Top 10 Biggest Video Game Console Rip Offs -

Top 10 Biggest Video Game Console Rip Offs
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Countless companies have tried to rip off PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles! For this list, we’ll be looking at the most baffling video game console clones and knock-offs that have tried to ride off the success of other famous consoles. Our countdown includes the X-Game 360, PCP Station, Treamcast, Polystation and more! What do you think of these ridiculous console rip offs! Any we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. The only two consoles I ever owned were Rambo and Polystation. And at the time, I played and ejoyed the hell outta them 😀 we were pretty poor so I'm eternally grateful to my parents for providing me with even the cheapest form of entertainment!

  2. The biggest rip off ever is the solja boy consoles. LOL

  3. Stone cold / D ROB I'll stomp a mud hole says:

    Soulja Boy had a video game i did heard he has a truck load of games

  4. This list could be filled on Ashens reviews alone.

  5. I heard the PCP uses the advanced LSD screen.

  6. That's what happens when you're a 1 hit wonder. He hasn't has a hit since Crank That

  7. Number 8 looked liked those old Tiger handheld games from the 80's and early 90's.

  8. I once saw a “Funstation” being sold in Trinidad.

  9. Ah, scams. They’ll never disappear until we start punishing those who make them.

  10. Wow powkiddy looks more like a Nintendo switch and a PlayStation portable device both fuse into one console.

  11. I think "Rambo TV Game" is my favorite name, lol!

  12. These have to be bought at Amazon and Wish.

  13. Even if they have Retro comment credit they still didn't ask and sue ppl for using theirs? I hope watch mojo go to court, idc anymore.

  14. Oh yeah, good old Polystation… Ruined a lot of Christmas around the world 😂

  15. What the hell was the point of any of these consoles?

  16. I understand you're supposed to ask for Tyrone Biggums when buying a PCP Station

  17. The Super Joy brought my godbrother and I lots of memories back when we were poor kids lol. We stayed up all night playing those games on that thing until the wire got a shortage in it and kept resetting to the main menu. Then it became a contest to see how long we could play before the game messed up lol.

    We blamed it on the “wire guys” – some imaginary job where guys control the wiring to EVERY electronic in the city (mind you we were in Houston) and we thought they were disconnecting our game from afar just to mess with us.

    Awesome times. I even bought one years later as a rich champ just to relive the memories.

  18. I haven’t even heard of these HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIFYING console ripoffs. So bad, YouTube thought it was a REAL NES and a REAL Wii U.

  19. You can play Game Boy Advance titles on a switch LOL! 2:49

  20. Jontron, ConnertheWaffle and Rerez are entered the chat.

  21. "Mom, can I have [game console]?"
    "No, we have [game console] at home."
    [Game console] at home:

  22. My grandma give me pcp station for my 17th birthday. She taught that is psp.

  23. we need a AVGN episode of this products

  24. Mum can I have a PS5 Mum we have a PS5 at home The ps5 at home:

  25. What’s with the horrible music in the background? And the narrator sounds like his narrating an 80s show.

  26. I got one of those rip off called Ali-com back when I was six years old. The exterior looked like old version of PS1 but it ran several built-in NES. Surprisingly tho, it could run the games pretty smoothly.

  27. Lol I remember that knock off Wii. My aunt got my niece it and they loved it

  28. soulja isnt a wannabe entreprenuer.he can buy this whole channel and be your boss lmao.yeah he was shady for that console but he isnt the only celebrity who's made and sold knockoffs.soulja has other business outside of that console

  29. Guys! You missed Phantom System, a NES Clone that defined a generation in Brazil, because the real console never arrived here and importing it was too expensive.

    Alongside with the official Master System (this one was actually produced here), they were all we had to play back in the day, until the arrival of Genesis (here it was called Mega Drive like the Japanese version) and much later the official release of SNES. So NES was NEVER officially launched in Brazil – so anyone who claims have played a NES game here either played it via ROM or via Phantom System!

  30. I wonder how many of these were re-branded, and, sold by Soulaboy?

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