This player probably UNINSTALLED after what just happened - SOLO RUST #4 S77 -

This player probably UNINSTALLED after what just happened – SOLO RUST #4 S77

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Once in a lifetime moment right here. Thanks for coming by and experiencing it with me.

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  1. dude memory palace google it 10k items is record

  2. I have horrible issues with memory some times aswell, ive found that when i want to remember something wether it be a number or list of items, i try to picture it written on a note in my head, kinda helps me out a bit

  3. I got add to ,u can make youre brain better. search on youtube for memory practice.

  4. Theres this new thing called an "Axe" and if you hit the long tall brown things that are everywhere with an "Axe" it actually gives you wood.. who knew 😋

  5. Says his brain is leveled to the max but doesn't know that the thing between both seats in the car is called a center console…. I'm worried for this country.

  6. LIFETIME! That's crazy I would have shit my pants good shit bro!

  7. I studied how to memorize things better for a while and the main thing is that your brain is entertained by stories so if you can make a story with 10 characters then you can remember the 10 grocery items

  8. oilrig is in the water, this must be a modded server 😊

  9. Lifetime….. At a loss for words sir. 😯🤑

  10. hi i just bulit your base designe it so so good tutorial was also good it was quick simple and it was easy to build how are you not at 1 mil

  11. 3:25 Yes there is a way to learn many vids on youtube how to train your memory

  12. me and my dad just list the things we need from the store and say it a few times and we go to the store and get 20+ items no list

  13. Hey Dylan my name in game is Jeffery that’s my base j17 with the l9 roof camper and that’s my buddy “wakka” he’s got about 190 hrs and I can’t talk him off the roof sorry about that bs. We did raid the landmine setter though so there shouldn’t be anymore of that lol glad to see a great player on the same server, you make great content.

  14. There is a memory technique called the memory palace. You replace memories with items or things in a palace and you remember them my visualizing yourself walking through this place in your head. "One such contemporary memory expert, used it to memorize Pi to over 100,000 digits. … This memorization technique is called the Method of Loci, or more commonly the “Memory Palace”. It is a memorization method that not only has held the test of time, but has been shown to be effective through modern-day studies"

  15. Cant watch the 3 latest clips…just lagging and stoping over and over. watch all clips on the channel but cant watch more, why???

  16. Ordinarily we (humans) can easily remember up to seven things for short periods of time. However, there are tricks and strategies to remember "more", though these essentially boil down to remembering up to seven groups of things, or by using mnemonic devices. So, for example, if you remember "milk and bread", that counts as one rather than two. It's easiest when the things already have relationships or associations – for example, people frequently buy milk and bread together. One guy I knew remembers stupidly long series of things, in the right order, by building a "castle" in his head and putting things in their place – then when he walkes through the hallways he would remember everything. It takes lots of practice, and you generally need different strategies for different kinds of information, but it's definitely a learnable skill. All those bastards with eidetic memories live in their own pocket dimensions.

  17. On the topic of memory, there are certain ways to improve/make it easier to remember stuff. People often connect the words with like colours, or maybe a rhyme to help remember 🙂 I mean, a list of 5 things could be easy enough if you just give every part of your body a certain item, like Head-Melk. Left arm – P word Right arm – Chicken etc.. 🙂

  18. If u turn grid off it will make it even harder to find ur server

  19. btw if you right click the number on the thing your trying to split, it will allow you to specifically type in how much you need instead of having to move the slider around. 31:36

  20. My dad trained me to remember numbers being given to me so at a time I can remember 4 numbers but 10 sheesh that's alot (Phone numbers)

  21. I was using your base design on vanilla rust, someone offline raided me and failed to get into my TC/Main loot room because of your bunker design 😮 pog

  22. why don’t you use boots or some type of shoes does it make you quieter

  23. Yes, you can remember 10 different things once, and I have ADD, too. You can remember rhyming words for each number of things you want to remember, this will be your base template – for example 1 bun, 2 shoe, 3 tree, 4 door, etc. let’s say first item you want to remember is broccoli. I will make a funny story to remember this as the first item…like “one, squeeze the broccoli with your buns.” The more crude the easier it is to remember. If you do this with each item you can hear it once and someone can ask you the name of item + order it was in the list and you’ll easily be able to remember because of the rhyming word and humorous sentence you combined with it.

  24. Every time you do the old veteran voice I crack tf up…I know someone just like that 🤣

  25. Fear p word, not. Over indulge p word, not. Enjoy p word in moderation. – Confucius


  27. In 90's and in 20's majority of population who had movile phones memorized dozen or so phone numbers.

  28. Day 4 of trying to catch up to the current videos! I was NOT expecting that loot on him!! I was expecting something like the guy at the airfield.. Lifetime!

  29. By the amount of high quality metal it looks like it all mostly came from pipes

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