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video game consoles

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-Nintendo Entertainement System [CVBS]
-PC-Engine [CVBS]
-Sega Master System [RGB]
-Sega Master System 2 [RGB]
-Sega Mega Drive(+32X) [RGB]
-Sega Mega Drive 2 [RGB]
-Super Nintendo [RGB]
-32X+(Mega Drive) [RGB]
-NeoGeo CD [RGB]
-Sega Saturn [RGB]
-Playstation [RGB]
-Nintendo 64 [S-Video]
-Sega Dreamcast [RGB]
-Nintendo Gamecube [RGB]
-Microsoft XBox 360 [YPbPr, 1080i]
-Nintendo Wii [YPbPr, 480p]
-Sony Playstation 3 [YPbPr, 1080i]
-Nintendo Wii U [YPbPr, 1080i]
-Microsoft Xbox ONE [HDMI, 720p]
-Nintendo Switch [HDMI, 720p]
*all Consoles are PAL/European-Versions, exept the PC-Engine

Super Mario Bros.
Street Fighter 2 Champions Edition
Sonic the Hedgehog(MS)
Ghouls’n Ghosts
Sonic the Hedgehog(MD)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Super Mario World
Virtua Fighter
Samurai Showdown
Virtual On
Marvel Super Heros vs. Street Fighter
Super Mario 64
Soul Calibur
Super Mario Sunshine
NOTHING (360-disc drive is dead)
Wii Sports
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
HALO: Masterchief Collection
Super Mario Odyssey


  1. what no playstation 2? that's pretty criminal

  2. that Cool! I would like to have a collection like this

  3. I thought it's a nintendo exclusive video untill the Xbox one appearance 😂🤣🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  4. I kind of hate you for holding the xbox one disc with both thumbs on one side of it that scuffs the disc. Your supposed to hold it in the middle not on the side. But that's you I suppose.

  5. I don’t know why YouTube recommended this to me and I don’t know why this is so satisfying to watch

  6. Great collection friend, that's why i love videogames so much: they're timeless!

  7. Okay, so, is nobody gonna mention how the Xbox 360 was so dead? 😂

  8. When I saw a 360 now actually I feel like an GrandFather

  9. Hope you keep those game consoles clean, having a lot of game consoles is a hotspot for dust.

    I know cause I got 15.

  10. who cares about those clickbait satisfying moments videos, this is the most satisfying video i have ever seen in my life

    edit: aHyUg XD thAnKs fOr tHe lIkes

  11. I’m not sure why, but it’s just so darn satisfying seeing people insert cartridges and discs to consoles you don’t have.

  12. Sega even has faster bootups than the Xbox 360

  13. How do you own all of those consoles that’s insane

  14. Claro el rico siempre humillando al pobre :'(

  15. You should do the exact sequel with consoles you haven’t shown in this video. I know you already did one with home video, but I think it would be cool to extend it with the insertion of discs/cartridges as well. Just a suggestion.

  16. Lol he doesn't even bother putting the disc in the PlayStation

  17. Your Dreamcast air exit is too close to other console, this way it won't managed to expel the hot air and may cause your console to burn. It needs more space for the air intake and exit.

  18. * He with bassicly every console *

    Me asking myself If PS2, PS3, switch and gamecube and Pc its to much

  19. Fun Fact: every 10 seconds is a console

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