Top 20 Most Toxic Video Game Communities Ever -

Top 20 Most Toxic Video Game Communities Ever
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We know not EVERYONE in these gaming communities acts terribly, but the issues have become so rampant that they’ve found themselves here. For this list, we’re looking at several communities that have been infected by the most venomous of players. Our countdown includes “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” (2020), “Team Fortress 2” (2007), “Super Smash Bros.” series (1999-), “Overwatch” (2016), “Call of Duty” series (2003-) and more! Which of these video game communities do YOU think is the most toxic? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Minecraft has the least toxic community in my oppinion

  2. I’m surprised that fnaf wasn’t on here

  3. I’m surprised that Rust or R6 aren’t on this list

  4. I was surprised that brawl stars is not on the list

  5. I'm not surprise that roblox is there lol

  6. Odd team fortress 2 is here, I have yet to encounter a toxic player there. Also, Overwatch nowadays, unless you actually search deep enough, doesn’t have as much toxicity as it used to (unless I’m just fortunate, the only thing that could be the complaint are the ships. Shipping wars are also fun to watch!)

  7. Friday Night Funkin' might even be qualified in this list due to the Toxic Fandom which caused 3 popular mods to be removed to the public…

  8. The Last Of Us Online serves: there is about teams you win or lose they will trash talk.

    Dead By Daylight : its 1vs4 game. You have no teammate as a Killer. When your rank near to 1 you will getting some salty SWF teams. They are complaining about everything. They will trash talk with you when they lose. When they win they will trash talking like a "ez NOOB, get better". This game really rising about toxicity. More survivor main TTVS cause of that.

    Among Us: theres hackers and dudes with friends. I didint play too much but i know theres have toxic dudes.

    Five Night at Freddy's: Here toxic community without online. This game had an extraordinary popularity at the time of its release. This popularity created a strange community. this community created strange ships and ugly cringe fanarts af about them that could not be taken into serious . Most of the community is between the ages of 12-16 girls/boys and when you say your opinion about a character, you are exposed to cringe conversations.

  9. Some of these communities have one thing in common. They have fangirls who will get PHYSICAL when someone "Takes their boyfriend/Husband"

  10. 1 word


    Need I say more
    (Edit: yes I do…as a Gacha creator I hate how toxic the Gacha community is)

  11. FIFA is the unquestionable #1 period. Its the Chernobyl of the video game community.

  12. Fun happy game exists : D
    That one guy who tells you to jump off a cliff when you just got the game 10 minutes ago 🙁

  13. Damn, I was sure ‘Dead by Daylight’ would be on this list, not many names that I haven’t been called when playing this

  14. Where the hell is Fortnite?! I seriously thought that was gonna be number 1!

  15. Well if somebody is being toxic to you and they are on ps4 just say the phrase “copying update file” and it will give them ptsd

  16. I think we all now at the start who has been in the top but I would have ratet mincraft ah bit lower and replec it with fortnite

  17. Dota Player in Philippines are the most toxic one

  18. I'm disappointed that you didn't mention the s3xual aligations in the smash comment. I'm also disappointed that you didn't add super Mario on the list too 😐

  19. Should've put Dead By Daylight on here. Whenever you play killer you get people who constantly complain and call you trash, a camper, etc.

  20. Even though battle cats isn't multiplayer it has a toxic community

  21. I have walls of messages from playing dead by daylight alone. Especially as killer, at this point i salt farm.

  22. Not watched the video yet but just KNOW that CSGO has to be on this list

  23. Jokes on you most of the players in tf2 now are f2p

  24. For some toxicity check out r/apexlegends. They've made so many threats against devs, constant whining about the meta, harassment on other players etc. It's caused some of the devs to steer clear from engaging with the Apex Legends community

  25. I didn’t use items even when I was a casual. I just didn’t like relying on luck. Maybe that was just me

  26. I have seen the biggest piles of shit come out of Gmod.

  27. At least the UNDERTALE fandom calmed down nowadays

  28. What I take from this is that just like in real life the online world is full of jerks. To be honest all large gaming communities I have been part of have toxic people, although as this video suggest some games seem to attract them. Best advice, find yourself a 'guild' or playing group that is headed by some chilled mature gamers. You can have fun without it being at someone else's expense.

  29. dark souls? That is literally one of the nicest community's ever. The whole git gud shit was a meme lol. I have seen so many new players get welcomed into the dark souls community. Just because a game is difficult doesn't mean it has a bad community

  30. As an old fan of Halo I actually like what 343 did with the game

  31. League of legends is the right choice for number one, honestly the majority of people who play that game are absolute shitheads

  32. Tf2 Toxicity pretty much died down and is mostly rare nowadays

    People don't Vk you for playing the wrong class the chance of that happening is really low

    MvM (Mann vs. Machine) used to have the most Toxicity when a website that I won't mention appears, It's serves like a Fun Police or an MVM Gatekeeper mainly designs to kick players for not following their standards or the reasons being Stupid or Bigotted but the site was completely shut down for some reason

  33. pvp+children usually makes for a toxic community

  34. Smg6 //smg3 take over my YouTube channel says:

    Bruh cod mc roblox csgo is my game

  35. Wait Fortnite isn't toxic? I think it should be at Number One.

  36. I hate how onlines games are now a days. I can't just play a online video game without being killed in like 2 secounds. everyone just spends way too much time on these games and are unenjoyable to people who just want to play casually.

  37. VALORANT: becomes toxic

    Russians on CSGO servers: are you challenging me CYKA BLYAT

  38. FIFA isn’t as toxic as it used to be… 2-3 years ago it was at its peak. Especially with long celebrations (the shhh especially) never skipping replays, people sending hate messages after games all the times. It’s changed a lot IMO. Nothing will ever compare to MW2 though. That was the peak that humanity can reach for a toxic gaming community lol.

  39. Which of these video game communities do YOU think is the most toxic? Did we miss any that should have been included?!

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