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TIER LIST: WWE Major Console Video Games

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The crazy, colourful and bombastic world of WWE was MADE to eventually become a video game – It just ticks all the boxes, so it’s no surprise that there have been almost countless officially licensed WWE video games on major home consoles. Ross Tweddell and Andrew Hodkinson are here to take a look at a wide selection and decide which ones are the best and which need to get in the bin! From the esteemed heights of No Mercy on the Nintendo 64, all the way down to WWF Attitude. From Nintendo and Xbox’s exclusive Day of Reckoning and Raw titles, to the modern day simulation heavy WWE2K series: This is the WWE Major Console Video Games Tier List!


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  1. I'd love a special video on Triple Jump where Ross does this for the FIFA games with someone… I know it's often meme'd as "the same game every year" but people who play them definitely have preferences and recognise features changing (not always for the better… bring back the FIFA 2003 free kick system…)

  2. War zone was made by Acclaim. WCW/NWO World Tour was made by THQ.

  3. WWE SVR 2011 is better than No Mercy, bite me!

  4. The first RAW and Attitude belong in the bin. Just awful awful games.

  5. 2K15 is lucky not to be in the bin. Shut Your Mouth should be in the best as well.

  6. Legends of Wrestlemania was such a wasted opportunity. They made it so cartoonish and oversimplified the controls because they thought it would only appeal to an older crowd who were probably playing on their kid's console and didn't know how to play video games. Another case of being out of touch with their audience.

  7. Day of Reckoning had the smoothest gameplay with the best counter system of any wrestling game I ever played.

  8. Putting the original smackdown above 2k19 is bizzare to me. I've played every game in the ranking system and 2k19 gives me the best experience.

  9. SD2, SD4, SD5, NM. 2K15 was fucking awful. Buggy as fuck with the reverse command barely working.

  10. You guys just completely skipped the 8 and 16-bit eras lol.

  11. I'm so glad to hear you both be so positive about Crush Hour! The only times I've heard it brought up over the years has been negative stuff, it was honestly one of my favourite games growing up so it's nice to see it get some well deserved love 🙂

  12. I will stand by this forever:
    SvR ‘08 was one of the worst wrestling games ever. A bunch of cool ideas for features, but it was slow, clunky, and the roster was so small, it made GM mode practically unplayable.

  13. Day of Reckoning takes a big shit on half the games above it on this list.

  14. Battleground And royal rumble don't count?

  15. I disagree with what you said about shut your mouth. I personally always thought that just bring it felt like a spruced playstation 2 version of SD 2 that was maybe a little better. Shut your mouth on the other hand felt like the beginnings of what would become HCTP and I think it's definitely overlooked by a lot of people.

  16. Man I LOVED Storyline Mode in SvR 2010, shame that ended up being a one-off.

    Also, I think Shut Your Mouth had the best ever Season Mode, there were so many storylines!

  17. Day of Reckoning 1 & 2, WWE'13 are my favorite games

  18. Idk, y'all were pretty lenient with this list. SVR 2008, 2K17, and 2K15 would've been in the bin. Those were trash games. I think yall forgot the 1996 PS1 In Your House game as well

  19. I know this is just WWE games but for all wrestling games it's this….

    The Bar:
    1. Here Comes The Pain DEFINITIVE EDITION
    2. Shut Your Mouth DEFINITIVE EDITION
    3. Fire Pro Wrestling World
    4. Virtual Pro Wrestling 2
    5. No Mercy
    6. Def Jam Vendetta
    7. Revenge
    8. WCW Vs nWo World Tour
    9. WWE SVR 06'
    10. Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special

    Honorable Mentions: All-Stars, Day of Reckoning 2, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, WWE SVR 07 08 11, WrestleMania 2000, Def Jam Fight For NY (Stella game… Not a Wrestling game tho, hip-hop street fight game, Vendetta is the Wrestling game)

  20. How Smackdown Vs. Raw 2006 is below SmackDown 2 and SmackDown Vs. Raw when it has GM Mode, create a championship and overall the better game is blasphemy….


  21. Woah the disrespect the Shut Your Mouth is crazy.

    Best story mode in any Wrestling game, The best game using the original SmackDown formula. A better CAW system than HCTP.

    Basically HCTP has a better roster and GamePlay

    SYM has a better Story Mode and CAW system.

    I think a replay of SYM is a must

  22. You couldn't be bothered to do this in chronological order?

  23. Svr 2006 got robbed man, along with HCPT and the first SVR, it's the best on ps2 for me, but they're cool for different reasons.

  24. Wrestlemania 2000 might be the wrestling game I played the most ever. Would always create characters based off Steve Blackman for some reason.

  25. Svr 2008 was great holds special place in my heart did alot of hours in it on my psp haha

  26. Oh my, these guys actually irritate the hell out of me with their ratings of the games on here. They actually gonna put SVR 2008 BELOW Crush Hour!? Wtf are they thinking? I know they changed it, but still it shows they don’t really know what makes a proper good wrestling game. Plus they put 2k15 above Legends of Wrestlemania! Like LoW isn’t a particularly good game, I personally kinda enjoyed it. Compared to 2k15 tho, which is so mediocre and boring for a wrestling game and I’ve seen on so many of the worst wrestling games lists on YouTube, LoW is SO much more fun to play than 2k15!

  27. I do absolutely love this channel tho, sorry if I seemed hateful. Not tryna be like that at all. Just didn’t particularly agree with a lot of these choice of ratings on the games. Love Cultaholic tho! Keep it up guys.

  28. Also they put Smackdown Just Bring It at the top of alright?!!? Sorry what? That was my bloody childhood man. All the Smackdown games were and the SVR games. Should’ve at least put Smackdown JBI on lovely lovely lovely!

  29. Just Bring it! 8.2/10
    Shut your Mouth 9.5/10
    Here comes the Pain 9.8/10
    SVR 9/10
    SVR 06 9.5/10
    SVR 07 9/10
    Best 6 year stretch for WWE games and its not even close!

  30. Oh I love Andrew, the kettle/thumb story made me die🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. How could you talk about Raw 2 and not talk about the fact you could use music saved on your Xbox as a wrestlers entrance music. If you wanted to you could update wrestlers music to whatever their current music was if it had changed.

  32. I remember Taz from just bring it saying "The arener is packeddd" all the time

  33. Wrestlemania 21 was awesome. The career mode is one of the best career modes in any wrestling game. Straight in lovely lovely lovely. So wish the game was on Xboxs backwards compatiabilty list but it isnt 😟

  34. WWF RAW was graphically miles ahead of Smackdown games at the time, but that's all it had. Everything else was bllleerrrrgggghhhh

  35. Yesss!! 2K19 is indeed LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY!! 🍻🍻🍻

  36. THE BEST
    WWF No Mercy
    WWF SmackDown! 2 KYR
    WWE SmackDown! HCTP
    WWE 2K14
    WWE 2K19

    LOVELY! 3x
    WWF WrestleMania 2000
    WWE '13
    WWE SmackDown! SYM
    WWE All Stars
    WWF SmackDown!
    WWF War Zone
    WWF Attitude
    WWE SvR 2011
    WWE SvR 2010
    WWE SvR 2006
    WWE SvR 2007
    WWE SvR 2008
    WWE '12
    WWE DOR 2

    WWE SvR
    WWF SmackDown! JBI
    WWE 2K15
    WWE SvR 2009
    WWF WrestleMania
    WWF In Your House

    WWE WrestleMania XIX
    WWE WrestleMania X8
    WWE Crush Hour
    WWE 2K17
    WWE 2K18
    WWE RAW 2

    WWE 2K20
    WWE WrestleMania 21

  37. Warzone was not made by aki corp. Don disrespect them like that

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