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CPU ⇨ Intel Core i9-10850K
GPU ⇨ Asus GeForce RTX 3070 8GB
SSD ⇨ Intel 1000GB SSD NVMe
RAM ⇨ 32GB DDR4-3600
Headphones – SteelSeries Artic 7 Wireless
Mouse – Logitech G Pro Wireless
Pad – HyperX Fury (XL)
Keyboard – Ducky One 2 Mini
Microphone – Shure SM7B

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  1. ofcourse u guyz get sars droped at bandit 5min into the game lol

  2. Glad I found you on my suggested page 🔥

  3. recommendations finally work great, and u are worth to be there

  4. damn greed got the best of you guys, forgot to seal

  5. i hate people in rust like them, lose so many time fight duos, but after they raid with a bunch of people said ez bro, lol they are dumb

  6. Just one of the best players in rust ☝️

  7. Finally had the time to go watch the video, and i will deffo use the base u recommended dm on discord!!

  8. Bro they were the worst players ive ever seen HAHAH. They have the nerve to shit talk a duo when they're zerging and constantly getting their shit rocked. Comical. Love the vid bro

  9. See Coma notification you know it’s a good day! LETS GOO

  10. lol, naturally the kid at the end telling you "EZ". Great episode, great job, thanks.

  11. This guy Coma is one smooth operator! Always cool, calm and collected, top notch game play, strategy and game sense. Awesome video all around from start to finish.

  12. Great video bro sorry you had to deal with another 12 year old zerg

  13. Not surprised, you and falcon always kill it together 😎

  14. good video those kids are mega cringe lol kid sounds like his parents dont even like him

  15. Wow it took that many sweaty bois to raid a duo

  16. Did one of them say "fucking easy bro" I hope they now realise they were getting shit on by a duo, fuck me those kids were dogwater

  17. Bro Coma, you sound like Stimpee's german voice. ily bro.

  18. Cant tell who’s who they have the same voice but ur the best duo no cap

  19. I can't understand how they in pitch black can call out what gun a enemy coming out with. At least in the video u haven't hear they shoot yet. 😳

  20. It's sooo funny they are happy they won the raid and are toxic like "eeeeasy"…remember 2vs8 or something 😅

  21. There's unfortunately nothing much you can do against just sheer numbers. If you had one more person then you probably would've been successful in the defense. At least you got an online raid though.

  22. the raider on the roof has one job a fucken one job to watch the Garage door.

  23. so much chad doesnt even put a tc down in the starter before coming back with fat loot

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