Video Game Addiction & Rust Will Destroy Your Life -

Video Game Addiction & Rust Will Destroy Your Life

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  1. My boyfriend is addicted to this shit lol so annoying

  2. Rust is still my favourite game to come back to after taking a good break from it.

  3. I feel as if I might become addicted to rust, meaning playing 2+ hours on schools days when I need to get my life together. I might quit altogether, or use moderation

  4. league of legends makes me wanna do new things all the time

  5. mgsv because if i don't comeback it leaves a bad example for my men

  6. Rust may explain why my penis is incredibly hard right now

  7. im addicted to bad rats. 10/10 like skyrim with rats.

  8. A hyper addictive personality combined with ADHD causes me to play a game for a ridiculous amount of time and give it up out of boredom

  9. I watched this video on my second monitor, while playing Rust.

  10. im addictid to minecraft cause servers!!!

  11. because of the absence of such things in this reality

  12. I think Rust is the worst games EVER! It's unplayable and the Building sucks!

  13. nothing  I always go to a different game no mater what

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