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Unboxing Amazon’s £17 Retro Handheld Console!

The Retro Future
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  1. Hi I am trying to find one, checked Amazon and it isn't there. Also clicked your link did not work. Can you help?

  2. More like it's a Chinese NES portable 😃

  3. I hate square handhelds like these when they squish the bottom part so much.

  4. The screen being off-center would drive me insane.

  5. I don't get why it has 6 buttons if it can only run nes games

  6. I can hear them talking when they designed the box for this thing. “Yeaaaah uh, just throw a fuckin’ teddy bear on the front and we’ll make sales.

  7. Wanna try speedrun SMB on this haha

  8. Anyone else notice that the screen on the console is off centered?

  9. Paid $10 for one of these. Felt ripped off. Its awful.

  10. what games does this play (ex Gameboy advance and nes)

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