Top 10 Worst Video Game Console Editions Ever -

Top 10 Worst Video Game Console Editions Ever
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Who actually bought these pointless consoles?? For this list, we’re looking at truly terrible rare and limited-edition consoles from throughout gaming history. Our countdown includes Gold PS5, Mountain Dew Xbox, Tommy Hilfiger Game Boy Color, “Hello Kitty” Xbox, “Shrek” Game Boy Advance SP and more! Which of these will you be searching for on eBay? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. 🤔🇬🇧😒 my is bad edition donkey kong

  2. The colors of the shrek gba sp looked like they came from nickelodeon instead.

  3. Thats the price of a ps5 right now where I'm from

  4. When I was in college, one of my dorm-mates had the Mountain Dew Xbox. It stopped working after a few months and he smashed it with a bat.

  5. In my opinion alone the xbox audi r 8 looks cool.
    At the same time looks random as all hell lol

  6. I never understood why people would buy ultra expensive versions of tech that has such short life spans. Like the idiots who spent $100,000 on a gold and diamond iPhone 4.

  7. That’s why I won’t buy a PS5 already
    Waiting for the Switch Pro

  8. I fould take that golden ps5! for free ofcourse!

  9. Its not a suprise at all that I've never heard or seen any if these. I'm not an X box dude but the R8 Mustang and Lambo Xboxs were pretty badass.

  10. I won't lie, I wouldn't mind having that Tommy Hilfiger Gameboy color lol. I never knew that one.

  11. Nintendo gamer practically all my life and I never ever ever heard of the Wii supreme.

  12. Some notes I have to make:

    1 — I think the Suzuki SXBox 360 should be #1. I mean… why is it not #1?

    2 — The Sega Saturn listed in the honorable mentions doesn’t look bad to me. (That’s my opinion)

  13. That Dew Xbox is pretty hot though… I have a Mountain Dew Fender electric guitar from a promotion.

  14. Sorry but that Shrek console looks 🔥

  15. Who in their right mind would want a Gold Nintendo Wii or a Gold plated PS5? Not to mention the Shrek Gameboy Advance was ugly. The Hello Kitty Xbox was more appealing to me.

  16. I would buy a mountain dew playstation or switch, not Xbox though, as for gold ps5 id like a fake gold ps5 Thats the same price as regular, I loved my ps4 gold painted controller

  17. I like the Shrek gba sp ,and liked game gear, so I'd take a coke game gear if I cold get at decent price

  18. I like the Sega sateen cool as well, only dissonance menymtion was the tacobell Xbox, sincevits a crappy Xbox system

  19. I still have 0 idea what is wrong with the mountain dew xbox. That seems a pretty natural special edition. I actually saved up the points with some friends, but we could never redeem them fast enough before each wave was gone. So we got some sweet hoodies instead.

  20. I have mountain dew xbox i was one of those people who did that

  21. When you turn on Lamborghini XBOX, it may sound like an Lamborghini.

  22. I want the hello kitty Xbox, I’m not joking 😞😞😞 I love cute things❤️❤️❤️

  23. If nobody wants that xbox 360 car I will take it for free 😂

  24. That PS5 Dubai Edition (as i call it) looks so fine and the green Xbox looks pretty cool, considering green became the Xbox theme color.

  25. Not gonna lie a Platinum PS5 sounds pretty damn badass lol

  26. who will buy a golden version of a wifi router?!

  27. Nigga I can't get a regular PS5 let alone a damn gold one

  28. I’ll get the shrek game boy right now cause shrek is love shrek is life lol

  29. Ironic the title is worst console and they picked the worst voice over guy to do the video

  30. My mom loves Hello Kitty, what would she say about this?

  31. Is there a time when "nobody asked for this" is an actual, legitimate argument against something?

  32. Did you notice how most of these were Xbox? Yeah, because Microsoft is garbage and doesn't know shit about marketing or gaming. They should stick to computers and give up on Xbox, seriously.

  33. Ah You Baited Me With A Golden PS5 Thumbnail Wow!!!!!!!

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