Unboxing SEGA Megadrive 2 (16 BIT Console) || FIFA 92 Gameplay|| - e-gamers.tv

Unboxing SEGA Megadrive 2 (16 BIT Console) || FIFA 92 Gameplay||

Faraaz YNV
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I bought this console from Lajpat Rai Market, Chandni Chowk for ₹600.
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  1. Had the original sega mega drive 2 in 1994. It had cartridges for each game; not an "xxxx in 1" type.

  2. Bhai can I buy it online? N agar delhi se buy karni hai to wahan sega ki cricket game bhi mil jayegi?

  3. Watching Feb 2021 Litterly hard missing my childhood 😫😫

  4. mere paas tha pahle mai chalata tha mera phabret hai

  5. Miss my childhood. Those were stress less days

  6. I bought it in 2021 it's super cheap hell yeah didn't waste money on pixel games nice

  7. 16 Bit Sega game bakwaas hai 8 Bit 90's game acha hai . 😺🐱🐹🦊🐶🐮🦊🐹🐶🐮🐱😺

  8. 23 saal pahle ki yade taza ho gayi.1997-2002 tak bahut khela hai vedio games.
    999999999 in 1, 64 in 1,
    76 in 1 (shayad 8 bit)
    Purane din yaad aa gaye.
    Upload karne ke liye dhanywad.

  9. Does it has Mortal Kombat 3 inbuilt… pls demo if available. Also if thei game is available then provide link

  10. Bachapn ki yaade fevret game unlimited mortel combat..fevret player noob saibot kala bhut😁

  11. Bhai yee mere pass pehle se h bahut bekar h iishka eek remot nahi chalta aur multiplaye 1 he game h bake sb singel player h

  12. Yrrr koi online bhejwa do ise mere liye..price bolo Bhai bas

  13. Yikes so nobody realized that this is actually a fake rip off chinese version not an actual mega drive comments section creating fake nostalgia 😂🙏🏼

  14. mere paas the sega ….but mk game wwe

  15. Hum to 8 bit wale gaming console use karte the pahele

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