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Top 10 Worst Video Game Console Defects
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Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Infamous Game Console Defects. For this list, we’ll be looking at notorious console design flaws that led to serious issues down the road. Our list includes Joy-Con Drift, the Red Ring of Death, the PS2’s Disc Read Errors, the NES’s Cartridge Slot, and more! Did you suffer through any of these? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Limited color schemes and awkward design isn't a defect… it's by DESIGN

  2. I find rrdr to be the most offensive of these. I remember playing Kameo and the next day I got rrdr. NO new consoles should go down that fast. rrdr happen to me at least 3 times.

  3. I HATE joy -con drift! I have replaced at least 4 sets of controllers because of this stupid f***ing issue! And that's just on the first switch I own! ( I have 2 of them. ) I'm honestly getting sick of replacing these f***ing broken controllers! Say what you want about the PS2, but at least the controllers for that lasted longer than 2 months before breaking, ugh! I love my switches, but I hate replacing controllers all because one of the fartsuckers decides to suddenly no longer listen to me and throws me into harms way and causing me to die 50 times, I don't appreciate when controllers gain a mind of their own!

  4. I just had a problem with my PS4 blinking blue light I had to replace the hard drive and it wasn't even a year old

  5. Man I remember my ps3 caught that yellow light or death and that’s was it then my 360 got the red ring of death then my GameCube stop reading my disks

  6. The drift occurred on my old grey Joy Cons and my blue Xbox One Controller.

  7. I had the red ring of death in the 2 original xbox consoles

  8. HM: Nintendo DS lite. Dead Pixel lines on the top screen and the hold between the 2 screens breaking, so the top screen wouldnt hold itself up. Happened to 3 of my Nintendo DS lite and to a dozen of school mates. I was able to refund the consoles

  9. TV, TV, TV, TV over your remote.
    Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports.
    XBOX is the next water cooler.

  10. Xbox RROD is by far the most widespread and expensive thing on the list. It should easily be number 1.

  11. Missed the opportunity of including AVGN clips on the Atari 5200 and Virtual Boy to know how they suck

  12. You also failed to mention how the 3ds had bad eyestrain when the 3d was on and recomended young people only play it for 20 minutes at a time.

  13. I had a problem with the PS2 not reading discs everything like that I remember my PS3 overheating when trying to play it

  14. I went through 3 xbox 360s cause of the red ring of deatg

  15. Both of my joy cons had drifting issues. I ended up just ordering the parts and fixing it myself, but it’s starting to look like the drift is coming back again on the right one.

  16. Aw geez, that Joy Con Drift problem was bugging me to no end. I think that explains why I got replacements for Christmas last year.

  17. Funny story. I had one of the bigger models of the PS3, while my brother had an XBOX 360. Sharing one tv, we placed both consoles next to each other. Having no prior problems with it, one day, my PS3 would not turn on. To this day, I still believe that my console was aware of me playing with the XBOX 360.

  18. Okay my list based off of experience since these zoomers voters mess up the list. Joycon drift was nothing compared to these. Nobody had a virtual boy.
    3. Connector pins in the NES.
    2. PS2 slim power connector always Frickin broke.
    1. Red Ring Xbox 360. This was the first major issue in a console where you couldn't buy something to fix it and it was super widespread when the console was new that made the console completely unplayable.This is what made repair shops for consoles mainstream. My older brother and his friends all got the red ring just by playing. You had to be there to know how bad it was.

  19. Fun Fact: The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Can Also Have Controller Drift, And It Sucks So Bad That When Ever I Play SSBU (Super Smash Bros Ultimate) My Pro Controller Has Really Bad Controller Drift, It'll Keep Pointing Me Down, (Down B, Down Air, Down Smash, Down Tilt, And Down Throw) With My Characters! Smash Is The Worst Way To Have Controller Drift In My Opinion! Nintendo Really Needs To Fix Their Controller Drift Problem! >:(

  20. I had a little bit of problems with my Xbox One, but other than that, it’s working better now. Disc read errors on PS2 scared the heck out of it…😰
    Plus, my switch will sometimes; say I need to connect to my Nintendo Switch to my console and/or use a controller… It REALLY grinded on my gears!

  21. That's not a defect. It was the way it was. The virtual boy is the biggest flop but the biggest defect I think is a bit lazy. The red ring of death and then the joycon drift should be one and 2. Just my opinion

  22. I never expected to see Watchdog again after it finished a few years ago. Who would keep recordings of consumer protection TV programs around?

  23. I remember wishing to play again on my PSP after this for a trip… only to find out that the battery was fat as fck & about to explode… and ofc, not working anymore…

    And since u can't find a new one these days… It has no uses anymore 🙁

  24. Yellow light of death better be on here

  25. Switch players: Our joycon sticks are drifting!
    Nintendo: No they're not.
    Switch players: Can you at least fix the design of the controllers so they don't drift?
    Nintendo: There's a cheaper option for that.
    Switch players: yeah?
    Nintendo: Don't use the controllers.

  26. Man do I hate those joycon drifts! That’s why I use a pro controller

  27. The loud fan and overheat was one of the most annoying thing on ps4 for me, i couldn't play other games i enjoy playing but thankfully i had a fresh ps4 and i was hoping for getting ps5 when it in my hands.

  28. I had the problem of loud fan on my PS4 Slim and the only way I could stop it from crashing games often was to buy a Laptop Cooling fan for my PS4 to sit on, the Laptop Fan is now in storage as I don't need it for the PS5, so far.

    I did also experience Yellow Light of Death on my first PS3 thanks to a Power Surge during a storm, after that I swear by Surge Protectors.

  29. I got joy con drift so bad, I had to buy a full new set of Joy Cons 🙃

  30. I bought 4 Xbox 360 had the ring of death on 3. They kept dying I kept paying more.

  31. This is a great reason not to rush out and buy new consoles. Besides being hard to get, not having enough games, and having outrageously marked up prices, you're breaking your back to buy a system that likely will have some issues. It's better to wait and get them cheaper (I ended up getting a PS4 with 3 Uncharted games for about $250 a year after it's original release, I didn't miss out on anything buying it a year later), with more games, and when they get a chance to fix the problems from the initial release.

  32. I'm already on my second set of remotes for the switch because of the damn remotes. SMH

  33. I had the psp dead pixels, the yellow light in my original ps3, the loud fan noises in my ps4 pro (and overheat/reset but only in nba2k21 for some reason), the no disc read/eject in my original ps3 (not listed) and various ps4 and 1 ps5 controllers with drift joystics (not listed). No problem with my psone or ps2

  34. After getting the red ring of death on 2 of my 360's, I gave up on Microsoft and just stayed with Sony and Nintendo.

  35. Don’t know about the pro but i have the original ps4 and that thing is louder than a hair dryer. To be fair it is still alive after 8 years, but it’s not fun to play anymore, because you need a headset on at all times and mute yourself even playing single player games.

  36. joy-cons actually have a fix for drift for ones released for skyward sword and after

  37. I worked at Gamestop during the ps2 defects and 360 red ring of death. Those were FAR more irksome than the joy con drift ever was

  38. Two sets of Joycons, two cases of extremely bad drifting. Latest set was bought two months ago. Gotta buy the more expensive pro controller to avoid that inexcusable problem.

  39. The virtual boy was just bad on its own. The 360 shood be on place 1

  40. 10. This is one of the reasons why I quit playing this console alongside the randomness of the sudden home screen appearance without input & the defect of the cd failing to read. No good from anything of it's games except maybe Symphony of the Night due to Konami being fucking assholes & the Nintendo version of Bloodstained Ritual of the Night being shit. WHY IS IT SO FUCKING HARD FOR KONAMI TO PORT SOTN INTO SWITCH!?
    7. I'm worried about my PS2 as I haven't touch it for too long but at a same time(As I still have Mega Man Anniversary Collection & X Collection), I did not mind since recent consoles now have Mega Man 11.
    2. I FUCKING HATE THAT FUCKING DEFECT SO FUCKING MUCH! Previous Nintendo consoles do not have that kind of defect which makes this issue all the more baffling. It was one of the biggest reasons why the Switch felt inferior than past Nintendo consoles alongside the shittiness of online services, no backwards compatibility of 3DS or Wii U, no true Virtual Console feature, and inferior controller design. This is why when playing Switch, I don't play 3D games anymore. I only used the Joy Con Controllers for 2D games(Mega Man 11, Bloodstained Curse of the Moon series, & Cyber Shadow), Power-A type Gamecube Controller for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and the wired Hori-Pad Pro Controller for Metroid Dread(Which I'm hoping it does not drift after a long time).

  41. I got the 360 ROD on the very one first one I got

  42. the xbox 360 rrod is the worst console failure EVER and I will never forgive nintendo 🙁

  43. Switch drift while inexcusably bad, is actually really cheap and easy to fix yourself. You can buy stick replacement kits for like $7 that gives you everything you need and it takes like 5 mins.

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