This system has a nice case! - Powkiddy PK-01 TV Game Console -

This system has a nice case! – Powkiddy PK-01 TV Game Console

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  1. Hhhmmm. Now, it’s pretty subtle, but I’m getting the impression you didn’t really like this 🤣 hilarious review.

  2. kinda wonder if theres any way to install custom firmwares and get better performance

  3. It can't even run NES games at full speed! HAHA, fucking WHAT?!

  4. The GBA doesn't run at 16:9 natively, it's at 3:2.

  5. "Here is some video sample that demonstrates the power of our device!"
    Video stutters.
    And we're off to a good start! ( ̄~ ̄;)
    Edit: As for CD music skipping, I've got three PS1 and none of them skips. And those are all burned CDs (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

  6. Next video: how to reuse the case 😂

  7. OMG what have they done for easy to Run CPS1 game ? its should be not that hard to emulate CPS1 now day.

  8. i haven't seen such unneccesary violence to retro tat since the early days of ashens

  9. Shame, Powkiddy has produced some decent stuff recently and when you think they've turned a corner……they let themselves down yet again by releasing a pile of cr@p. Where is the quality control?

  10. Maybe the console is an Anniversary edition of the coronavirus it had to run like crap for the way everything was and how people felt in 2020 it was the complete Anniversary of dispair.

  11. I am very much satisfied on another great video of yours on another of the disappointing clone consoles of 2021…🤣🤣🤣 At least you can recycle the case haha

  12. Parodius NES (pref a PAL version) if you really want to make one of these sad shoddy machines suffer. Yikes what a sad machine.

  13. This would fit well in Rerez's "Worst Ever" series.

  14. This console is the true definition of utter C**P 😂

  15. The one time they get the aspect ratios right! You can't make this stuff up. WHAT a pos! That was funny.

  16. I wish they would make a good one and charge a higher price. You get what you pay for these days.

  17. Even after you've reviewed so many of these delightful devices, the name still sound terrible. Powkiddy sounds like a low end child discipline device for more enlightened parents. 'Brat won't stop bugging you? Powkiddy! Child strength pepper spray! They won't be annoying you when they're rolling on the floor writhing in agony.'

  18. Yikes, usually you can find 1 System on most where one could say "I could live with that". But, was there a setting in the menu to change out of "underwater audio" JK, what a load of crap 😂

  19. No thank you to this. Why do people in China release this bad crap? Just use retroarch

  20. FBI? Nooo… FBA 😀 Greetings from Poland 🙂

  21. All the other Powkiddies use USB ports for controllers. This one uses DB9 ports…

  22. Great video look forward to watching one of your Chinese keep up the great

  23. Buggy console with poor quality audio? I just bought three for every room in my home.

  24. More Powkiddy action. They should just have a sub-division on your channel alone Mark. 8^)


  25. Πληγωμένος Πρίγκιπας says:

    Hello. Do you suggest a clone device that could play Arcade games from the Atari era, up to the Naomi era? At least most of them if possible?

  26. None of these should be falling over on rudimentary 8 and 16-bit emulation, these days..yet here we are! The case being the only redeeming quality keeping you from putting a hammer straight through it!

  27. It's got a nice case!
    How well does it work?
    Uh, it's got a nice case!

  28. If I hadn't known Strider had that laugh to start off the level I would have thought the system was laughing at me instead. lol.

  29. Oh man, the end is giving me flashbacks of that time you trashed Playstation-kun. "Oh, you want to know what it's like to fly, mate?…I'll sort that out for you." "Daijobuke nai!". You should have drowned this PK-01 bastard in the end too, ha!

  30. Dear Mark: the laughs at 5:13 are the laughs of whoever sold you this crap. Seriously, you need to stop buying these crappy things and focus on better devices.

  31. Would you share the hacked roms with us? Like just put them up on archiveorg. At least they look interesting

  32. Hello Mark, It is certainly a nice case for a Raspberry Pi project.

  33. its really a broken emulation system

  34. Man thats the worsed emulation box i have seen for a long time.

  35. I can only assume people play a lot of "retro" games of varying quality in CHINA 😜

  36. My god…. They didn't even try with this device. Can you imagine something like this being released in one of our American brick & mortar stores? It would be an absolute fiasco & would never ever be able to happen. Yet China knows they can get away with this crap & does exactly that. It's just unbelievable. As long as we keep buying crap from them & don't hold them accountable, they will keep making crap.

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