Video Game Addiction & Rust Will Destroy Your Life -

Video Game Addiction & Rust Will Destroy Your Life

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  1. games that allow you to take control of land are addictive because it taps into the natural human desire to do just that, SCIENCE 

  2. Skyrim mostly because …. You know I actually dont know why.

  3. Tf2, skyrim, mine craft l, and suprisingpy assassins creed black flag

  4. If we could do things we can do in video games,then we wouldn't be addicted in video games.I don't mean flying like Goku (hehe:well maybe) or kill people with guns and resurrect when killed or other stuff that we do in video games.If we could learn martial arts,and if our parents would allow us to do cool things even drifting,learning how to use a gun etc. in the right age and with proper guidance,or maybe if our parents were very cool and really know how to raise a child (I mean teach the kid about life the real and wonderful life that's there all along),and when we can really do all those stuff and not just sit and play games on the couch and play for 24 hours and be lazy,cause that's the only fun thing we know how and we're used to do without discomfort(maybe)….well maybe even if you're very successful and get to do all those cool things even parkour that others aspire for,maybe you will still like video games but not be addicted…..maybe.

  5. I like this video this can raise awareness about how we shouldn't be addicted to games and be lazy.Also i'm a slightly addicted gamer.

  6. Gmod and TF2 highest addicting games in my book, (Over 4,000 hours total for both combined)

  7. I keep coming back to Planetside 2 for some reason but I also keep coming back to Star Trek Online because I'm a huge Star Trek fan and I love the continuing story they have been releasing over their 5 year run.

  8. Im and still im addicted to Garry's mod 3710 Hour's and still going.

  9. reduced fat ice cream is just denial for fat people says:

    anybody else addicted to battlefield 3?

  10. Im addicted to Destiny though ive never played any other mmo so hopefully i dont get addicted to those

  11. I recently beat world of Warcraft ( ya, that's right I un-subed. TAKE THAT BLIZZARD) after 10 years of playing. I am now searching the waters for my new heroin.

  12. I literally played minecraft for over 3000+ hours… no official time record just a calculated guess based on average playtime over the years since 2010.
    usually i cant stand most games after 100 hours, but adding new mods or different combinations of them made the game a bit different every time. I cant stand it much anymore though so thats probably a good thing. lol its probably the only game that i played over 250 hours of.

  13. Runescape because I've played it my whole life and I enjoy the frequent updates.

  14. Mx Simulator Look it up its a dirtbike simulator i like it aloooot because well its different every time with free content adn CS:GO cause i rek noobs

  15. nothing  I always go to a different game no mater what

  16. I think Rust is the worst games EVER! It's unplayable and the Building sucks!

  17. because of the absence of such things in this reality

  18. im addictid to minecraft cause servers!!!

  19. I watched this video on my second monitor, while playing Rust.

  20. A hyper addictive personality combined with ADHD causes me to play a game for a ridiculous amount of time and give it up out of boredom

  21. im addicted to bad rats. 10/10 like skyrim with rats.

  22. Rust may explain why my penis is incredibly hard right now

  23. mgsv because if i don't comeback it leaves a bad example for my men

  24. league of legends makes me wanna do new things all the time

  25. I feel as if I might become addicted to rust, meaning playing 2+ hours on schools days when I need to get my life together. I might quit altogether, or use moderation

  26. Rust is still my favourite game to come back to after taking a good break from it.

  27. My boyfriend is addicted to this shit lol so annoying

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