Top 10 WORST Video Game Console Launches -

Top 10 WORST Video Game Console Launches

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Video Game Console launches are tricky. Some people will hate how it looks, others take in the price point. All these factors and more can affect the launch of the product. Now keep in mind I’m not saying these are the worst video game consoles themselves, it is the launch and the reception we are talking about. The most infamous of these launches is the Xbox 360 and it’s red ring of death.

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  1. saying its not as good as a phone vs mobile gaming killed the vita is the same thing you weirdo. i had an ipod touch 4g in 2011 and it was fucking insane. makes me wanna activate it again and research the shit out of it

  2. I'll give you one reason why the Vita failed-not allowing third-party memory cards, if you wanted to save your games you had to buy Sony's proprietary memory cards which were ludcriously overpriced from 60-80 dollars, as much as a AAA console game and sometimes! It was mind-boggling to see Sony shoot themselves in both feet simultaneously with such a money-grubbing and bone-headed decision.

  3. I love my vita, I feel like sony mostly botched that one which sucks as it was great, boss af for retro games

  4. The PS5 and Xbox Series X would definitely be on this list it it was made today. Fucking scalpers…

  5. Stadia is dead, so no recover.

  6. and now we can add the ps5 and the new xbox(what ever its called i honestly cant remember the name all i know its a stupid name that isn't memorable at all compared to the xbox xbox 360 and even xbox one) for worst launches. 1 because you cant even get the consoles and if you do it will take months 2. there are barley and games on it that are worth it and most of the games that are already on it you can just get it on the previous gen( im mainly talking about the ps5). also because there is almost no one talking about the consoles at all like i didnt even know the new xbox even came out when it was released. but to be fair this is just my personal opinion and my experience from what ive heard

    also not saying they are bad consoles it just had a really bad launch

  7. Psp had lumines at launch, therefore it is the best

  8. 15:05 as much as this thing filed I will never get the jingle that goes with it out of my head. "*smacks table* STADIA!"

  9. They wii u is better than the switch. Fight me.

  10. Tried stadia a month or so ago. Still can’t play things without heavy frame drops. I have the best internet in my area. And anything more than walking around starts to lag out

  11. Bro Wii U was my favorite console and I have the wii and a switch the

  12. In my opinion, the gamecube had some of the best titles (not at launch though)
    Luigi’s Mansion and Paper Mario are some of my favorite game series, and the best entries in both of those were on the gamecube.

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