Top 17 PC/Console Game On Android & iOS (2021-2022) -

Top 17 PC/Console Game On Android & iOS (2021-2022)

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New Best pc console games for android & iphone 2021 2022 I VinIsHere

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*These are all new ones!
Popular Pc game titles now you can play on your Android & iOS device.
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Following are the games name & links:-

1)Devil May Cry:- For android info & Links visit my webpage below:-

2)My Time at Portia:-

3)YS VIII Mobile Remake (its 8 not 7th little mistake in the video) :- Expected to Release this year! (Announced at tokyo game show last year)

4)Apex Legends:- New regional Beta is going on for android links/info visit my webpage below:-

5)Divinity Original Sins 2:-
iOS (Ipad):-

6)Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis:- Coming in 2022

7)Valorant Mobile:- Coming Soon

8)League of Legends:-

9)Company of Heroes:-

10)Danganronpa 2:-

11)Just Cause Mobile:- Coming Soon

12)Secret Neighbor:-

13)Xcom 2 Collection:-

14)What Remains of Edith Finch:- Expected to release august 16th for ios

15)Trails of Mana:-

16)Warframe Mobile:- Coming Soon

17)Battlefield Mobile:- Coming Soon

Additional (I was gonna feature it but missed it)
18)Mabinogi Mobile (Original):- expected to launch this year

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  1. CSGO, CODM and BATTLEFIELD, best war shooting games, ever 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤

  2. I really want to play valorant mobile😭😭

  3. As soon as Warframe hits mobile
    Goodbye genshin xD
    I can finally continue my murderous rampage

  4. Devil May Cry Mobile when come out?!?!

  5. Question: is dragon raja still the best on 2021?

  6. My phone Poco F3 use Snapdragon 870 + 8GB RAM. Can my phone run this game smoothly?

  7. bro can i just say this video was what i was looking for you deliver bro keep up the good work i love your content

  8. Damn, its like none of these can be played by me, but good videos as always vin

  9. Mobile has wild rift, why does it need another LoL?

  10. League of legend? Isn't wild rift it's mobile version? 🤔

  11. All i want is capcom to bring back monster hunter freedom unite for ios T..T

  12. Slowly but surely mobile is getting big name publishers

  13. Many successful pc games coming on mobile but lets just accept that Dota 2 will never come to mobile…

  14. Vin bro i've been searching for your intro for a long time plz someone give me the intro name 😭😭

  15. Mobiles will soon compete with full pc games this way

  16. Trials of Mana is on MOBILE?! WHAT THE HELL

  17. Is there dmc global version chinese only man too bad

  18. If anyone into quality games anymore buy What Remains of Edith Flinch. It’s an experience that will leave it’s mark.

  19. Apex legends mobile

    Me: cries in phone incompatible*

  20. Now..when is PSO series going to be on mobile..HMMMMM

  21. Bruh all these ports are cleeaaan. Hope we get some good older titles ported like how square is porting all ff games, considering that most recent phones have better processor and gpu than any old mid-low spec gaming systems

  22. The Warframe thumbnail look like my screenshot

  23. Also check My Friend Pedro, that's good game from indie developer and it from PC too.

  24. I've install the valorant on my cp and deleted it because to many space why its still coming soon?

  25. Good game but all games are online and I hate it

  26. Also Vin? Is Devil May Cry can be also played offline?

  27. Chào bạn, cho mình hỏi kênh của bạn có nhận quảng cáo trải nghiệm game không nhỉ

  28. Damn, Battlefield on mobile? That would definitely make a splash in the mobile market if they make a good and stable version.

  29. I just wish worl of warcraft to be on mobile

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