This system has a nice case! - Powkiddy PK-01 TV Game Console -

This system has a nice case! – Powkiddy PK-01 TV Game Console

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  1. And some dude OK'd the production of this. I can understand, well, PS is a bit choppy, it's a cheap device. But everything having choppy audio? Very strange.

    Another in the series of "Review of a nice case." 🙂

  2. My god…. They didn't even try with this device. Can you imagine something like this being released in one of our American brick & mortar stores? It would be an absolute fiasco & would never ever be able to happen. Yet China knows they can get away with this crap & does exactly that. It's just unbelievable. As long as we keep buying crap from them & don't hold them accountable, they will keep making crap.

  3. I can only assume people play a lot of "retro" games of varying quality in CHINA 😜

  4. Man thats the worsed emulation box i have seen for a long time.

  5. its really a broken emulation system

  6. Hello Mark, It is certainly a nice case for a Raspberry Pi project.

  7. Would you share the hacked roms with us? Like just put them up on archiveorg. At least they look interesting

  8. Dear Mark: the laughs at 5:13 are the laughs of whoever sold you this crap. Seriously, you need to stop buying these crappy things and focus on better devices.

  9. Oh man, the end is giving me flashbacks of that time you trashed Playstation-kun. "Oh, you want to know what it's like to fly, mate?…I'll sort that out for you." "Daijobuke nai!". You should have drowned this PK-01 bastard in the end too, ha!

  10. If I hadn't known Strider had that laugh to start off the level I would have thought the system was laughing at me instead. lol.

  11. It's got a nice case!
    How well does it work?
    Uh, it's got a nice case!

  12. None of these should be falling over on rudimentary 8 and 16-bit emulation, these days..yet here we are! The case being the only redeeming quality keeping you from putting a hammer straight through it!

  13. Πληγωμένος Πρίγκιπας says:

    Hello. Do you suggest a clone device that could play Arcade games from the Atari era, up to the Naomi era? At least most of them if possible?

  14. More Powkiddy action. They should just have a sub-division on your channel alone Mark. 8^)


  15. Buggy console with poor quality audio? I just bought three for every room in my home.

  16. Great video look forward to watching one of your Chinese keep up the great

  17. All the other Powkiddies use USB ports for controllers. This one uses DB9 ports…

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