Top 20 Greatest Game Console Boot Up Screens -

Top 20 Greatest Game Console Boot Up Screens
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Check out how video games took over the world in our series “How Geek Culture Became Pop Culture”:

These are the sounds and visuals that defined entire generations of gamers! For this list, we’re naming off the most iconic boot up screens from across game console history! Our countdown includes Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube and more! Which of these boot up screens is etched in your memory? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. SEGA has to be #1……….. It's soo powerful and primal everyone deep inside says it when the screen boots up. A call to action.

  2. Sooo, GameCude is #1, but not the Wii U, DSi, Wii, or Switch?


  3. This is literally the gaming console timeline in reverse. How did video game systems stray so far from what made them great? When i start up a gaming system i want to get excited.

  4. The ps3 startup was God like way better than 10

  5. Finally someone puts the Wii startup in this type of list

  6. Nintendo game cube intro is overrated as F**k

  7. I would definitely put the GameCube intro at the top, then the PS1. But Xbox Originals intro was so cool! And it's a shame they didn't include the homescreen and sounds from it.

  8. Great list, easy choice for number 1. Love the GC.

  9. Just hearing the Xbox 360 sound made my nostalgia hurt

  10. I always liked the PS1 boot up sound including the PS2. The best thing there that if you insert a PS1 game on a PS2, the first half of the PS2 boot up plays then the second half is the PS1's. Nice touch.

  11. Ah yes, the PS2. The one console that makes you scared if you have a scratched disc in it.

  12. GameCube better than PlayStation 1? Are you kidding me? How dare you?

  13. Other consoles: calming and/or awesome start ups screens

    The PS2 aka the PlayStation 2: haunted electronic bootup

  14. Im very bias toward xbox, but ps1 had the best startup sound. period!

  15. I never seen the special boot up screen from the first Nintendo. SMH.

  16. Where’s PlayStation 4? I like that start up screen. Shame on you for not putting PS4 on this list. Enough said.

  17. Sega! That’s my favorite boot up screen. Enough said.

  18. Was anyone else bummed that the ps4 wasn't on the list?

  19. I am a poopy fart get him a poopy fart you get a pool hate you thank you thank you get a poopy fart get a poopy fart I want

  20. Psp was very good and fun and had fun games to play ,sure we have the Nintendo Switch but it doesn't have allot of games to play

  21. If only PS5 and XBOX S/X could get Booted into Stores 🏬😂!

  22. Back to the Guinea pigs Gaming channel says:

    Half of these is just Nintendo :/

    ( I like Nintendo )

  23. You guys should have included the "original" xbox 360 startup screen that debuted with the system. That startup is the one I will always love on the 360!!

  24. PS2 is no 5?? Oh, okay. The list is about "Greatest" Boot-up Screen not "Creepiest" Boot-up Screen.

  25. You can tell of how much of a Nintendo fanboy this guy is.

  26. Nothing beats the original PS1 start up for me.

  27. I wish the unused xbox 1 start up was used

  28. I have a PS2 slim and hearing that sound when it boots up its a beautiful sound to my ears😊👂.

  29. Check out how video games took over the world in our series "How Geek Culture Became Pop Culture":

    Which of these boot up screens is etched in your memory? Let us know in the comments!

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