe Button it turns grey

  21. Hey captain I think I found 2 easter eggs in lego marvel super hero 2 the first one is in manhattern (the one with snow) when saving Stan Lee the driver says the snow never bothered me anyway which refers to the scene in frozen and the second one is in medieval England one of the quests is called another cap wolf in England which refers to the old film American werewolf in London

  22. On the medium on the book it says sinners be damned could that be a reference to far cry 5/new dawn

  23. If no one noticed the word sinners be damned is a far cry 5 reference

  24. Yeah he lost me right when the video started

  25. Viscera cleanup looks like such a bloody game than any cleanup game i seen

  26. Killers when they see the thumbnail: ill save this for later

  27. there are 666 comment now it's 667

  28. "….. We can see "Tra-la-la!", which many of you believe could be a reference to Captain Underpants."
    Me, thinking about the Banana Splits movie that I once watched with my trainer: Bullsh*t.

  29. Easter Egg from Warframe. If you have the warframe Zephyr (or her prime version) equipped there will be a 4th cosmetic slot marker that when pressed will take you to a flappy bird ripoff called Happy Zephyr. You also can find a side-scrolling game the same way if you have the sentinel Wyrm (or its prime) equipped and access its cosmetic menu.

  30. Ohhhh you touched my tra la la…. ooohhhhh my ding ding gong… no?

  31. You forgot about the terraria easter egg in stardew valley. At the VERY end of the credits menu you can find a sprite icon for the soul of flight from terraria

  32. The tra la la I thought that was a undertale reference

  33. another dead by daylight map riddled with easter eggs is midwitch elementary school (silent hill chapter) with easter eggs like the golden tool box being in a silent hill story items location secret rooms clock puzzles and more

  34. I feel like the tra la la Reference is for undertale

  35. 2:48 I have to admit, I AM SHOCKED.
    On the bottom right corner of the guestbook you've showed us, there's a funny referrence to the well known Polish movie, 'Chłopaki nie płaczą', where a young guy was talking with his colleague about.. whom want they to become in the future? It's an 20-year old movie which is a classic one in my country.

    But most importantly, Tony Halik was a known Polish explorer.

    Edit: it's even written in Polish language fyi.

  36. “Vote For Pedro” written towards the middle of the page on the right is a reference to the Napoleon Dynamite movie

  37. In viscera clean up Santa level there a elf called Scampy Longnose

  38. There's a ton of easter eggs and references we don't understand in The Medium, in that hotel registry in particular. I spotted a line which I believe was not talked about – "Where is Mike Enslin?" Mike is the main character of the 2007 movie "1408" and the line probably refers to its' ending, which indeeds leaves the viewer with a lot of questions, this one included.

  39. Hey Captain, thank you so much for featuring me in this video, I've been a fan of your channel for around the past 2 years and I'm so happy to have helped you find the tribute to Mr. J. R. I hope to help find more easter eggs in the future. 🙂

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