Top 20 HARDEST Video Game Achievements -

Top 20 HARDEST Video Game Achievements
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These video game achievements have gone too far! For this list, we’ll be looking at the toughest achievements & trophies to obtain across the consoles and through Steam Achievements, excluding Platinum Trophies. Our countdown includes achievements from “Gears of War 3” (2011), “Dead Rising” (2006), “World of Warcraft” (2004-), “Mortal Kombat” (2011), “Dead Space 2” (2011) and more! What do YOU think is the hardest achievement out there? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Mile high achievement is harder than any of these wtf

  2. how da heck is Muck from muck not here

  3. Diablo is so fun been playing it since it came out in 2012. But Malthael is harder to kill than Diablo.

  4. Where is The Bonding of Isaac: Repentaces "Dead God"?

  5. I've done Mr. Perfect in Mega Man 9 AND Mega Man 10! It was a crazy journey to learn those games to literal perfection but it was WORTH IT!

  6. People commenting on these achievements and I'm all "Holy shit, I think Dave is secretly PapaJohn"

  7. Muck: beat the game with only rock, without taking any damage, and without collecting any powerups

  8. Complete steelsoul mode in hollow knight is laughing in a coner

  9. Minecraft’s how did we get there why is this not on here

  10. Wait till you see the M u c k achievement in muck.

    You need to beat the entire game with a rock, without taking hits, and not taking any powerups. Must be at the hardest difficulty

  11. your videos are great but you go in such low detail on each topic, would be better if you elaborated just a little bit or showed some content of someone doing it.

  12. I thought that how did we get here that is a Minecraft achievement that is really really hard

  13. Wow.. You Sounds like Stephen Hawking's Computer…😂🔥

  14. diablo 3 dark fantasy rpg kids graphic and hack & slash….

  15. Add Muck’s Muck achievement, which is beating the game with no power ups and only a rock.

  16. If another one of these lists is to ever be made I feel like the “power moves” achievement from dead by daylight would make it to at least an honourable mention
    To get the achievement you must play a game as survivor with no perks, repair 1 full generator and escape 8 times
    I saw someone do this and they were mentally drained when they finally got it

  17. Sorry but "The Real Deal" can be run through it you do it on the proper level and The Witch is at the proper spawn point.

  18. Diablo III was stupid easy. I should have gotten my money back for it

  19. I got one of these without trying cool

  20. for COD I found Mile high club actually easier than doing all MW2 (Mw3 SO was easier than MW2 ngl) spec ops on veteran. Specifically, the Snatch and grab mission on Charlie and High Explosives mission on Echo. Mile high you can simply run a few times, memorize enemy locations and then just rush it. Not so easy with a juggernaut or two closing in while 15-20 enemies are firing at you with insane accuracy from far away and you are getting low on sniper ammo.

  21. In a game called "Muck" that you can find on steam there is an achievement called "Muck" that requires you to beat the game with only a rock, no damage and no power-ups

  22. Lol world of warcraft has way harder achievements, and so does diablo 3

  23. Never thought I would watch this and have any of the achievements from the list. Glad I did the WoW achievements when they first came out for the tabards and titles.

  24. Hahahahahaha putting "Explorer" as the hardest achievement in Wow is just lazy, and extremely inaccurate. -100 points watchmojo.

  25. easiest achievement in wow made the list, what a load of crap

  26. this video is why im glad that im not an achievement/trophy hunter

  27. Can you give me advice how to get 7 day survivor

  28. Zombie genocider is hard you have to kill 53,594 zombies from dead rising

  29. The creators of this video clearly have never played Wild Arms 3 or attempted the Abyss achievement.

    Literally a 6 hour dungeon with 100 levels, Actually difficult enemies encounters with different vulnerabilities and immunities. If you lose 1 battle, you start all the way over. Actually insanely difficult for Maxed out characters and items, let alone there are no health bars or hints to help you out.

    I spent 4 months straight trying to complete this one dungeon and writing down notes every step of the way. Absolutely would never do it again even for a large sum of money

  30. How did we get here secret achievement in Minecraft: sits in the corner respectfully*

  31. Explorer… in wow… hard? It's one of the easiest achievements in wow that only takes a bit of effort.

  32. INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED, where is the ‘almost there’ achievement from a minecraft 1.14 snapshot?

  33. I think my big brother cordell got that achievement on left 4 dead 2 idk I can’t go looking because I think my dad sold it or put it in storage he probably sold it tho

  34. There was a jockey on Ellis while coach got hit by something

  35. Number 1 ign trying to beat doom eternal on I’m to young to die

  36. Yo I think I know a harder challenge it is in mincraft and it is called “almost there” were you have to be in a sertain snapshot I think it is 20a14infinte it is the snapshot with infinite portals and the way you get this award is by going through a portal One billon times which if you do the math it takes over 120 years so this task isn’t hard on the scale of skill but in the skill a patience and also your lifespan

  37. I got an ultra rare achievement but in play games. It's Stick Warfare and the achievement that I got have 0.6% out of 100% people that download the game. It is considered as Ultra Rare and the best one I got so far. It's hard to finish and I got the first one by using the Machinegunner Perk. And the second one by using the Gunslinger Perk and using a .44 revolver as the main weapon and a Hawk.50 as a secondary. And the rest using the Pyromaniac Perk and using a F .1 Flamer as main weapon and a GM-7 for secondary. Quite fun to play.

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