Top 10 Best Console Launch Games Ever Made -

Top 10 Best Console Launch Games Ever Made

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The games available the first day a new console arrives usually run the gamut from slightly upgraded cross-generation ports to gorgeous but hollow racing game eye candy. But occasionally, a launch game comes along that is so exceptional and essential that it defines that console’s lifecycle and revolutionizes the video game medium as we know it. Here are what we think are the 10 best console launch games to ever exist!



  1. What?! Ngl I thought kid Icarus would be on this list, it was for a long time the only reason to buy a 3ds

  2. Halo Combat Evolved Should’ve Been Number 1

  3. If we’re going by influence alone, SMB is unmatched

  4. Zelda is a terrible game, how the hell is it on this list

  5. Don't whitewash Circle of the Moon, it really wasn't that great

  6. I…Super Mario World at 5????? BELOW SUPER MARIO 64?!?!?!

  7. Breath of the wild is my favorite launch title in additionto being one of my favorite games of all time. Second would probably be Luigi's mansion or wii sports.

  8. Would have made Halo #1, it’s a true masterpiece. But the rest is cool 😎

  9. Zelda BOW is not a launch game is a Nintendo Wii U game ported to switch………

  10. When the entire list is pretty much nintendo 😂😂❤

  11. So Wii sports started the trend of pretty installed outdoor games .hmmm🤔

  12. Legend of Zelda breath of the wild is number 1 on my list.

  13. Super Mario World SNES has been my favorite console launch game as it was my first gaming console as a kid.

  14. What about Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast or Sonic The Hedgehog on Sega Genesis?!??

  15. Damn Halo Combat Evolved should’ve been number 1! But it’s also hard to compare it to Super Mario 64 or Super Mario World but man that game was golden! It’s very logical to pick Super Mario Bros as number one because it redefined gaming as a whole and is iconic as HELL so it makes sense to make it number one. Great list for once IGN!

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