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Unboxing a NEW Xbox Console! 20 Years Later

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Opening up a new old stock original Xbox! Microsoft released the system nearly two decades ago, and with that anniversary coming up I figured it’s as good a time as any to set it up and play some games. Plus I needed to check on the clock capacitor, so yeah. OG XBOX TIME.

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00:00 Intro – I Finally Got an Xbox!
02:38 The Unboxing
13:17 Power on and setup
16:56 My Games!
18:35 Midtown Madness 3
21:30 Dead or Alive 3
23:54 Halo
26:00 The Sims Bustin’ Out
28:54 Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
30:31 Forza Motorsport
33:11 Summary/Outro
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  1. You didn't even let yourself be blown away by Doom 3 on the Xbox… shame on you.

  2. Well, back in 2004/2005 I was planning to buy a gaming console first time in my life, I had my choice on Xbox and PS2, but after some considerations, I eventually bought my first Xbox 360 in 2006, also some time later Microsoft enabled the backward compatibility for original Xbox games on Xbox 360, so I bought some Xbox games with good prices.

  3. Ah yes, That year I was really happy with a toy car. And playing PutPut on pc. Yes I'm that age.

  4. So weird seeing the UI. I never played an Xbox really. PS2 existed, so the Xbox felt irrelevant.

  5. Brings back so many memories! I was the only one in my generation that had og xbox in my town and had friends coming to my house to play all the time!

  6. Good luck going Thrift Shoping now. Mother fuckers in Goodwill are selling their grandmothers' tampon from 1975 for hundreds of dollars marked as "vintage".

  7. When that Halo disc went in and that menu popped up with that classic Halo soundtrack i almost wanted to cry. So many good memories! Still my absolute fav console to this day.

  8. Normally I wouldn't describe an unboxing as sexy…but hot damn…that peel…

  9. i remember playing halo for first time. was revolutionary, was one of the few times i was blown away. first was the c64 and ghostbusters, then this, then GTA V on pc

  10. used to do big lan parties with halo 2 on OG xboxes, 2 or 3 tvs with a couple people on each tv, was better than local co op and online, no screen watching, your own screen but all the people you were playing against were just down the hall with a network cable ran to their xbox, similar feeling in the networked dorms where when u plugged your system into the wall you could do lan with everyone on your floor that was connected to the same hub. something more sastisfying about a setup like that vs just connected to the internet to do it

  11. That's not the original, original. That had the smaller controller. I got the one with the large controller… Also I thought you were older than me… You said how old you were then 😞… I feel old now.

  12. This was the first gaming console i bought with my own money!

  13. Loved the original Xbox. Remember many hours of Halo, Munche's Odyssey, Project Gotham Racing, Midnight Club, Knights of the Old Republic, and Jade Empire! Thanks for bringing those memories back!

  14. My first console, and one I still have to this day. Taught me about hard and soft modding, console emulation, LAN networking and more. The aesthetic of the original Xbox has aged like fine, fine wine. I even played mine on a similar Sony Trinitron too. What a trip; thanks, Clint!

  15. I stored my Xbox in the cardboard box when not in use. The sound of the Styrofoam sliding out of that particular box took me back to gaming time!

  16. Why there is a stutter on all the games?

  17. The OGs remember being in the xbox menu for too long and hearing the aliens 😂

  18. Halo on xbox was the first violent game I was allowed to play. I did it at a friends place. Seeing you try the game for the first time on original hardware, nearly brought a tear to my eye.

  19. i didnt have an xbox, had a ps2, but doesnt matter. its just nostalgia, and it was a better time.
    games were for gamers. not all that greedy shit like nowadays. and gamers were more humble, and excited. now its toxic, hatred, overhyped…

  20. green is my favorite color and the green they used for the og xbox was always appealing to me

  21. You're missing jet set radio future 😑

  22. As a kid i played Fable on the Xbox. Always in the summer holidays at my grandpsrents house… Love this memorys

  23. Really really cool video. I wish I could buy an OG Xbox sealed like your to buy.

  24. I still got one of these bad boys in a box somewhere, with a duke controller too. Unfortunately the cable is shot cus my cat chewed through it and my dad fixed it with some just extra wire he had laying around. Still works, just not pretty.

  25. Here is an interesting story for you. At the time the original xbox and the PS2 were out I had a PS1 and a Dreamcast (still do btw) and I was looking to get a (then) current gen console. I wanted both the PS2 & the Xbox (who didn't) but could only afford one of them. I decided to get the PS2 because I had the PS1 and there was the backwards compatibility advantage.

    Here is where it gets interesting. I was working at a call center at the time and they had a contest where you could earn "fake" money for good costumer service. This "fake" money could be used to bid on prizes at an auction at the end of the contest. Guess what one of the prizes was. A brand new PS2.

    I managed to get the winning bid so I won the PS2. However, because of this I still had my saved money for a new console. So, I purchased an Xbox. For the first time in my life I had 2 out of the 3 current gen consoles in my home.

    I still have the consoles. The PS2 still worked last time i checked. However, I did have to have the Xbox fixed. I think the DVD drive had died. I don't remember.

    Anyway, that is my pointless gamer story. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂

  26. To me, when a lot of people ask what Sega would be like if they were still making consoles, I point them to the Xbox line. They really did pick up where Sega left off.

  27. I totally ignored the X-Box during it's heyday because I was all Sony Playstation with the PS2 at the time. The 6th generation was really a fascinatingly interesting time period for games as a whole. I wouldn't even get an X-Box until like 2012 very briefly and second hand. For what it is, it is quite a console and would mix the competition up for years to come after it. I'd still like to get my hands on another one at some point since I'm feeling nostalgic for 6th gen and modern gaming is losing more and more of it's appeal to me.

  28. It’s not a true original Xbox without the brick controller

  29. waiting for insignia to get released, i want to play this online again!

  30. I have perhaps the rarest or at least one of the rarest Xboxes in the world, not only an open but still it packaged in the cardboard it was originally shipped in. The Pure White Xbox, only a thousand of which were produced and only in Japan and they sold out in like 5 minutes each with personalized engravings and a number. I've never seen it and I guess it's so under the radar it's not even worth anything.

  31. I love the Sony Tinitrons with component video inputs. Mine Looks a lot like the one in the video here

  32. Make sure you get your hands on PGR2 and Rallisport Challenge 2. Possibly the greatest racing games ever made.

  33. finding out that clint has never played halo 1 despite bieng a classic gamer is like finding out gordon ramsey microwaves food for his family

  34. When my mom swore she couldn’t find one and then I had one on my birthday I about fucking died. Best memories of my life with that big ugly box. <3

  35. Never had one. Always wanted one. Wanted to play Jet Set Radio. Never could.

  36. original xbox was an awsome machine. the most dependable console i ever owned. unlike that red ring of death 2end edittion. and those controllers Shure were big but built to last.

  37. It's funny how you mentioned Midtown Madness 3. I used to play the piss out of it back then. I even had the steering wheel for it. I also did everything under the sun. Played it as a driving simulator, played it as a GTA style just running over everything before I was old enough for actual GTA, explored every corner of both maps, I even learned some out of bounds glitches from randoms in Xbox live. I almost want to dig up my old Xbox and play it again now.

  38. Still prefer the original Xbox over Xbox series x and s

  39. As a huge PS fan I still own one of these and I have so many incredible memories with this wonderful console. I miss playing on it. My favorite game was Star Wars the Clone Wars.

  40. I honestly never thought about XBox being named after Direct-X…interesting.

  41. I always thought they should have put the 3d "X" logo (Like on it's boot up animation or on the controllers) on the green circle on the unit. It would have looked so cool with the backlight!

  42. I own an unopened and sealed unit in my loft. But I did get another to use. Got so mane games too.

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