Video Game Console Collection by Mike Matei -

Video Game Console Collection by Mike Matei

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Mike Matei’s video game console collection!
I really wanted to discuss some game consoles I own that we haven’t talked much about before. So I’ve highlighted a few systems from my collection you may not have heard much about before and I hope you find it interesting if you’re into retro gaming.

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  1. If you want a bit of rare knowledge, if you put a genesis game into a mega drive, chances are that your genesis game is going to have some Japanese going on, and vice-versa by putting a megadrive into a hacked (just cut the damn plastic nipple things off) genesis and the same thing sometimes happens.

  2. Holy Smokes That's A Lot I Wanted The Twin Famicom For So Long I Need To Get That ONE😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  3. That PC Engine CD-ROM needs some serious retrobrite action

  4. Video made in 2019 looks like it's pre YouTube. Impressively in theme.

  5. Ah man! The PC Engine, that was the machine that took on the Megadrive imports back in the day. Before Megadrive and SNES officially came out!

  6. Something for LucasArts Fanboy's. They rereleased alot of LucasArts adventures for the FM-Towns Marty. Checkout the LooM Version for it. Improved in so many Way's. And yes… Today, they're all supported by ScummVM 😉

  7. PSX Game of Life controller is about the best thing I've seen.

  8. Use to go to my buddy's house and play Bonk on the turbo graphix

  9. Try a Commodore 1084 monitor if you haven't already. They're great and came with the Amiga 500/+

  10. Why do these Japan only releases have English on the boxes and the device itself?

  11. The original splatter house on the Marty I believe is the most faithful port to the arcade.

  12. Those are some great consoles. I have most of those myself. Check out Pu Li Ru La for the Marty. It's an awesome arcade port beat-em-up. It's my only game but it has great replay value and has some of the most impressive graphics/sound on the Marty. BTW I hope you're using a step-down converter with those Japanese consoles.

  13. I just own 5 consoles. Atari 2600, SNES, PS2, Xbox 360 and Xbox one. My handhelds are a Game Boy and Game Boy Color. I did have a PS1 for a while as well but not for long.

  14. who need a start botten when your console told you to run xd

  15. marty morty seems familiar it must be that morty play on the marty xd

  16. The Neo Geo AES has always been crazy expensive!

  17. Probably at some point in my life I wanted a collection like this. But then reality sets in, and you realize you just don't have the space, or money.

  18. From what I've heard the enhanced sound is muffled a bit on the twin famicom from the original with external drive. Both of those consoles are serious pieces of gaming history and I want at least one of them.

  19. Wow! That original Zelda disk game was really cool!

  20. *Shows us a system none of us have ever seen. "This version was more popular though" *shows us system we have never seen

  21. I want all this! I dont need it or want it, but somehow it would be cool to have hahaha

  22. I heard all of these because l am a gaming nerd

  23. I'VE BEEN COLLECTING KY WHOLE LIFE LOL! I've never gotten rid of systems or games. Now that I'm old I play these systems and games against my children, usually winning. Lol

  24. Bally made some cool vaporizers back in the day. 80s style.

  25. You know, that's pretty cool about the twin famicom system, cause it has two built in one! I bet that's rare now, but good to have for collecting.

  26. Japan really likes it on the rear, don't they?

  27. Great topic to go over. I haven't seen a disk Famicom working in a long time lol

  28. This video is really cool. Even without deeply reviewing all aspects of each game and console, you still feel how interesting and unique each system was for its time. Would love to possibly see more like this. Also would've been neat to hear the differences between the AES and MVS for people that don't really know too much about the NEOGEO consoles

  29. The FDS Zelda theme sounds almost like Sega Genesis, pretty cool!

  30. Was there ever an avgn episode reviewing the Neo Geo? I've seen a couple shots of it during the intro song

  31. I don’t really wish he would show us his ps4 and Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

  32. Wait. You can use a c64 monitor with a Twin Famicom and/or AV Famicom? Now THAT would be utterly cool and pratical.

  33. Mike I used to like you before this video😭

  34. I literally had no idea that "Zonk" existed as a character until watching this video just now, but as a student of Japanese, I can tell you that "Air Zonk" (the game at 9:22) is called CD電人ロカビリー天国 (CD Denjin: Rockabilly Heaven) on that cover! I had already been aware that Bonk was known as "PC Genjin" (PC原人) in Japanese, where "Genjin" rhymes with "Engine" (as in PC Engine) and is also Japanese for "caveman." They did something similar with this character, the futuristic counterpart, who is not a "Genjin" (caveman) but a "Denjin" (電人) – which isn't a real word, but is a portmanteau of "electricity" and "man", so an electric man! It's cool how they managed to maintain the rhyming names in both languages, going from PC Genjin and CD Denjin to Bonk and Zonk.

  35. Mikes the man all his stuff is great condition, really cool too see it all like that. Loved the famicom disk system. Good shit

  36. Beautiful, my favorite game is ROBIN HOOD on Game boy color 😍😍😍

  37. That's it!

    I'm buying a red Sharp Twin Famicom 😍

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