Two Drops on the First Day!!! - Rust -

Two Drops on the First Day!!! – Rust

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Time to start again, with experience under our belt lets see how this run goes.

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  1. 17:15
    I'm really not sure exactly why,
    but for whatever reason,

    I actually laughed way harder
    then I think I should have at Thick44's INCREDIBLY EPIC Voice-break on the word
    and I just couldn't resist
    running it back several times
    just to hear it again
    and laugh even harder
    then before!

    1st Time Hearing Epic Voice-Break : 😂

    2nd Time Hearing It: 😆

    3rd Time Listening To It: 😅

    4th Time I Replayed It: 🤣

    By The 5th Time, I'm Finally Dead From Asphyxiation Due To Involuntary Laughter: 😵 👻

  2. The fact thick is going threw Kemo and his voice has gone same as me I’ve been in remission 2 years but he is a legend. Just carry on that’s life. Good on you thick.

  3. Hahahaha “wanna follow me to a weird hole.”

  4. Just not as interesting since you have to keep starting over.

  5. I wish you guys would play more games, I'm getting tired of watching ark for the past 10 years.

  6. *Neebs gaming* hey guys the fire alarm is going off…. just film Neebs his voice is more annoying and no one will notice the alarm…

  7. i thought it was only allies that could get Thick'd? wouldn't Thick's prey be more of a Thickdom?

  8. Love watching y'all play this. Thanks for giving it a whirl. Let's go carolina! We goin git us a tank, WAHOO!😁

  9. Poor Doris, should have stayed in the hole.

    "That's what she said!"

  10. u guys should play with other youtubers on this

  11. Still praying for all the bf friends being re uploaded

  12. Dora should've named his horse McConaughorse! Toonstone reference

  13. Doralios when you were in the marine corps were you a shitbag or a not

  14. Meh, rather watch you play a progress based game that does not reset everytime you make progress. When you guys divert your attention to so many games it takes so much away from the quality. I was a die hard neebs gaming fan, but after seeing both the rust s1 flop and the disrespect given to valheim im Just losing motivation to invest time into any more play troughs…. Was a good run.

  15. 7:30 as soon as the music turned metal, I knew Thick The Human Man Warrior, was doing something awesome.

  16. Why not team up with a Rust youtuber? Make you guys more efficient. 7 Days you guys teamed up with people a few times. Ada showed you heaps in Scrap Mechanic too.

  17. It’s funny they called it Vista Buena because a town I worked in was named Buena Vista

  18. Well Thick all I can say is I definitely got that Fat Dumper

  19. Is there a weird cross platform viewer deal where the ps4 and the Android phone trying to watch can mess with the RUST show?
    Trying to watch it on YouTube via ps4 and it doesn't seem to have episodes one after another like the droid. You have to find the right episode. It's uh… Weird as fuck! Driving me nuts…

  20. so funny seeing yall trying to navigate the caves

  21. “I wish I had a phat ass, a big ole dumper.”

  22. What a wild ride on this first day already. XD Neebs wins with 2 drop harvests though. Well played.

  23. yooo how have i only just found out you guys have been playing rust. welcome to the greatest game on the planet

  24. What the heck happened to the views u guys were popular

  25. Think y'all will ever do a video or two in Escape From Tarkov??

  26. Anyone else think that those were cat tunnels?
    Cats make systems of tunnels ya know

  27. What happened to today's episode? I haven't seen anything in regard to why there wasn't one? (Granted, I don't really know this game, so take it easy on me if I'm missing something obvious)

  28. Don't you dare try to turn "Thick'd" into a good verb! If that pig were Thick'd it would have been left behind and died because Thick left it and went on his own adventure.

  29. Neebs "picks up several guns" Keeps using the rock.

  30. More people care about why you don't play Hyperion vs everyone who won't even remember this series or ever care if another one drops at all.

    You'll never hear anyone ask "Hey, whatever happened to Neebsgaming Rust?"

  31. I always love it when Neebs gets excited, his reactions and laughs are great lol

  32. I'm going to Xnd everyone who wants to see the airhorn Thick'd graphic used across the channel

  33. 😭😭 why cant they play rust right

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