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Turn Your Old Phone Into a Handheld Emulation Gaming Console

Taki Udon
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Can you turn an old phone into a powerful emulation handheld that can rival the best Chinese gaming handhelds on the market? In this video, I explore one of the most commented topics on this channel: creating a gaming handheld with an Android phone and a Bluetooth controller. Using an old Snapdragon 636 phone and a variety of Bluetooth controllers, I test out gaming performance for SNES, N64, PS1, PSP, PS2, GameCube, Nintendo 3DS, and some Android games like Arena of Valor.

SN30 Pro+:
Flydigi Wasp 2:
Flydigi Apex:


DIGG Theme:
MMJ Dolphin:

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  1. Would that side by side work for streaming xbox one?

  2. I appreciate the information. I like to learn all options that I can use.

  3. I've downloaded the Dig Theme, but how do I install it?

  4. They should update the Moqi i7S to atleast a Snapdragon 732G

  5. Did you just play MH World on a phone if so how did you do it?

  6. 8 know what I'm doing with my old Galaxy S10e with a broken glass 👍

  7. How is response with bluetooth controller? Is there any additional input delay? Can you feel it? Can you measure it?

  8. After seeing this, all those handheld makes no sense. Or it's just me?

  9. the new cool pad legecy is a prety good phone but unfortently it only supports up to 128 gb on a micro sd card

  10. I usually set all emulators to fill screen for no black bars

  11. Any chance you'll link the phone for my future self.

  12. Taki: my old phone at this performance level..
    Me: Cries in galaxy S8

  13. Me: have 2/16 Gb in new phone, he has 4/64 in old…

  14. I can literally watch these videos for HOURS. Thank you Taki.

  15. great job but can they play fall out 3 new Vegas or fall out 4 since it plays the borderlands 2

  16. Never thought about it that way but my “old phone” is a note 10+. Should be a beast for this use case, though black bars are to be expected ofc

  17. I watched this video to learn how to turn my old Galaxy note 3 phone into a retro gaming device but all I got was gameplay video. :0(

  18. Well I guess my Note 9 Pro should handle all of this 🙂

  19. can you do step by step emulation plz
    for note 20ultra

  20. i really want the sn 30 but it looks kinda pricey

  21. Is it possible to make something that runs mortal kombat trilogy ? Lmk please

  22. Lol my phone has multi core as strong as your single core

  23. FFVII, that's awesome! Brings back lots of memories. Where do you download the roms

  24. Does this controller works with xcloud?

    Thats a great idea, i can share screen or transmit via cable to my projector and play many games. Thanks for the great advice
    Also it turn to be like an switch where i can plug off and keep playing.

  25. That's awesome but how can you record you're gaming?

  26. You don't see an old man havin' a Twix says:

    Sorry dude, but of course you can use your main phone. What are you talking about?

  27. What makes MMJ dolphin better?? Cause i see no difference

  28. I use the SN30 Pro+ and since I'm upgrading my tablet, my old one will be used for emulation

  29. Well I use Redmi note 9s with Snapdragon 720G and the emulation performance is best. It can emulate wii games with studders. I would recommend Redmi note 7 or Redmi note 8 second end

  30. This phone can almost handle every emulator it got god of war to run then you know it's good cause that's one of the higher graphic games to run 🤔🤔🧐🧐 I'm impressed

  31. I'm with you guys on his old phone, except he probably just said that because your not going to use the one you're on right now

  32. Dude I am so doing this! And I am most interested in the horizontal controller. could you find it and put it in a link? It would be nice if this was a real tutorial! What all costed you and how much? This is sweet thank you! Oh and what about more modern gaming platforms like Nintendo switch or 3ds or Xbox 1? Is it possible to use those? I literally want you to send me all the info you got to make an even better one!🤣😎 Thanks so much! I love it! Don't get bad at this! I want you to make me get ALL the crazy stuff! You are AWESOME! I love things like this!

  33. How accurate are those phone scores … And what do we need on our phones?

  34. I really don't understand why handhelds have just been ditched. Some people want a phone that can play games. I want a handheld that can make phone calls.

  35. what is the best/proper aspect ratio to use for all games on mobile phones?

  36. So not even my Black Shark 2 can achieve those scores!!! How is that phon so powerful?!

  37. This is awesome on a phone/tablet and even betee on an dell office pc but now my question would be how to transfer save file when you are done playing at home and to play on the go with your phone/tablet.

  38. Yeah its cool to turn your old phone into a cool portable retro game console. The new steam deck might just change the game for me on a new all around retro game if it can run gamecube and wii games it will be my all nintendo retro gaming console on the go and i can dock it.

  39. wanna do something like this but will be hybrid with my rog 2 with a screen replacement as it got broken and couldn't get a replacement and new enclosure its still a beast of a phone and would be great for this but ill dule purpose it so it still works as a phone

  40. Interesting video. So, which are the best controllers in your opinion? If we wanted to give one (or two) as gifts for Christmas, what would you recommend? Thanks

  41. How did you attach the SN30 Pro to the phone? I see that controller doesn't come with the phone holder.

  42. Integers scaling in those other settings are you able to explain more or is there another video you can refer me to please and thank you. This is so cool I feel like a kid again thanks for making this video

  43. Are there any controllers that are not bluetooth?

  44. I've finally joined the dark side. 🌌
    Apps used:
    RetroArch – SNES/GBA/PS1
    Mupen64 FZ – N64
    Drastic – NDS
    Dolphin MMJ – GC
    Steam Link/Moonlight – PC

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