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TIRED OF VIDEO GAMES? – Happy Console Gamer

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Do you ever get tired and bored or tired of playing video games?

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Like with everything in life, balance absolutely is the key. Since I moved and just created the gameroom I always wanted, I realized how seldom I enter it just for the sake of playing games. And I think and feel like it is absolutely healthy so it remains something special. I do have a busy work schedule and I also like to go ride my bike or bicycle (bmx and mtb), enjoy my outdoor activities, like chillin down at the river, fishing, making campfires and cooking outdoors with my cast-iron pan, playing guitar and recording with my band and buddies, enjoying some good beer, and and and… So, if you feel tired of something, anything, ALWAYS go do something else. Something out of your comfort zone. Something unexpected. Call your buddies or just take a shot in the dark and go some place alone. It´s incredible what this´ll do to your mood in general. It´s crazy that some of the most natural and common things in life aren´t to obvious at all to what I guess most people.

  2. When it comes to stay interested in gaming, I can recommend to try stuff that´s totally different from most games. If all you play is ego shooters – no wonder you´re dull. The key is to re-discover your love in games. Like, I finally got around to play and finish Policenauts (English-Fan translation, similar to Snatcher). And it totally blew my mind how awesome it was. An absolute mindfuggg that´s unlike anything else you´ll ever play. I have learned to trust my inner compass on what games to spend my time on. Some games also will only work at a certain season with me. For example, I love me some horror. But I know I will only truly enjoy these kind of games in late fall or winter. Take a break and go out hiking in the sun!

  3. So much true has been said . I playing games for almost 33 years nas never Get bored of it. Same is to playing guitar, sing, etc. I absolute love art and the same escapism that I feel during playing a piece of music I have the same throughout videogames.

  4. Boredom stems from repetition…but since videogames have a wide spectrum of experience and replayability you'll rarely get bored.
    Same goes with real life. Do something different everyday and you'll seldom get bored

  5. Not really, but I can get sick of longer games and need to take breaks after 20 hours or so. I took a 2 month break of Xenoblade after 40 hours when I played it.

  6. No because games are inherently stimulating and in many cases addicting. They're a dopamine fix our brains won't willfully do without.

  7. I dont get bored of playing video games but I do get overwhelmed with all the games I have and what system to play them on.

  8. yeah I have but then I go from the game I'm bored from to another awesome game haha

  9. I can't get enough of video games, but I do try to watch movies and get out more because we all have and need rest from all the fun of video games, besides there is always new games coming out to try and play and have lots of fun with the Video Games!!

  10. Sometimes I need to put a particular game down for a little while but in general I'm with you, Johnny, I never get tired of games. Great video, dude!

  11. I've gotten tired of games and have had long layoffs and never thought I would enjoy gaming again. But games that brought me back into the fold at different periods of gaming despair are: Bonk's Revenge – Final Fantasy VII – Jak and Daxter – Uncharted Drake's Fortune – Tomb Raider (2013) as well as Rayman Legends at the same time – Infamous Second Son – Horizon Zero Dawn as well as Tearaway. I'm still playing games but finding it a chore to play but I know Spider-man will bring me back to enjoying games again and we're also getting Spyro the Reignition Trilogy pretty soon as well.

  12. 1 time i was a little bit tired of games and i didnt played games for 1 and half month and then i started playing it a lot again

  13. I spent my middle school and high school days, inside just playing games all the time. Now I'm 22 and I rarely play. I wanna sit down and play something but I get bored instantly. I usually go out now instead of being inside all day. I still keep up with gaming though , waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3!

  14. Why let go of what makes you happy right?

    Video games keep my starry-eyed childhood within arm's reach – while some people might see that as a negative, very few things are more important to me than to keep my ability to be positive and hopeful intact. Gaming for life boyooo

  15. my burnout stems more from the fact that in my opinion there are MAYBE 1-3 good video game releases a year (RIP RPGs) and i get pretty bored with everything else. i dont really have any other hobbies though. i miss ff11 🙁

  16. Sometimes I can get burned out of them or not be in the mood to play them, but I'll always have interest. At times I would rather spend more time doing something else, if I need to balance my time with them.

  17. If you'd still do this when you are 60 … awesome. Players never grow up!
    I mean of course sometime people need a break from gaming, but lunch and dinnertime is enough isnt it. There are so many different genres of games,…

  18. If someone spends most of their time and all of their mental energy on the escape, is it really escapism?

  19. I get tired of them now and then. I dropped out of the hobby for a few years at the beginning of the millennium. I find it's important not to force myself to keep playing if I'm not enjoying it; that just sours my feelings towards video games in general. There's plenty of other stuff out there to enjoy, both artistically and socially.

  20. I don't get tired of video games per se, but I burn myself out. I have this bad habit that when I get a new game, I try and play it as long as possible each day until I beat it. The problem is that drains me quickly. If I can't beat a game within a week or two, I lose interest in the game. There will be times in which I won't play video games for weeks on end. It is usually when I'm really busy, and I can't play video games. Like, I have 2 hours to get to bed, so I'm ready to work the next day. I don't want to play video games then, because I know I won't enjoy it for the sake of enjoying it, as I'm on a timer and I'm mentally worried that I'm wasting my time.

  21. Jonny mate start to do some exercise, and look after yourself. It seriously could be a little bit if depression.

  22. My issue right now is I wish I had more time for video games! College and work takes too much time 🙁

  23. If I had all the money I would never get tired of videogames lol So many games are released now that there's so much variety in A+ and Indie to experience.

  24. I'll get periods when the momentum slows drastically then it get's hard to get back into gaming and play something.

  25. Online has changed everything kids playing with people they've never even seen before.Cant beat group plays in real life glad I no what gaming was like before the net.

  26. I don't think I'll ever get bored of video games, even though I like reading about them, writing about them, talking about them, and watching shows about them! Maybe if I was playing them 24/7 then I'd get tired of them, but as long as you have balance, like you said, then it's possible to keep going! Interesting video and not a topic I've seen discussed elsewhere 🙂

  27. 30 years strong and no slowing down. Also, Holotube officially trademarked.

  28. I got burnt out on video games during the PS3/360 generation and at the start of the current gen until I got a PS4 then upgraded to the PS4 Pro,then I got a Switch after it was out for a year.

  29. I've been playing Warcraft III regularly since 2003!

  30. For me I get burned out on genres but then come back to them later. Like last year I played through a bunch of survival horror games but this year I only finished 1 or 2 and mostly got into JRPG's and 2D fighter's. This cycle continues for me as I always find a new genre or series to obsess over.

  31. Spoken like a man without real extreme ADHD roflolmfao 😛
    I have fer suure gotten :bored" and needed a break, wehther swtichign between game safter month sof playing was not enough, or I had been playing for non stop for days stright, I have needed to step away.Still, vid games are one of my passions.

  32. No way I'm 50 just and still playing video games since the zx spectrum days. Admittedly I'm not so good with many games

  33. I never had fatigue until recently. Just once, and am still kind of feeling the after affects of it. Right now it's no so bad, I ended up taking a break for a few days a couple of times this month, and did kind of find enjoyment in playing. But it's still not 100%. This was the first time it happened too, and I was confused for a while of what to do if I do take a break, cause it felt like all motivation was lost in that period.

    And it was just recently too that I was super into gaming, finding your channel among others, to think about how I actually wanted to buy physical discs again and buy special editions. I was invested in 2017, that's when I got to fully immerse myself in games other than my go to game which was WWE for a very long time. I got to play Persona 5, Zero Escape, Tokyo Xanadu eX+, God Eater, Tales of Zestiria, among others. 2018 was when I felt deep enjoyment in everything that I played, no matter what I played, I felt like I would enjoy to some degree. And I did. It was a month ago when all of that changed. The end of last year.

    I'm in College currently, and have been since 2017. It was in 2018 when I had chosen to switch my course to something else, so I had a huge break in between, like 6-7 months. In that break I was gaming quite a bit compared to last year though it hadn't gotten out of hand. Until November going into December, that's when I was playing from morning till night almost everyday, cause I was just so invested in a series. And had to get to the next one right after, that's when the fatigue came in. I

    it wasn't just video games though, 2016, was when I was super into anime, where I watched anime everyday, and binged quite a bit. It was also because of a break I had in High School at that time. I did end up getting burnt out on anime as well, at that time i didn't play video games at all. Cause I was just so invested in anime. When I played video games after that, the investment in gaming, in 2017 was the result of that.

    As I said in the beginning, I am still recovering from it, and do end up going back to my go to game which is WWE, just to see if I had burnout because of playing one certain series for a whole month, or just because I'm tired of gaming in general. It was the latter of course, for a while. So I did end up taking a break, and have found myself enjoying some games again. Not to the extent of last year, where I enjoyed every game I got my hands on.

  34. I don't get burnt out on games but I get burnt out on genres.

  35. Γιώργος Παπαγεωργόπουλος says:

    The last 2 years I got so burnt out. I was in a Rainbow Six Siege team and played for 8 hours a day Siege. Now I want to play some games I have and never played ( Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4 ) and I can't. I get bored after 5 minutes.

  36. I'm not a hardcore gamer like you are, so I don't play for long periods of time, unless it's Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Batman: The Telltale Series Season 1 on the Nintendo Switch. I'm only 32 years old, and none of my closest friends are married and none have kids, but, they work, they live in a different city, or whatever the case may be, so I don't see them as often as I'd like, but I see them a lot more than I would if they were married and had kids. And yeah, playing video games with your friends is a great way to blow off steam or to connect with other people. Some of my best video game memories are of my best friend coming over when I was in college on a Friday afternoon and the two of us playing Halo and Halo 2 on the original Xbox in my parents's living room. Or sitting in my parents's basement playing Super Smash Bros., Star Fox 64, Perfect Dark, GoldenEye 007, and 007 The World is Not Enough on the Nintendo 64 in middle school and high school with my younger brother or a friend of mine.

  37. I never get bored of video games as a whole I just burn out on certain genres. There was a time when everything became open world and I was just so sick of it.
    People who tire of video games forget that a varied gaming diet is extremely important and if you play nothing but AAA-junk then of course you will get bored.

  38. I've never been bored with videogames, but I go through phases where I game lightly and then heavily. I'd never stop playing games if I didn't need to!

  39. When I start getting "bored with games," or however anyone wants to word it, it's usually not the fault of games being boring. Every time it's because I know there is other stuff that I really need to be doing. When I start getting lazy with my priorities, then it's like I have this guilty conscience.

  40. true, JRPG is timeless… u wont get bored from it because its casual thing..
    same like tetris, mario, etc…

    if u played too complicated games… yes u will get bored..

    most people who got bored is people who plays COD, DOTA, MOBILE GAMING, gacha, micro transactions, endless online grindinggames that complicated andcan create an addiction …far from enjoyable…

    with addiction.. u destroy ur balance of life…. that will make u bored of video games absolutely…
    if it dont,, then u are addicted so bad that u need to see doctors

  41. It's 10th Anniversary. All anniversaries are annual, i.e., years

  42. I never get tired of playing videogames but I do get tired from playing them. When my eyes get tired I need to stop playing.

  43. I just feel as though it’s all starts to get repetitive to me cause I usually always win and it just doesnt have that same feeling for me I’m 18 and already sick of it but I’ve been finding myself getting bored of most things even art which I used to love to do but as I said it just gets repetitive I just feel it’s the same outcome.

  44. Ive found I don't tire of video games, but what it is is I got tired of the "connectivity," online, dlc, monetization, carrot on a stick stuff. I tend to play PS2 and earlier. There is a large library of stuff there.

  45. I’m completelly bored of video games, i got 250 physical games and probably half of them i didnt even start or finished. I have though of selling them but im afraid i would regret. In the past i sold a ps1 i got and i regret it dearly. Thats the only reason i dont sell. Its like a gold mine im sitting on but i cant sell. I get the new games and i dont even break the seal. Totally bored of games. Even the old consoles like snes i cant stand anymore, and those were the games i though they would never grow old, but they did. I think this is just life, its not that i dont have time, i do, i just dont care about those games anymore, yet i know news, i know whats coming next and when, etc. i dont think i will enjoy games as i did in the past. Im 32 years old. I though i would take longer for me to grow tired of these games.

  46. Johnny, I'll still watch you even if you were a hologram.

    "Hello and welcome to another holotape" 😃

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