TOP 10 GAMES OF ALL TIME (Rob Man Edition) - Happy Console Gamer -

TOP 10 GAMES OF ALL TIME (Rob Man Edition) – Happy Console Gamer

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Rob Man shows his favourite video games of all time!

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Link to the past is the best Zelda. As far as Breath of the wild goes I could live with the broke weapons, I couldn't get past there being no true dungeons in the game. Great game though.

  2. very pleasantly surprised to see silent hill 2 there. that game to me is a work of art. it brings so many emotions everytime i play it its crazy

  3. Man… if I agree with your guys lists or not doesnt even matter. I love watching the joy you guys had at sharing your favorite games. In fact this is the type of energy in most of your content, good job keep it up!

  4. Is it me or this guy top 10 list is better than his buddy?? Bionic Comando.. Zelda Link to the past..Blaster Master…Castlevania SOTN..Silent Hiil2..Resident Evil 2 . They're all in my List!!🤘🤘🤘

  5. In no particular order, for me: Streets of Rage 2, Donkey Kong Country 2, Starfox, Final Fantasy X, Killer Instinct, Mega Man X, Castlevania 3, Super Metroid, Mortal Kombat 2, Street Fighter 2 Turbo

  6. the remake of resident evil 2 and 3 need to come to the switch or at least the remasters. we have all except these 2 and code veronica. we even have re7 if you know how to access the japanese eshop using an alt account. if nintendo offered 1-6 in one whole collectors edition box with a big art book id buy it instantly. theres a catch tho and many would agree. the games HAVE to be physical versions all on seperate cartridges and not from the eshop digitally where if a license runs out thats it and if you dont have it installed on your device or sd card you lose out. digital you still dont really own the game its more like your renting it at a premium price. we also need the silent hill series on the switch as well. add a nice art book with maybe amiibos of the bosses or main characters and id be happy. again physical only

  7. #10- Tetris (GameBoy)

    #9 – World of Warcraft (PC)

    #8 – Patapon 2 (PSP and PS4)

    #7 – Final Fantasy VII (7) (Multiple Platforms)

    #6 – WildARMs (PS1)

    #5 – Gran Turismo (PlayStation)

    #4 – XCOM 2 (PC and PS4)

    #3 – X-Men (old school 4 player side scroller) (XBox Arcade, Arcade)

    #2 – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1)

    #1 – Xenogears (PS1)

  8. Johnny’s reaction for “number one” is PRICELESS!!!!!!

  9. Mega man 2 was seriously hard I'd love to play it now to see how I'd do

  10. Rob you should seriously have your own youtube channel i just love your energy and personality

  11. The reason why a link to the past is better than breath is cuzz the weapon dont break…. WHAT? thats funny, great video

  12. Happy to see boozer grow he's arm back :*

  13. I love this channel but how come these guys can’t admit that games have gotten better over time? I’m talking about hardware innovations and better understanding of game design. Realistically a list for top 10 should have a lot more newer games than this, ridiculous amount of nostalgia here.

    They even imply this by talking about these games in the past tense, these games “were” great, suggest they aren’t anymore.

  14. my top 10
    10: Pokemon Heart Gold
    9: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    8: Batman: Arkham City
    7: Bloodborne
    6: Persona 5
    5: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    4: Silent Hill 3, i personally find Heather more interesting than James, James is a weirdo lol.
    3: The Witcher 3
    2:Super Smash Bros Mele
    1: Dragon Quest 11 S the switche version.
    it's a bit out of order, but they're my top 10 favourites.

  15. A lot of excellent games. Well picked, RobMan! 😉 I find it amusing that the top is full of number 2’s of game series. It’s cool to think about how well a lot of games did with their first sequels.

  16. Rob is such an old school gamer i love it

  17. I don't know if it's the same Victoria Rob mentioned, but I totally live in A Victoria.

  18. I love you Rob and Johnny please keep doing what y'all doing I can't get enough of you guys together

  19. Omg. Shadow Hearts is life. As a fellow Rob I'm so happy right now.

  20. Rob is a true gamer. Most solid list I've seen in years.

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  22. that bomberman gameplay was so funny just tossing it back to eachother! hahahahaha

  23. Symphony of the Night is my absolutely number 1 favorite game OVER ALL, and Link to the past is also in my top, of course I'm a big classic Rockman fan, so I can't believe the likes in our tastes!!

  24. Anybody else coming back here every once in awhile?

  25. Rob is a huge Mario 64 fan and the fact it's not on his list says A LOT about the games who made it to this list

  26. I've been going through a very difficult time in my life and your videos bring me joy, nostalgia, and help lift my mood each day. I could nerd out with you guys all day long haha.

  27. How do you guys keep your games in such good shape? Some of these ps1 games look like they were purchased yesterday

  28. Well done! Good video with two authentic and chilled guys who are likeable.

  29. Megaman didn't come with Nintendo marked slip covers

  30. Thanks buddy! It was a fun time playing Zelda. It’s still my all time favourite to this day. I still have that very SNES we played and most the games I had with it.

  31. And this is why HCG is the best gaming channel on YT. You guys live in gaming, you know every nook and cranny of gaming history and you're suprer passionate about it!! LOVE IT

  32. My top 10 nostalgic games are: 1. Renegade (Amstrad) 2. Turrican 2 (Amiga) 3. Lemmings (Amiga) 4. Shinobi (Arcade) 5. Donkey Kong (SNES) 6. Sonic (Mega Drive) 7. Soul Calibur 2 (Dreamcast) 8. Goldeneye (N64) 9. Bomberman (Any platform) 10. Half Life (PC) Honorable mention: Wipeout from Psygnosis and Virtua Tennis 2 (Dreamcast)

  33. "then how where they allowed to live?!" robman is a god

  34. Very interesting list! I have been meaning to play resident evil 2 again one day. I played it around the time it released and all I remember is that it was great so I can practically play it again for the first time.

  35. I really love you 2 guys together you always making me laugh

  36. I recently saw this channel. Great energy so I subscribed.

  37. Some of my favorites without thinking,in no particular order:
    1.The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time
    2.Super Mario World
    3.Resident Evil 4
    5.Donkey Kong Country 2
    6.Fallout:New Vegas
    7.ESPN NFL 2k5

  38. Link to the Past was the greatest Zelda. Totally agree. Most fun gameplay.

  39. Oh hey, I also had Super Bomberman 2 growing up! I loved it as well. My friends and I also went at each other in crazy multiplayer Bomberman matches. We did Super Bomberman 2, but we also did a lot of Bomberman 64: The Second Attack.

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