TOP 5 Video Game Consoles To COLLECT In 2021 | Build A Game Collection On The CHEAP -

TOP 5 Video Game Consoles To COLLECT In 2021 | Build A Game Collection On The CHEAP

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TOP 5 Video Game Consoles To COLLECT In 2021 | Build A Game Collection On The CHEAP

On today’s episode of Gaming Off The Grid, we discuss 5 video game consoles to keep your eye out for and collect in 2021. Our list is made up of what we have experienced hunting in our area.

Intro Video featuring:
Pat The NES Punk

0:00 – Intro
2:00 – Top 3 Video Game Consoles To Collect For
7:41 – Honorable Mention
8:52 – Number 2 Video Game Console to Collect For
11:12 – Beer Review
12:43 – More Honorable Mentions
14:45 – Number 1 Video Game Console To Collect For
18:28 – Closing Thoughts
19:45 – Blooopers

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  1. The one thing I would add with the Wii U is for anyone who hasn't gotten one now would be the time. Get a Wii U Pro Controller now. They're starting to go up in price and there seems to be less of them around then there used to be. A few months ago they were around $20-$30. Now it's around $35-$45..

  2. I'm currently collecting for the Wii and finding tons of hidden gems that no one talks about, its been quite fun. Awesome video guys!

  3. Dude that shovel knight t-shirt….. absolutely sick. I swear they need to put shovel knight on the NES, SNES and Genesis.

  4. hey guys, i'm looking at your back wall and wondering…where do you buy your game cases at? I've got some gba games and i cant afford to buy the cardboard boxes but i've seen DS type cases that look aweseome but some of those on ebay look really cheap or dont have the whole (or most) of the game library available. HELP!

  5. Hey guys! I've been buying a bunch of vhs / dvd players but I was curious. how do you guys rank the diffent brands out there? Thanks for all the content!

  6. The PS2 is a gem of a game console. The demo discs for the console are also awesome.

  7. I still collect, but did some serious investing a few years ago. So glad I missed some of these crazy prices now.

  8. This channel is kind of like the nerds were all hanging out….. And then the jocks show up and say "Hey, we wanna play and be in on this too." These dudes just seem like…. Preps.

    Uh, collecting. Look, heres the reality of it, if youre INCREDIBLY lucky or have a ton of expendable income, not to mention youve gotta be able to afford a house to actually have a game room, youre not gonna find a whole lot youre seeing collectors like Pat the NES punk, for example, collecting. People like that have been collecting since they were kids, since they were kids. These are people that knew the only way to play games in those days were to trade in their old because their parents were poor and they were poor so they traded off their best stuff. I had Splatterhouse on the Genesis I got out of the Walmart Bargin Bin for $5 and was a little kid that didnt know what I had or what would be down the road and traded it off, look at Splatterhouse 2 now.

    The thing is this, if youre a young gamer thats wants to get in on this, youre not gonna find Earthbound, Panzer Dragoon Saga, etc., It aint gonna happen unless youre willing to pay $500 a game, its not gonna happen. But start today collecting for current gen. The thing is, games are all digital these days so collecting for reselling these days, eh, isnt gonna happen because everyone has them, until servers go down.

    Anyway, it shouldnt be a gaming channel, should be a beer review channel apparently.

  9. My 360 rrod after trying to apply new thermal paste wish I could collect for that damn console as it's really cheap but that damn rrod cucks me from that shit

  10. im currently collecting xbox360 limited edition consoles

  11. Xbox 360 is my forte.. but I’ve been getting into og Xbox more lately. Great games!

  12. Just remove the clock capacitor. It has no internal battery. I have three, 1 crystal, one cib. And a black that I have modded. Love the OG Xbox.

  13. I have 172 xbox one games. I can confirm they ARE NOT download codes. They install just like a PC game. 😎

  14. I was trying to find 360 , and that experience was a complete joke , people wanting $80 nothing is complete or kept neat LOL. PS2 was a joke , I had to go down the RT of importing a Japan One and just doing things in a different region to cut prices.

  15. great video GOTG on oct 27 it well be the 18 anniversary of wwe smackdown here comes the pain so i was thinking maybe you guys can play game on youtube or live stream but you guys should create your own wrestlers see what you guys come up with

  16. I have a xbox 360 e ps4 xbox one n64 original xbox they all still work like a charm never gonna sell them I'm keeping them

  17. I feel like the original Xbox is making a resurgence. Even though you can play most games on later consoles there's something about that beast of a console that really brings the nostalgia.

  18. The wii took a big nose dive this year I build up most of my Wii collection 2020 2021 just buying bundles and flipping them on Facebook/locally I can definitely see the hype for the Wii coming back around on the 20th anniversary cheers!

  19. I'm so lucky to have found my phat ps3 out in the wild before people realized the value of it

  20. I have the same Shovel Knight shirt. Def one of my fav shirts! You guys always have great shirts and vibes. Peace.

  21. Great video! Random question, I picked up a ps3 move bundle, how do y’all charge your move controllers? I tried plugging it in the wall but didn’t want to charge, the controllers work when I plug it in the ps3 but is there a way to charge it by not using the ps3?

  22. The xbox 360 and Xbox have been fun to collect for recently for me. Super cheap and everywhere. Awesome topic guys!

  23. Awesome video. I've built up my PSP collection over the last few months. You can still find many of the heavy hitters for dirt cheap on ebay. Many of the games hold up extremely well too!

    This also applies to DS & 3DS games….for now.

  24. Thanks to you guys I now own several guns and light gun games for the Wii and PS3!!! Thanks for the awesome content !!! Curious if you guys will ever do any repair or refurbishing how to videos ? Have a great day !!

  25. Great video guys. Finally got a Microsoft console. My favorite pawn shop employee came through with a SICK offer on an XBox One S Blue Gears of War edition. I have been hunting Xbox exclusives only because I have so many of the last few generations of games on my PlayStation systems. Found Gears 1-5 and a few other gems. Bought CIB Alan Wake for $5 on the same day the remaster was dropped. Still looking for Rumble Roses XX, a pretty solid wrestling game disguised with Konami fan service. Cheers gentlemen!

  26. Rare Replay is literally the only reason I own an Xbox One. Also for a while I focused on repurchasing some of my PS2 collection that was available on the OG Xbox because of the higher quality graphics.

  27. I love collecting OGX, definitely my favorite system to collect for. Affordable, and the library is so good! Plus there are so many cool rare versions of the console itself. The Halo Special Edition, the Mountain Dew Limited Edition, Crystal, etc… Different colors, different controllers, a bit of everything.

  28. I love watching videos like this because video game collecting doesn't have to be expensive or difficult for everybody. I myself, even with 20+ consoles in my collection, love to find a good deal every now and again.

    The Wii U is in an interesting situation. Many of its best games have already been or going to be ported to the Switch which makes it a hard sell in most cases. By far the best application for the Wii U is to play Wii games in 1080P through HDMI.

    Anything for any Xbox is something that collectors should really consider getting nowadays. I've been going ham on the original Xbox and Xbox 360 this year and it's been a blast. So many great games for these consoles. The Xbox family of consoles is sorely underrated, even the Xbox One which is also been fun to collect.

    I also agree with the Wii, that console be worth getting even if you're just trying to play GameCube games. Getting component cables for the Wii is much easier than the GameCube and even though most of the library for the Wii is shovelware there are some good titles to be had. The only reason to pick a GameCube over the Wii is if you're trying to play Gameboy games on the TV and there's other options for that.

  29. Great video!! I been hitting up my local goodwills on Sundays which are dollar days. I pick up all the Wii games and just put them away. When my 6 y/o is ready for the Wii she will have an awesome collection. And in the off chance she’s not interested I’ll have a nice collection for myself 😬

  30. Perfect timing just started my collection just got a n64 a super Nintendo and a 360! Great video🔥👍

  31. Sweet Shovel Knights shirt , love that game. Great video cheers 🍻

  32. Wii u and original Xbox I've been mainly aiming at just lately. Great tips guys👍

  33. Man….I'm so on the fence of purchasing the Wii U. Do they play the Wii games or just Wii U games???

  34. Great suggestions guys. I haven’t as many Wii consoles as you guys lol but have grabbed a few different colours this last year 😁; super cheap games 👍👍

  35. Discs are not only a download code, that's false. (at least when it comes to PS4)
    Discs contain the game data and will install from it, the only thing that downloads are updates.
    After they install the data they basically act as license keys.
    If you disconnect your PS4 from the internet, you could install and play games no issue.
    And now that Sony patched CBOMB issue, the PS4 is completely not dependent on internet connection.

  36. My favorite to collect for is 360
    These are the games at every yard sale in my area

  37. OG Xbox has so many great games! Prices are amazing too right now. I find I prefer most of that generations multiplatform games on the OG Xbox. Great video!

  38. Great video as always
    By consoles i agree with you guys a lot but in the software look i think their are some problems like not every og xbox supported via backwards compatibility on the 360 and some of the supporting games don’t run good on a 360. And if someone want to try to do a full set collection for any Playstation/Nintendo console post 2006 it’s gonna be hard because all the limited run games type releases. I’m not one of those guys I’m collecting for stuff i like and want to own and play, piracy maybe not good but it’s helping me to check games before I bought them physically.
    Anyway my top 5 best consoles to collect today.
    5. Genesis/Mega Drive – in the hardware way it’s worth because we have a lot of models and with the sega cd and 32x support you can grow the collection. Also it’s the best old school retro console to collect right now.
    4. OG Xbox – I don’t need to explain you guys said it way better than me why.
    3. PS2 – same here Dont really need to explain but a modded region free it’s the best way because the japan only games and some japanese games released in English in pal countries.
    2. 3DS – not a lot of people collecting for handhelds but right now it’s the perfect time to collect 3ds games, the system it’s 10 years old and unlike the wii u majority of the 3ds games didn’t ported away for the switch and the backwards compatibility with ds along with the e-shop virtual console.
    1. Wii – again you guys explain it the best.

    Honorable mentions
    PS3 – in the hardware point it’s worth it but now because the PSN fiasco (they removed the way to pay from ps3 and vita) physical games gonna be high again.
    PS4 – in software points it’s a really good time but honestly you don’t need to buy a ps4 today especially when the ps5 is fully backwards compatible with all the games. Also limited runs games type games gonna be hard to do a full set collection.
    Dreamcast – software point it’s difficult to get Dreamcast games in the wild, but getting a console it’s not hard and if you gonna mod it to something like a gdemu it’s the biggest reason to get a dreamcast.
    Xbox One – like the ps4 great to get in software but in hardware not so much, also the original xbone is just the worst the s and x are better version and the series x have full backwards compatibility. But unlike the ps4 you don’t have limited run games type of releases so it’s worth it if you guys want to get full set.
    Wii U – you guys explain it but i think the only reasons why to get a wii u are because the backwards compatibility with the wii and play games that’s still didn’t got ported like nintendo land, game & wario, xenoblade x & tank tank tank.

  39. Thing is the Wii might be overlooked, but the best games of its library are getting expensive; looking at Metroid, Mario And Zelda Games. Some of them like Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Pandoras Tower or Muramasa can easily get to the 100$ mark and more.

    Meanwhile the Xbox360 library is dirt cheap (at least here in France), it's not hard to find Halo, Gears of War games, Red dead redemption or Fable 2 between the 5$-10$ range…

  40. Great video, I scored an extra Wii U pad for 20 the other day. The OG Xbox is one of my favorite systems!

  41. I have been finding PS3s go for as less than $50 CIB at pawn stores and that is a steal. For the Wii U, it's pretty cool but I personally don't come across them often, and even if I found one I don't think I'd collect for it, mainly because in my area the Switch is pretty dominant at garage sales for a decent price, like this one time I found a person selling a switch for $150 with about 10 games (half of them being Wii U "exclusives") I would've bought the system, but I already have the games, and the Switch

  42. I have definitely noticed a plateau and maybe even a slight drop in selling on eBay the past couple of months. Retro consoles have not been selling as quickly and the prices seem to have gone down a bit. Unfortunately, this surge in popularity has also caused an increase in people wanting ridiculous prices on FB Marketplace, Off Up, ect. People seem to think all retro stuff is like gold now.

  43. Loved the comment about hacking. Also tend to get that alot. Jeez, collector channels will not talk or give tutorials on those things… but yeah, stupid owning all that physical and no roms!
    Other than that another awesome video. Might do the same for the german market which will be a little different from console availability and price

  44. I’m definitely picking up all PS2 games I can get. Most games are cheap nowadays. For some reason the Silent Hill games are insanely expensive though lol

  45. I can’t wait for the day when you review a beer and say “It’s a bit nutty.” 😉

  46. I started collecting wii u games this year and never even played the console , I have the Zelda wii u on my shelf I bought of eBay with all inserts and plastics don’t even know if it works but looks in mint condition

  47. Yes, brilliant PS3 compatibility breakdown segment! ROFL

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