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VIDEO GAME ART BOOKS – Happy Console Gamer

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Looking at Video Game Art Books!


  1. I have the Megaman Zero and Okami Art book. They are awesome! Just reliving the moments of some of your favorite games is just fantastic.

  2. bah that sux, how can u not have Paul Boner's book or The art of TCG Warcraft book…only maga stuff 🙁

  3. I am now totally convinced to buy Parasite Eve artbook.

  4. That exact sweater RobMan is wearing is for sale at a local store right now…$59.99 though.

  5. ohh yeah I got quite a lot of those too ^^ love artbooks, always have.

  6. Can't believe no one mentioned the half life 2 art book. Weather you're a die hard fan of half life or not that book is just incredible. I would like some recommendations on art books that actually have paintings in them as opposed to the simple art seen in the mega man style books. Similar to the skyrim art book and the game of throne game art book. Any suggestions? Sci fi and fantasy are a plus but open to any suggestions. 🙂

  7. I got the Persona 3 and 4 FULL artbooks for a relatively cheap price $30-40 I know that the persona 4 artbook was like $100 when I initially bought it. Currently I don't know if they are still selling them let alone how much they cost. I also have some disgaea artbooks along with some darkstalker artbooks as well.

  8. I'm on my 24th playthrough of Parasite Eve. 😛

  9. man, I want to smell those books! megaman and final fantasy especially.

  10. this guy could be soooooooooo fucking rich

  11. What's the first drawing of the people on the hill?

  12. Did the capcom art book include artwork of Tech Romancer or Cyberbots?

  13. This video is the reason why I bought the Mega Man Complete Works book. You guys outta make some more of these

  14. i don't have any 🙁 unless you consider that tiny 22 page art book packaged with The Last Story.

  15. I love seeing art book collections, I collect some myself :D. I have: The Art of Mass Effect, The Art of the Mass Effect Universe, Okami Complete Works, The Art of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (signed by Yoji Shinkawa!), Ashley Wood's Art of Metal Gear Solid, Hyrule Historia, Valkryia Chronicles Design Archive, Fire Emblem Awakening, The Art of Dead Space, and the Art of FFIX signed by Hirnobu Sakaguchi! If you want to see pictures of the signed ones I'd be happy to upload some. 🙂

  16. Art also helps your imagination when you play games specially game that are not very detailed like 16 bit games etc..

  17. Somebody out there…PLEASE tell me the name of this game: 0:26. That art is amazing.

  18. I have the 3 volume hardcover edition ot THE SKY: The Art of Final Fantasy.It cover all the games and it is amazing.I recommend it for fans of the series.

  19. got guide books to lozoc, loztp, pokemon red/blue, yoshi's island.
    art books- darkstalkers, this hat a moves list so great for reference.
    strert fighter fan art collection.

  20. "wait! we don't have time for that!" LOOOOOOLLL

  21. I always loved the art for games. The sole reason I ever got guide books when I was younger was for the art and the poster inside.

  22. I want to get The Sky: the art of final fantasy.

  23. I have hyrule historia and I'm about to get okami the complete works.

  24. i have rune factory 1-3 artbook 🙂 hoping to save up so i can get guilty gear and persona 4 artbooks

  25. That's all fine and cool to have them for the art, but man, it has to seriously take away from the experience of many of these books when they're in Japanese.
    You're missing out on so much.
    That's why I really don't like buying the untranslated versions.

  26. Never played Valkyria Chronicles 3 but I'm getting the art book for that game tomorrow!

  27. FFXI dungeon battle bgm playing at the 1st min of the vid.

  28. I have an artbook by Shigenori Soejima, the character designer of Persona 3 and 4 and I have the artbook to The Last Story.

  29. I met Keiji Inafune a couple months ago and got my Mega Man Official Complete Works and Mega Man X Official Complete Works autographed. I have no idea how much they could be worth, but I'm never planning to sell them anyway.

    You two are the best people on YouTube, keep it up!

  30. A video about the music/soundtracks would be cool to se to:)

  31. where do i get that mario patern jacket

  32. Rob Man was going crazy to Mega Man 😀

  33. 10 years later, and now we have the R25 megaman artbook which you guys might have already , and it's as thick as a bible

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