Tribute to the Canadian Snowbirds | Rust Video Game -

Tribute to the Canadian Snowbirds | Rust Video Game

The Kreators
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On May 17th, 2020 the Canadian Snowbirds faced a tragedy during Operation Inspiration, which was a cross-country tour to raise morale during the COVID pandemic. Please, let’s take a moment of silence for the tragic loss of life.

I am Canadian, and grew up watching & adoring the Snowbirds. I figured I’d pay tribute to them in my own nerdy way.


  1. How can I play with Rust with you? I want to watch your art in the making

  2. Hey Jill ! The day one ship sets have been completed and added to the shipwright. You fancy updating that video you made a while back with the sets these completions? P.S. if you decide to include the Obsidian ship, I own the very rare Obsidian Capstan so I could help there, cheers!

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