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Top 10 WORST Video Game Console Launches

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Video Game Console launches are tricky. Some people will hate how it looks, others take in the price point. All these factors and more can affect the launch of the product. Now keep in mind I’m not saying these are the worst video game consoles themselves, it is the launch and the reception we are talking about. The most infamous of these launches is the Xbox 360 and it’s red ring of death.

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  1. What are you talking about? The DS remakes of Final Fantasy 3&4 were great.

  2. The Vitas failure lies largely on it's memory problems. Having little to no internal storage while overpricing proprietary memory was a deathblow to the Vita. I truly believe that Sony could have turned the Vita around otherwise.

  3. If a console is selling regardless of hardware malfunctions, it's not a failed launch so Xbox 360 shouldn't be on this list

  4. Yeah these high tops need a few young people on the case these high tops ain't seeing clearly in their old age.

  5. GC was the first console I bought on midnight launch (UK) and the games we got were awesome and satisfied a range of styles; Luigi was a 3rd person spooky cartoon adventure, Monkey Ball was a puzzly party game, Rogue Squadron 2 was awesome SW dogfights etc, and at the time the best looking SW game on any platform. More than enough to get things started.

  6. I will admit, Stadia is a failure, a lot of these consoles did fail at launch, with only a few to get actual success. I think he should have mentioned PS3, since it's launch was a contributing factor to why is failed as a successful console. I know that the PS3 sold well, but that was because of other reasons. At launch, the PS3 had an even higher price tag than any other console to have existed at the time. The system released alongside the Wii, and the Xbox 360 had a one year head start. People bought 360s because of Halo 3, and a low price. The PS3 was around 500-600 US, with a controller lacking rumble dubbed the Six Axis controller for its awkward motion capabilities. We did later on get the Dualshock 3. The first iteration of the system was backwards compatible with PS2 and all versions PS1. Later models abandoned PS2. The system was a Blu-ray Player and competed with the Xbox 360's HD DvD capabilities. But besides PS3 in launch, whawt made it fail as a successful console was the infamous (not the game) 2011 hack. It burned their reputation.

    The PS3 also was awkward to develop games for, and took time to get it right, so third party developers released their titles on the Xbox 360 for a better shine, sometimes as timed-exclusives. The PS4 had no backwards compatibility, unless through Playstation Now, but that was awkward to stream games on.

    Overall my list for worst system launches:
    Nintendo 64 (the wait was so long, most people bought the PS1, only launch games were Mario 64(which is a great game) and Pilotwings 64 in NA)
    3DS (was a bit expensive)
    Gamecube (PS2 already released, lack of titles in first month)
    Wii U (expensive for a Nintendo console, lack of future titles, and was very odd to develop games for)
    Xbox One (sold well, system required the Kinect, and to be connected to the Internet every 24 hours)
    Virtual Boy
    Vita (The library of games were mostly rereleases or ports, with a few execlusives like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the system was a bit awkward in function with connectivity)
    Dreamcast (by the time it released, people wanted to buy the PS2, as it was announced that year)
    Atari Jaguar (lack of games, expensive)
    Saturn (expensive, lack of NA appeal, cancelled Sonic Xtreme)
    PS3 (too high price tag, release window)

  7. I liked the ouya enough that I used it from time I got it and til just before they shut down completely. Other than the wiiu I just didn't really dive into the last gen consoles for financial reason and I didn't like my current pc build and wasn't in position to upgrade. So the ouya was a handy easily movable cheap game system that had while not much special to call its own, was still quite serviceable to me. Lots of its games live on in steam and the switch now.

  8. SF4 3DS was pretty good, theres still people playing online even today. And the online is oddly better than the console versions.

  9. Huge Plays baby LMAO!!! OKAY JIRARD I SEE YOU XD

  10. Xbox One has the worst launch imo. Too expensive, an unwanted peripheral, no focus on games, a meh name, excessive DRM, and an anti-consumer philosophy in general. Not to mention the console never took off despite the One X having the most powerful internals. The exclusive catalog is subpar, and the One S was the was weakest console of it's generation.
    That said…I own 5 Xbox Ones…so I can whine a bit if I want lol.

  11. Definitely ps5 and xbox series S/X they have none my brother finally just got a ps5 and I’m trying to get a xbox series x

  12. I think the reason PlayStation and Xbox will never be successful with classics is they don’t care about their titles and parties. Nintendo does classics because they know the nostalgia they can produce, like with Animal Crossing! The only thing I hear people talk about is the old animal crossing because it defined their childhood with it’s charm and creative. I like halo and COD but they are stale and a bit boring if I’m honest (it’s the reason CSGO is taking over). I know that they obviously like the parties for money, but, Nintendo doesn’t usually make games for money, they make games for quality, they will never (almost never) make games for money. They want to create beautiful things like Zelda And Mario, Metroid and Animal Crossing. PlayStation just keeps putting out billions of titles which are usually quality, but won’t feel the same as Nintendo

  13. I love the Wii U, but it broke a few weeks ago…

    O! say can you see by the dawn's early light,
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,

  14. The wii u is actually ware I fell in love with games

  15. The gamecube had the bestest launch cuz everyone loves it

  16. Surprising That The Xbox 360 Is On Here But Not The Xbox One

  17. I love the will u and I am less 13 years old

  18. Jirard :I'm the only one who liked the wii u me: WaiT ThEre aRe oTheRS?

  19. In my opinion, the gamecube had some of the best titles (not at launch though)
    Luigi’s Mansion and Paper Mario are some of my favorite game series, and the best entries in both of those were on the gamecube.

  20. Bro Wii U was my favorite console and I have the wii and a switch the

  21. Tried stadia a month or so ago. Still can’t play things without heavy frame drops. I have the best internet in my area. And anything more than walking around starts to lag out

  22. They wii u is better than the switch. Fight me.

  23. 15:05 as much as this thing filed I will never get the jingle that goes with it out of my head. "*smacks table* STADIA!"

  24. Psp had lumines at launch, therefore it is the best

  25. and now we can add the ps5 and the new xbox(what ever its called i honestly cant remember the name all i know its a stupid name that isn't memorable at all compared to the xbox xbox 360 and even xbox one) for worst launches. 1 because you cant even get the consoles and if you do it will take months 2. there are barley and games on it that are worth it and most of the games that are already on it you can just get it on the previous gen( im mainly talking about the ps5). also because there is almost no one talking about the consoles at all like i didnt even know the new xbox even came out when it was released. but to be fair this is just my personal opinion and my experience from what ive heard

    also not saying they are bad consoles it just had a really bad launch

  26. Stadia is dead, so no recover.

  27. The PS5 and Xbox Series X would definitely be on this list it it was made today. Fucking scalpers…

  28. I love my vita, I feel like sony mostly botched that one which sucks as it was great, boss af for retro games

  29. I'll give you one reason why the Vita failed-not allowing third-party memory cards, if you wanted to save your games you had to buy Sony's proprietary memory cards which were ludcriously overpriced from 60-80 dollars, as much as a AAA console game and sometimes! It was mind-boggling to see Sony shoot themselves in both feet simultaneously with such a money-grubbing and bone-headed decision.

  30. saying its not as good as a phone vs mobile gaming killed the vita is the same thing you weirdo. i had an ipod touch 4g in 2011 and it was fucking insane. makes me wanna activate it again and research the shit out of it

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